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Do I have a stuttering problem?

I have been told all my life that I have a speaking problem. I went to speech therapy as a child where I had to be taught how to say my s's also I say "um" a lot, I notice it even myself and it pisses me off, because I hear others doing it too, and it sounds horrible. but I used to do it just out of habit and barely notice it. Now it ...
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Question about stuttering?

I'm a mild stutterer and have been all my life. I've essentially just learned to live with it, some days are better than others. However, that leads to my question. I'll go thru periods (days and even weeks) were I rarely stutter, but then I'll go thru periods in which it is extremely difficult just to carry on a basic conversation. Has anyone else experienced this and does anyone know why such peaks and valleys?
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If anyone can help Ill love you forever!!

Hey guys, Im new here so Hi first of all!

Ok heres the thing. Until about 2 years ago I had never stuttered in my life at all. I started getting this thing where when I was really tired after a heavy night maybe or something, my tongue started jumping out of my mouth on certain words. It slowly got worse until one night about 2 years ago, I literally couldn't speak without it happening, ...
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Potential Stuttering Cure

Hey guys, I've been stuttering for as long as I can remember like many of you and I know how much of a disability it is. I've done lots of experimentation throughout my life to find the cure for stuttering and have recently discovered something that improved my speech. I am fairly certain the problem of stuttering resides in the throat. A stutterer's throat is simply smaller than a non-stutterer and thus the tongue gets ...
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I did it, I stopped stuttering

It's great to see people sharing their experiences regarding stuttering. I made a promise a long time ago to share my knowledge about overcoming stuttering. So this is me realising that promise: 'Stop Stuttering' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVlz6eqLkjA

There is a lot of information (good bad and ugly) out there and I have researched numerous techniques and approaches over the years. I decided to consolidate these approaches into one holistic approach and ...
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Opinions on the SPEECH EASY?

I was recently informed that the state might help fund the purchase of a SPEECH EASY. Has anyone tried this mechanism, and what is your opinion? I'd greatly appreciate it!
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How am I able to...

This is my stuttering story. I started stuttering when I was about five, what it was brought on by I have no clue. My older brother would used to make fun of me and interrupt me a lot, so maybe but who knows. Well, throughout school I wouldn't read aloud, just because I would get lost and anxious and start stuttering and there was a fear of just mispronouncing words. Well, the teachers finally realized ...
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A genetic link? An overcontrolling mother? My Story

I have painful memories of my childhood, deep wounds inflicted by my mom- scars from cruel words that traumatized me and haunt me still: "people are going to think you're mentally retarded and THAT will be a poor reflection on ME!" she was ashamed and embarrassed. One of my three brothers also stuttered occasionally... mostly at the beginning of certain consonants... L-L-Let me try. B-B-But
I said no! I know my mind was racing faster ...
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has someone experienced stuttering and hyperhydrosis???

:) Well my life since i was a child(6'-7) years i tend to to suffer from stuttering and hyperhydrosis(sweating hands very seriously, because of anxiety the most). I had some problems with stuttering since school, so they send me to speech therapy. the therapist didnt found anything and i didnt came back. my father(rest in peace) tend to stutter since he was a child, but he overcome ...
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Talking on Phones

I've heard that stutterers who talk on a phone often stutter more than speaking in person. Does anyone know why this is? I've always wondered since I have this same issue.
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