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Suddenly developed stuttering

I like to start by saying that I was a completely healthy child. In fact, I was the quiet,calm and well-behaved kid that every parent wishes for. I did great in school, never had any problems concentrating or finishing a task. I've mentioned all of that to accent the fact that i never had any behavioral\psychological disorders, and still don't.
Currently, I'm 22 and in uni, healthy as a bull, don't take any medications, except ...
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Brainwave sound therapy

Hi, guys I'm new here. Did anyone try brainwave sound therapy. Wanted to be sure if it's safe. The name is vitaltones. There is a free try session. Should I do it?
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What can i do?

One of the saddest things in the world is knowing what to say, but not being able to say it. This has been my existence since birth. The anxiety; the fear, the attempts, the failures, the embarrassment and the depression are as common to me as breathing is to 'normal' people. The good days and the bad days bring about hope and despair, the self-taught therapy brings about disappointment. Watching the body language of people ...
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Is it really Stuttering or I am Really fast?

I am a 24-year-old and sometimes when people talk with me they feel like they were not able to understand me while I was talking to them. They say that they are not able to hear some of my words that came out of my mouth. It is because I speak a bit faster than another person or is it because I stutter sometimes when I am nervous while explaining something to other people. Can ...
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Understanding my stuttering

I have spent some minutes reading papers on this "disability", and I must say that most of what were proposed are real for me.

My life has always been plagued with this. I usually avoid situations where I have to talk. It affected my school life and work life.

I have always wanted help in this matter, but it isn't easy to find appropriate help around where I live. However, I have some questions I ...
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When I was a child I grew up with a stutter. I'm not sure how old I was when it started but what I do know is I'm fairly sure it's genetic as my grandfather and my father and my fathers twin all do as well. My father has three daughters and his twin has three sons, and I for some reason am the only one who inherited it. My parents divorced before I was ...
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Best way to help my stutter?

I have a problem when talking where I loose my breath when I'm talking and it sounds like I am hiccupping. Someone told me online it could be dysrhythmic phonation and I think it could be. My speech problems are caused by anxiety especially socially.

Anyway I have tried using techniques to help my stutter but that is stressing me out because it feels like I am spending lots of time focussing on helping my ...
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My GF stutters - HELP


My GF who i love so much is a person who stuters.
In general this thing doent bother me even slighly its just not something i think is that important.
But im having problems coz i dont know how to help or comfort here and that she sometimes puts here and anger out on me when i try to confort here.
So im here for advice how to aproach thease situations whne she is ...
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Stuttering and Voice Changes


I am diagnosed with depression, schizophrenia and bipolar. When I feel bad, anxious, have fear, avoidant of people it gets hard to articulate myself. Normally I rarely stutter but when I feel bad, I stutter more. It's not really stuttering that I question about here but my voice. Sometimes when I talk my voice changes for 2-3 seconds and normalizes again after I cough. I am 34 and the voice goes from manly voice ...
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Any ideas on how can I help my student?

Hi everyone. I'm an English teacher in Japan and run a school with my wife. We help students with English from aged 5 up until high school. One of our students, a young 8-year old girl has real difficulty getting a sentence out. She tries really hard but stutters (quietly, almost under her breath) before eventually getting the sentence out, often in parts. She has always had a little trouble with speaking but in the ...
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