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Is anyone a hoarder?

My friend shops so much. Her basement is full of stuff . She is a hoarder but a neat hoarder- in fact her OCD would take the form of being a perfect hoarder lol
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Lost trying to help a family member in her addictions

This post is my attempt at finding at least something I could hold on to to try and help my aunt with whom something very wrong and addiction-like has obviosly been happening during the past months and/or years. I'll try to be as brief as possible but also try to say everything of use so very sorry in advance for a possible wall of text.

My aunt (grandma's sister) used to live with her parents ...
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Wife's Shopping Addiction

I have been trying to help my wife deal with her shopping addiction and have been unsuccessful to this point. I guess you could say I am reaching for any advice or help in order to save a marriage that is falling apart. We have been together 10 years, married for 4 of them and have two wonderful kids.

I always had an idea that she spent a lot of money, but it wasn't until ...
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Self Help Book Addiction

I swear Amazon has got me on this...them recommendations. The self help books swear they can change your life and have big buzzwords. People on facebook have books they say i need. My mom who is my payee let me put the card on amazon. She complains about all my spending. I buy tons of books and don't even get around to reading them. Cause. i got another addiction...facebook. Any advice? please don't suggest a ...
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Daily Spending Addiction Check In

Thread about your daily addiction status, goals, achievement, rambling, vent, etc. Everyone is welcome. You can support each other here.

Started by me

I relapsed again today. I just ordered some online stuff.
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Shopping Addiction

I am in my early 20s, I graduated college but like most college graduates I am underpaid and it is difficult to find a job. Since I graduated high school I have had spending problems. I spend money I shouldn't for things that I don't need. I never go into debt but I spend to the point that I don't make money. If a monthly income was 2,000, then I'd spend about 2,000 not going ...
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Shopping addiction

I find myself influenced by retailers to over purchase things that I don't need. It makes me depressed when I over buy does anyone else feel the same?
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One possible solution for spending addiction

This has worked for me and my boyfriend. I waited to post to see how well it would go.

Both of us traded cards, so each of us can see what the other bought on our bank statements. Neither is allowed to hold cash.

Thus far it's been amazingly successful for the both of us. I hope it helps folks here too.
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Can love make you quit gambling?

Hi there, To be short and not make too many details i was addicted to gambling for the last 7 years and was on and off of it but nothing seemed to work for me. Then I fell in love with someone and all the cravings and thoughts and things that i had trouble controlling literally stopped completely or at least to a point it was very easy for me to just say now to ...
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A couple of days gambling free


I'm giving abstinence another try as gambling has made me miserable yet again.

I'm suffering from physical and mental ailments and sitting around gambling online whenever I can has not made things any better.

I've taken steps to remove the temptation to gamble online.

One day at a time.
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