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Sitting for too long

HI, I'd like to talk about something I've been going through for a while and is a major bother.

As most people today, people tend to become less active as they spend more time in couches or in a computer in their daily jobs. Because of stuff like that, I gained two issues that bother me quite a lot.

The first is hemorroids. This is kinda an old problem and they sometimes bleed and make ...
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I have ataxia

I have ataxia & it feels as if I have something that vibrates inside of me. (I don't have one, but it feels like I do). My body is trembling inside.
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Cancer in animals.

Have cancer rates in animals, say dogs, risen proportionally to humans in this decade or so? Meaning to say that is there a correlation in increased cancer rates due to lifestyle changes in animals too?
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Panicking I may have HIV

About three months ago I topped a male anally without protection who "said" they were clean. However, it was very brief, only for about thirty seconds, and I didn't penetrate very deeply, either. I am circumcised. I've looked up the risk and a lot of numbers are saying 1 out of 909 (per exposure). It was only this one encounter. One part of me feels this I put myself at a low risk and the ...
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How to Increase Empathy

Hi, I have a difficulty with Empathy, and I've been reading up on empaths and their amazing abilities, as well as their difficulties. I am wondering A, if this is the right forum, B, if any of you have any tips on increasing empathy and C, how I can learn to be more like an Empath. I want to feel the pain of others so I can help regulate myself. I feel nothing and I ...
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Hashimoto thyreoditis - Resources?

My doctors were not able to educate me properly. Found some resources for hypothyroidism. Can you point me in the direction of a forum, group or just general information about living with atrophical Hashimoto thyreoditis? I am sick and tired of the nutritional bro science and YouTube guru meditation BS. I want to exchange thoughts and experiences with others. Thank you.
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How to get rid from clogged ear?

Is there any home remedies for clogged ear?
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What's The Latest News on Lymphedema?

Can the excessive lymph fluid in one's affected limb or body part be drained successfully by other methods or techniques beside manual drainage, compression wraps, compression stockings and machine pumps?
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Any Cures For Perioral Dermititis and Trimethylaminuria?

Are there any current advancements in the successful control of these two debilitating disorders? :( :|
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Am I at risk for colon cancer?

This is something I never really thought about much because I am younger then 20 years old but I have had a change in bowl movements that has lasted a few years and I need to check it out.
My cardiologist diagnosed me with autonomic dysfunction 2 years ago. He says that growth spurts can mess up my digestive system. But I haven't really told him the extent of my symptoms yet.

Prior to 2 ...
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