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Hi, I wish you all a happy new year

Do you guys also experience DP as a symptom and vision disturbances/brain fog?
Replies would be appreciated.

Kind Regards
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Somatic symptom disorder- stomach pain

Hello! My ex boyfriend was diagnosed with somatic symptom disorder and depression. He is experiencing different symptoms for almost two years and this started a month after we started our relationship. Can our relationship be the cause of his SSD? I did nothing but support him and give the attention and encouragement to get better, but he says that thinking at me and loving me makes him this way. Nothing bad happened between us. He ...
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Head Pains

So, I have been diagnosed with somatic symptom disorder, but this does not quell my fears. Recently I have been having pains that last a few second all over my head and neck. They scared me so much that I went to ER and left with no diagnosis other than anxiety. This has increased to sometimes feeling very specific lines (veins?) that feel like they lost circulation, mainly in my right arm but sometimes in ...
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Leg pain

Hello. I am new to this site and am seeking fellow sufferers with my symptoms to ask how they cope. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety in 2010 and towards the end of my recovery I developed pains in the upper back of my right thigh. I have had extensive investigations for these pains (MRI, xrays, etc) but there has been no physical explanation for them. These pains have remained since 2010 and my ...
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Fainting? Is it real or am I imagining it or??

Hi guys! I'm new here. First off - let me just say that I was not officially diagnosed with somatic symptom disorder or hypochondriasis, but my psychiatrist said that I show several signs of hypochondria and I do feel like that's something that I do have. Mostly I'm just hyperaware of the sensations in my body and immediately jump to the worst case scenario when I have an ongoing sensation or pain, but because I ...
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Weird visual disturbances... haaalp!

Hi everyone,

I decided to create this topic because I don't know what to think anymore. Over half a year ago, I started experiencing weird visual disturbances, they were occasional at first, but now they're just chronic. I've seen two ophtalmologists, they both said my eyes were fine (apart from the usual myopia). I might see a neurologist in the future. But my mom, who used to work both as a neurologist as well as ...
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Has anyone had this symptom?

I'm diagnosed with a somatization disorder, but it's not my primary diagnosis so I can't remember the exact one. But anyways, I get this thing where I cannot move. I know I technically can, it's not medical, but I just cannot do it. It's almost like I'm in plastic wrap and I try to move but I'm hitting up against a wall or something. It doesn't hurt, I just can't get myself to move. ...
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Could it be somatization?

I wanted to hear the opinion of other people, maybe someone who has/knows a lot about somatization disorder, on my situation. I suspect I have somatization disorder (and maybe hypochondria):

I have been feeling a variety of symptoms in the past 3 years that I never got to find the reason for. Pain in my back, throat pain, feeling tired, They worried me a lot too, and I always end up thinking the worst ...
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At last a diagnosis !

After 36 years I finally have a diagnosis. So relieved that I am not 'imagining' the pains etc. Feel totally vindicated ! However today I experienced new symptoms and I wondered if anyone else here had ever experienced it. On and off all day I have felt like I am being poked really hard, on my head at first and then various places on my body, real jabbing sensations, has anyone else had this happen? ...
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Cystitis/Bladder problems?

Hi All,

I have had cystitis for a long time. It admittedly does worsen after intercourse (so tend to avoid) but I do get it at other times. Sorry for 'too much information' but if I did try to have intercourse the first sign of penetration is just agony, burning and just ugh! Anyway, I took cranberry tablets for two years and this meant no cystitis, yay! However, June 2013 I suffered a severe bout ...
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