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Supreme childhood discomfort saying please and thank you

As a young boy, I found it extremely uncomfortable to say please and thank you. As I remember it, I always had to be told “What do you say?” and even then I wouldn’t necessarily say it, or I would delay as long as possible until I said it with squirming discomfort.

The memory that most sticks with me is from nursery school. Having unbuttoned and rolled up my shirt sleeves in order to wash ...
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General Expectation

I am new to this forum but wanted to find an outlet for some past encounters. I wouldn't write it as anything serious per say, I just have been consumed throughout my entire teenage years with a tug-of-war between people's expectations of me and my natural wants. Despite very supportive parents, I was initially confronted with unwieldy expectations to keep an average performance grade of 85%. Though I managed to find a way out of ...
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I cured my social anxiety

I made a post on how i cured my social anxiety (Here)
but in case you didn't see the post

*mod edit*

The reason i was able to overcome my social anxiety is because i knew the method would work from testing it on another fear which gave me massive hope to test the method on people.
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could i be selective mute or do i have social anxiety?

all my life i have been known as “quite” or “shy”, most teachers would point this out to my parents, and my parents reaction would be she isnt at home. i remember in primary school i was quite towards teachers and other class mates i didnt know very well, however i was able to be myself with my group of friends. in secondary school i remember not being able to speak up in the group ...
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Great Discovery For Anxiety & Depression

I remember when my anxiety & mood went higher than it's normal bad level for month and i discovered it's because i was thinking too much about these negative feelings by frequently responding harshly to them. I started ignoring the feelings and stopped negatively exploding to them within a few days my anxiety & mood went back down to it's normal anxiety level. Wasn't a full fix but wasn't at that worse level.

When you ...
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Almost There

Motivation: Recovering from anxiety, depression, & drug addiction takes alot of practice (consistency). You literally have to see it as a VERY long term project of consistent PRACTICE and development in ONE relaxation technique (tool) at a time without quitting too early and switching to another technique so quick. These techniques (tools) can be positive thinking, distractions, deep breathing, etc.

Relaxation techniques are similar to practicing skills such as art, sports, or growing a business ...
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Everyone has social anxiety

This will make you feel like other "normal or cool' people are the same as you and no one is better. Everyone has social anxiety. My brother used to tell me this and i didn't believe him for the longestttt.

Everyone has social anxiety. Shyness is social anxiety: fear of talking...If you don't believe me tell people your conversation anxiety or being watched symptoms 70% will say "i think have it too"

I believe 95% ...
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How i overcame my social anxiety

I had severe conversation social anxiety and got made fun by people that i can't talk to anyone when i was a young. I didn't have any female friends. Simple friendly conversation was terrifying with men or women.

What changed everything is exposure. I used to be the biggest critic and hater of exposure and always bashed it in forums or groups. I always made the excuse i'm already doing exposure since i had to ...
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Having trouble to connect with people

Hi, i already created a topic but i think it didn't make it through moderation. Anyways here's anotherone, less gruesome one. I just can't seem to connect with people, i am always nervous about talking to people, i feel like everything i say is stupid, and i am so insecure and terrified of everything and every social contact that i never even had a girlfriend before, i can only socialy function when i'm clonazepam or ...
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Beyond devastated at redundancy

I am devastated to have been made redundant from my workplace.

I have suffered from social anxiety for as long as I can remember. I have lost the best job I’ve ever had and the best therapy I have ever had for my anxiety.

I passed my first ever interview (I’m 32 years old now) to get a job that was perfect for my anxiety, because I had a small office with two people I ...
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