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did anyone try out Champix?

Champix is a medicine to help adults stop smoking.
It can help to reduce craving and withdrawal symptoms that may happen while you stop smoking.
can anyone relate?
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i wanna quit smoking journal.

Im a cigarette junkie. Whenever i stress its the first thing i go for but i dont smoke everyday like i used to . I want to quit permanently though. Maybe a journal would help. My big problem is when I get around smokers (everyone i know) I start stealing theirs.

No cigarettes so far today.
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Smoking vs Vaping? I need to quit

I've been a smoker for a longer period of time because I started when I was 18. Well, teenagers have stupid ideas. The first thing that started to annoy me were my yellow teeth, my sensitive teeth couldn't stand the whitening so cigarettes and coffee made them ugly.
Then it was the smell. Maybe when I was younger I just pretended I don't feel it, or just pretending that it is so cool to be ...
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Smoking and Lung capacity

i happened to see a video abt quitting smoking and it said that the main cause of craving is the reduced lungs capacity caused due to smokinh.smokers dont have lung capacity like normal peoole so only less oxygen is getting to their lungs when they quit smoking this lung capacity came back only gradually which makes it impossivble to handle anciety and all.
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MH and smoking

Why does it seem like so many people with MH issues, smoke? It's like a cult or something! I swear a lot of the people who had never done it before, ended up as smokers after being in the MH system for a while. Is it just so they fit it and don't stand out? I know I'm not the only one who has noticed this before...

The system is so backwards; if someone went ...
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Etzel's Quitting Smoking Journal

'sup everyone.

So today I decided to quit smoking. I made a 100€ bet with a friend that I could stay away from nicotine for a full month and you too can bet your ass I'm going through this until the end. Aside from the obvious health-related reasons, there is another which drove me to agree to this bet (and even though the 100€ + all the money I can potentially save in say, a ...
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It made me fat

I've been quit smoking for almost three months, and have gained almost twenty pounds. I feel disgusting, exercise isn't helping, and I just want to light up again to drop the weight.
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How did you quit smoking?

I have been smoking for a year now ( still a newbie ) but I would like to quit this habit.
I tried few times to quit without success. I actually haven't passed a day without smoking.
I am aware of the dangers and the health issues tobacco can cause. I think that with all the informations we have nowadays, it's impossible to ignore it. The only thing is, i don't give a ###$.
I ...
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"Quitter's Flu"

Hi everyone,

I'm on day 3 of no smoking. I'm using nicotine replacement therapy but still feel my body detoxing of course. I'm extremely motivated to quit; I used the money I would be spending on cigarettes to purchase a six-month membership to a yoga studio I love. The meditation, exercise, and deep breathing practices are really helpful.

I feel sick today, however. Tired, headache, sinus and chest congestion, mild coughing. I don't have a ...
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Will I ever quit?

I recently quit smoking for a month. As soon as I had the opportunity to smoke again, I jumped right back into it. I've cut down tremendously (a month ago I would smoke over a pack a day - now I'm smoking 2-4 a day), but I feel very depressed. When I smoke, I suddenly am happy again. Will I ever be able to quit? Being addicted to cigarettes makes me feel like a failure ...
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