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Sleep sitting??

So here's my story, I have been sleep sitting. I "wake" in the middle of the night and sit up. My boyfriend says i have full conversations with him. Sometimes I make sence other times its random words sometimes i say nothing at all. After a few mins I fall back asleep. But I dont lay back down I fall asleep sitting up. Probably 4 or 5 nights a week I sleep for 4-5 ...
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How to wake myself up during sleep wakling?

If one can supposedly do complex tasks like disabling a door alarm or in my case to my shock I used the phone app for android "I Can't Wake up!" which I had to remember a random pattern of 4 buttons in a row to disable the alarm. I woke up to find it disabled. This really infuriates me my "double" is as coordinated as I am. :shock: ...
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Sleepwalking husband turned the stove on!

So a little background, my husband has been a sleepwalker pretty much all his life. So I'm pretty used to it after 7 years. He's never done anything dangerous, it's generally food related, I'll wake up in the morning to cheese all over the counter, bread laying out with bites missing, coffee can full of water lol harmless stuff. Only time I've ever seen him go outside is when we stay in a hotel but ...
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First time possibly sleepwalking and very worried


This is my first post here, so hello to all of you.

Last night something happened which has really upset me.

I live with my parents and last night my they found me covered in ice cream, bumping into everything with one of my eyes rolled back in my head. I apparently appeared very drunk (I don't drink) and kept collapsing against objects in the house.

I can only remember tiny snippets of what ...
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Sleep Walking/Talking Trauma

I'm a teenage girl who is highly concerned with what I do some nights... talking or walking.
My dreams are getting worse every time and I'm afraid that I might lash out in my sleep.

Sleep Paralysis
I had an experience twice with sleep paralysis, where I was mauled to death by and bear and I witness part of it, and I could not wake up. It was so scary, because what I did wake ...
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sleep walking and worried

I need to start with that I have been diagnosed with scizotypal disorder for the last four years, but I have had on problem for the last twenty plus years. I have been sleep walking and talking since I was in the middle east in 1991. I started getting help when I started to sleep walk out of my house. The help has only been able to keep me in my house. I have tried ...
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Hello, i know it's not an insomnia, but i have a problem with poster i got in ikea (Pop art ducks). When i wake up in the mornig i remember how i was standing on my bed and taking off the poster, because i was having a strange feeling about and puting it carefully somewhere. I am sure that i dont really know what i am doing at night. So, what's wrong?
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Severe sleepwalking - Need help and feedback!!

Hello everyone. I'm so glad that this support forum exists because I've been feeling very alone and misunderstood with my severe sleepwalking disorder. When I'm not as tired, I look forward to responding to everyone's post. At the moment, my brain feels like burned scrambled eggs from being so exhausted.

The reason I chose the screen name of "TideintheFridge" is because I woke up ten years ago and discovered I had been sleepwalking the night ...
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To Wake Up or Not to Wake Up?

So I came across this article that put together a few pieces of information on sleepwalking and if it is actually dangerous. I'm quite interested in the sleepwalking disorder but have not experienced it myself.

I'll like to the article first before I continue:
http://www.vyralize.com/3551/why-you-sh ... eepwalker/

Because I have not sleepwalked before I was hoping to get some insight from actual sufferers on how they feel if they ...
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Severe Sleepwalking Injury

My 19-year old son was severely injured when he plunged through his second story window while sleepwalking. He had a dream that the ceiling was crashing down on him and the only way to escape was through his bedroom window. He received over 40 stitches on his shoulder and arm. All three of my children have gone on sleepwalking adventures periodically which we thought was harmless and funny at times until this happened. We've subsequently ...
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