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Can't sleep years after taking prednisone

Hello All, 36yo male here. From February to July 2019 I took prednisone 3.5 different times for 4 different run-ins with poison ivy. (stopped mid-way through the last one because at that time I knew for sure that it was not worth it to mess up my sleep like that). I have always went to sleep at 9PM and would sleep through the night good except if I drank too much water I would wake ...
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Sweating, paralysis, vivid dreams, Brain fog

I'm really hoping someone can help me get to the bottom of my sleep issue.

I'll start off saying I have had some of these symptoms on and off for a few years like occasional clusters of night sweats, vivid dreams and I've struggled with excessive day time sleepiness since I was about 14, but only gotten worse as I've gotten older. (26 now) It went from a day nap after school to now ...
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Experiences with trazodone?

Was just put on Trazodone (50 mg) as a sleep aid, and was wondering about others' experiences with this as a sleep aid, specifically were your experiences taking it for the first couple of days, and long term? Did you take it every day, and did you ever have to up the dosage? Currently, I'm not taking any other medication (though I was on clonazepam on and off for a couple of weeks,but switched ...
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Seriously hurting my life

Here we go, I have insomnia most from anxiety... Anxiety that I can't sleep and it's a vicious cycle. I average 4 hours of sleep every night. Medication is somewhat an issue as I don't need what I think to do...
Calms fortê (natural)
Baclofen on and off
Afteril (again supposedly natural)
Midnite (natural)
Celexa - I need to take this one for sure.

All of these meds are ...
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Sleep and related issues

Question 1- have noticed that since I reduced my Lithium from 1000 to 800, there is no noticeable difference in my sleep. Any Lithium takers notice any changes in sleep patterns? ( I'm also on Remeron/ Mirtazipine) maybe that's why my sleep is OK for now.

Question 2 (non- sleep related)I'm currently hoping to taper down, probably over many months, my Lithium , due to side effects. The main side effect is that I have ...
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sleep meds

Has anyone experienced sleep meds for at least 3 months (DAILY) and then returned to a normal sleep pattern?
Right now, Im 4 months after a hospitalisation for three months during which I was given a combo of benzos and sleeping pills.
Now, I'm out for 4 months, I take Lithium and Remeron. I m sleeping with these meds - no more benzos and sleep pills thankfully. However, im still in fear of sleep- I ...
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Medication / Sleep Issues / Lithium

So, my question / problem is related to medication. This is affecting me greatly and causing me great distress. I am taking Mirtazipine (Remeron) along with Lithium. I suffered a very bad depression a few months back and was hospitalised. I am literally on so few meds now , compared to what I was on in hospital. The problem I have now , even after my depression has lifted, is that I feel extremely flat ...
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Buzzing, beeping, whirring

Hello all, I have had sleep paralysis from a young age. I learned to deal with it and have fun. Well things started to get really nasty at some point and I was possessed a few times. Then I was taken by aliens. Grey aliens, some tall some not. They must have done something permanent to me. All of my experiences now have the same characteristics as a telepathic communication from an alien. Everytime I ...
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Sleeping pills no use

I take 1-2 sleeping pills most nights and mostly either I sleep for 2 hours then wide awake or I don't sleep at all. Tonight is one of the no sleep nights :( I have things to do tomorrow!

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