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got caught


well i had been shoplifting since February but they had to go and get me caught july 19 2006. lovely. so now i have to meet with a lawyer and go to court. damnit.

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Hello, my name is Emily. I am 15 years old, and a high school student.

I first started stealing about 3 months ago because my best friend did. And since she did it, I didn't think it was a big deal.

That was a big mistake. At first, I didn't steal again for about a month. And when I did steal again, it was from the dollar store. Again, I didn't think it was a ...
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im new to these types of forums but came across them on the net.

im 22 years old and a university student. Im trying to come to terms with the lies I told and the crimes I committed whilst I was a teen from the ages of 15 - 20. I used to steal anything and everything with no real knowledge of why. Often things i didnt need or really want. I was quite lonely ...
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got caught shoplifting

I recently got caught shoplifting a bra. The security man stopped me once I got out of the store. I hadd taken a whole bunch of bras into a changeroom and put one on. He confroted me and told me the exact color and brand of the bra missing. Based on this information I knew he had good proof that I had taken something. So I confessed pleading that I had major depression issues

(I ...
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please help me

I have 9 years recovery from alcoholism. I was in a store and noticed nail scissors in my purse. I stole a bunch of stuff I can't even wear. I was caught. I have a lawyer, I'm 44 years old, no prior offenses. Charged with two felonies. The plea date - I'm guilty so I will do a plea bargain in 21 nov. I have a security clearance. I'm scared to death and will have ...
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Help my 19 year old who has mental health problems just got

Help my 19 year old who has mental health problems just got caught stealing a watch from wal-mart that cost 10.97 we have to go to the magistraight for him to fill out papers of guilty and to get finger printed i have no idea whats next his physc dr is unwilling to help me by writing a letter to his diagnoses and meds his IQ is 84 which is on the low end of ...
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Moderator Terry S on Oprah Winfrey Show

Tune in to Oprah on Tuesday September 21st

Psych Forums own Terry S, Moderator of the Kleptomania Forum and new Shoplifting Addiction Forum will be appearing on the Oprah Winfrey show to talk about his secret life as a Shoplifter.

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