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I want to stop, help me!

I started stealing stuff "casually" when I was in high school, but just occasionally, when the opportunity presented itself or I wanted a "thrill" -- shoplifting never had power over me then the way I feel it does now. Fast forward a few years, I'm in my last year of college, and things have changed. In the past two years, both the frequency and irresistible impulse to steal things has become massive, probably because I ...
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Symptom or entire disorder?

I'm trying to figure myself out, and currently there are many things I do which are problematic. Stealing is one of them. I'm wondering if its just a symptom of a greater issue, or if I could have a shoplifting addiction.

I'll try to explain as concisely as I can.

When I shoplift it is more out of necessity or because I want something and don't necessarily want to pay for it. If I'm hungry ...
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Wait... DO I have a problem? o.O

Hey, I'm super-duper totally new here XD (if i seem really happy/random that's just cuz that's my normal disposition pretty much no matter what ^^; ).

So I originally just found this today while doing research on pedophiles and people with anger management problems and other such people. (I want to make a manga and I was thinking of including a few of those things ;) Basically, ...
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Wanting to stop

Hey guys, I was out with a person I know and it was her birthday, so I bought her a little birthday cake. But when we were getting the candles for the cake, I realized we didn't need a whole box of candles we just need one for this small cake. So I took one out and walked out of the store paying only for the cake, not the candle. I thought it was harmless ...
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Help and suffer from major depression

Hello... I am writing her to talk to other people going through what i am going through. i am 40 years old with two beautiful children, i am depressed and for about 20 years I have been shoplifting and been charged 3 times, but i cant stop. I hate myself and i wish i was dead.
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s l vs dumpster diving

I got addicted to shoplifting while in the military. Its sooo easy to steal food at the commissary it's insane! I got into shoplifting because I was broke at the time, and starving. yes the military feeds you sort of, you still have to pay for your food, and I could not afford it. SO I started stealing.

Well we all know what happens when you realise "Hey! That was easy, and I didn't get ...
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Cant stop stealing everywhere i go.

So im a normal 27 year old woman who has a two year old daughter and i will always teach her right from wrong and i know stealing is wrong and i need to stop because the constant worry of people finding out is stressing me out.Nobody knows,not even my boyfriend of four years.I would be so ashamed if anybody knew but the thing is i cant stop even if i have money i still ...
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not sure if its a problem, need advice

Hey guys, new here.
So I am a 19 year old college student. I was never into stealing as a child or even during high school. Started during beginning of college. I tried it once, got away with it, didn't do it again. Not until I met one of my very good friends and I had known he stole for awhile. I told him it was a bad idea and didn't think much of it ...
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Bulimia and shoplifting/stealing addiction.

I have been working with a traveling carnival for about three weeks now and I CANT STOP STEALING. Every day before work we park just outside the midway in the middle of a small shopping center. (Dollar General, Save a Lot, etc..) I go in to the stores, multiple times before work and steal massive amounts of snack foods, sometimes even entire meals, small cakes and tubs of ice cream, even raiding the empoyee break ...
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A list of my shameful impulses

I have impulses, but haven't seek out if I have an impulse disorder.

My impulses started when I was a kid, I would start fires, without thinking of anything except for the thrill of it. I was a pyromaniac, during my childhood, I would light paper up and throw sticks so I can create a bonfire, I would then always start throwing sticks that were on fire into my dad's garage or over the fence. ...
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