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Shoplifting as a result of trauma?

Hi! I've been kind of wandering around lots of forums on here, and I posted something about my PTSD earlier (here's to hoping that gets approved soon!). So anyways, I'm 16 years old and I think I have a shoplifting addiction? (I'm assuming that's pretty obvious since I'm posting in a shoplifting forum.)

I think my shoplifting addiction stems from my PTSD - or, at least, the trauma I went through to wind up with ...
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It will stop when it must

I used to shoplift daily...booze (as a vital) food (as a treat) and the expensive (for some kinda thrill, I didn't often have a use for the new tech merchandise) But I only ever stole from super-markets...The companies that would rather bin food than give it to the hungry, I firmly believe these places need to be robbed as some payback to the extortion that lines their pockets. Until your freedom is at stake there's ...
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Not Addicted

I don't consider myself addicted, as I'm an occasional shoplifter, and I don't do it compulsively, I do it calculatingly, more to save money than for the thrill, although there is a slight thrill (then again, I always keep the price low, so as to avoid capture/penalties, it might be more stimulating if I stole more expensive items).
Ever since I've been charged, convicted and sentenced for armed robbery, I no longer shoplift really, instead ...
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ten year habit is hard to break

First some minor details. 23 year old, white, female, married, work in retail, but enlisting into Marine Corps.
My first time shoplifting was when I was 13. My mom and dad were newly divorced, and my sister and I spend our summer with him. We went to walmart one day, and I saw my dad shoplift right in front of me. He put his old shoes in a box and started to wear the new ...
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ten year habit is hard to break

Little background, I started shoplifting when I was 13. I did it because I saw my dad do it, and I wanted him to see he was being a bad influence on me, but instead of being punished, I was encouraged to do it again. My mom and dad were newly divorced, so my sister and I spend our summer with him. In the next few weeks following the first time, I had stolen at ...
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Scared...I feel like I can't stop.

I started randomly shoplifting small makeup items (mostly testers) from Ulta and Sephora a while back. I don't even plan on shoplifting. I go shopping like normal and then decide on the stop to take some things. Today is the first time I took something brand new. Normally I grab testers that can be sanitized. So I picked up a few things to browse around with, wandered around, and when I was in the cheap ...
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stealing from an employer

I used to steal small things from time to time in places like Dollar stores, but my major theft did not start until I started working in a ladies clothing store. My first year I did not steal anything. I began stealing underwear from the store. Some of the underwear were 18 dollars and I wanted them so badly but could not justify buying them. I stole from them for four more years. Honestly, I ...
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Started Revenge Stealing and now Shoplifting. Why?

About me: Late 20's female, never stolen before (maybe some minor stuff as kid, like stealing pennies from my grandpa's money jar occasionally). I did sneak food as a teen b/c mom was obsessive about my eating. Otherwise never stole up until this last year.

Last year I started working as a personal assistant for some really demanding clients. All of them loved my work ethic and thought I was a great employee but would ...
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Spending AND Stealing?

I have a problem with both. When I have money, I spend it all. Then when I don't have anything left, I just take what I want... I know both are a problem, but when it happens I don't want to stop. And when I really think about it, I mostly just want to stop wasting my money since I don't make much (enough for necessities only) like despite the moral implications of stealing, I ...
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how to get money

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