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I'm definitely healed from it!

I don't get triggered now. It's been 2 whole months since I last shoplifted, I can definitely say I've healed from my shoplifting addiction. I'm so glad of it. Please congratulate me! It's about not wanting the things anymore and keep telling myself that I gotta pay for them and it's knowing that fact that helped me heal from it.
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After my thirty days clear

I was caught coming out of a supermarket.
I begged the security staff to let me go.
They took my address and banned me for a year.
At one stage I was down on my knees begging.
Im pathetic

I have been caught twice over the year. Im unlikely to be so lucky again.

Because of the nature of my job I cant afford a record.
My marriage would likely ...
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8 days clear

Hi folks

Im 8 days clean. I made a decision over a week ago to tackle this or go into rehab. I have had this problem on and off 20 years. The last few years have accelerated this problem for various reasons. My Dad dying being one of them.

Im in the sort of job that if I was caught again I could be in danger of losing my job and proably my marriage. That ...
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Any success stories?

Has anybody successfully tacked this issue and how?

I have been doing this on/off for 20 years but in recent years has accelerated dangerously. I could lose my job if I dont get a handle on it.
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Doing repeatedly CBT Exercises healed me from my Addiction!

Over the past couple of days, to cure myself from my shoplifting addiction, I've repeatedly done 3 times the same CBT exercise. It really helped. Now, I no longer got the compulsion to steal anymore. I've identified what I was feeling for every instances that I stole something, and after a deep psychological analysis, I figured out that it was because I felt satisfied after taking something without paying for it. And not only that, ...
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Resisted the Urge to steal Today!

I just wanna say that I'm proud today that I resisted the urge to steal. I was almost going to take it and put it in my purse without paying, but I reminded myself of the consequences of stealing, so I stopped myself and put it back. I think it's a great healing achievement today. I'm doing self-therapy for my shoplifting addiction too and it's helping me a lot.
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I shoplifted twice and didn't get caught!

I know I'll get caught eventually in the future. So I've vowed to myself as this year New Year's resolution, to never do it again. I don't wanna get caught and get a record. I wanna be clean all my life so I swore to myself to never get tempted again. But it's so tempting and easy to just take the stuff from the stores when the thing's tag is off and to put it ...
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i steal chapsticks

I cant help it, I don't know why I do it, I just grab them while im standing in line and end up putting them in my pocket without a second thought.
That's about the only thing I steal, and sometimes headphones and speakers, but chapstick is my habit.
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I've just recently developed a shoplifting problem. I'll admit I have stolen before. Twelve years ago, I occasionally shoplifted cosmetic items from CVS when I worked there as a teen.

However, I've recently shoplifted three times in the past two weeks. Initially, I shoved a couple nail polishes in my purse each time I went to Target. My last stealing binge was really bad though. I ended up walking out of Target with $300 worth ...
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sort of glad I got caught

I know it was bad. I just couldn't help myself. I'm not going to make excuses. I was caught two days ago. My original impulse was to lie. But I went in the room and came clean. Not to everything. But some thefts. I am hoping this is my wake up call. But when I went to pick up some juice today it was so hard.

This is my first offense. Ive been doing it ...
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