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Anybody out there

I left this forum years ago. It was inactive
Has anything improved ??
I need to talk to fellow addicts
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I want to steal!

When I was a kid, I shoplifted a few times, never suspect, or getting caught, until I did; a couple of times. That was back in the 60's.

At some point when I was 8, 9 years old, a buddy of mine and I went to a local "Five and Dime" store which had two enterances, one in front the other in the rear. Well my "buddy," suggested we steal something and run out the ...
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I have a Shoplifting Mother! HELP!!!!!!

Hi, this will be my first post on here and I really need some advice or help and I’m beyond desperate. My mother is a shoplifter, and I’m only a teenager and I’m the only one in the family that knows and I’m scared to go anywhere with her because I know she will steal items.

So basically since before I can remember, my Mom would steal things. Mainly it was groceries (she would get ...
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Could This Man Have Been Shoplifting?

He was wearing a heavy hooded sweatshirt in spite of the fact it’s June, he accused an employee of “stalking/following” him around the store even though it’s this employees job to walk around the store and talk to as many customers as possible about our home improvement products/services and he bought absolutely nothing after spending considerable time in the store . He went as far as snapping a photo of this employee and complaining about ...
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I have been on and off this Forum a few times. Its not very active but there does not seem to be another forum out there. I have been caught a few times shoplifting. I have gone clear-here and there. I want to talk again to people who are in a similar position. If this goes on-I lose my marriage and regular access to my kid.
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Medication that works!

Hey everyone,

I'm new here...If you want to read my full story, I just posted it on the Trichotillomania board that's also listed under Impulse Control.

Here's what I'm here to say...
I've found a medicine that works for me!
I have Trichotillomania, but for about 5 years, I also stole compulsively. Anytime I was upset, angry, bored, or feeling numb, I would steal!
A lot of times, I'd take things I didn't really want ...
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8 Months clear

It's been 8 months since I binge spent and stole anything. I'm really proud of myself to acknowledging it as a problem. Now, I don't even want things anymore. The things I want before don't seem appealing or interesting to me anymore. Lately, I've been spending my money on healthy eating and sports and other hobbies to relieve my need for an adrenaline rush! I've been using all the tools I've learnt in therapy and ...
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Therapy for Shoplifters!

So yeah, in therapy, I learnt how to keep my urges in check. I also got to know that reasons why I stole was because I thought I needed it or I wanted it and I can't afford it, so yeah, if these are the reasons why you're a shoplifter, I'd suggest you to keep repeating to yourself these : "I don't need it" and "I don't want it" whenever you see something you think ...
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Keeping it up!

I've been clear for 6 whole months now, and not even getting triggered at all. It seems like my urge just faded into oblivion and the thrill I was getting with it just faded away too. I'm so light and happy now that I'm def healed from it! And I stopped binge spending too, getting a few new things from time to time, not every day. And I'm having much more to spend on healthier ...
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Been buying everything for 3 months!

So currently, I've been clear for a whole 3 months, knowing how to let go of things I can't afford and choosing the right things to get for me. I'm definitely healed from my shoplifting addiction! I used to get triggered whenever I saw pretty things, imagining myself with it, but now they're not even appealing to me anymore. I'm only paying for basic necessities in life and extra treats I can afford. I've noticed ...
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