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Intrusive Thoughts about sexuality

For a long time I kept feeling better. I even found a girlfriend until it all went bad and we broke up.
Lately I feel like the intrusive thoughts about my sexuality are still annoying me so much. Tonight I felt angry because the intrusive thoughts kept on annoying me and I felt upset at them.
I know that my sexuality hasn’t changed at all but these thoughts won’t leave me alone. I’m still ...
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How can I control my sexuality?

I'm currently fantasizing about some age-appropiate girl I saw, she's super hot and I really wanna have s*x with her. The big problem is now she travelled and she is not certainly coming back. I really do want her though and my sex drive is going insane.
What can I do?
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Confused about my sexuality...

I'm not really sure whether I'm attracted to women or I'm asexual. Can anybody give me some help? I really want to know.
It's kinda stressful to be honest and I would want this feeling gone, so stories and research studies can certainly help.
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Can I change into full hetero ?


I am married man with a wonderfull woman that make me very happy.

In the past I had experiences with man and trans.

I feel theese things make trouble in my life and my couple, sometimes i had thought about sex with man like in porn movies.
That I could not control sometimes but now I feel a better progress inside myself.

I am working on myself to stop theese thought, because I dont ...
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Need Insight

I started having these constant thoughts about my sexuality in the fall of 2017. It started one day when I was sitting in class and I got a really weird feeling in my chest. Ever since then, I was constantly checking out the class T.A. to see if I was attracted to him. I eventually got to a point where that stopped bothering me for the most part, but I still did it whenever I ...
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I Have DID and I Have a Dominant Female Alter. Help?

So I'm biologically male, but an alter of mine, Ela, is very confident and powerful, independent, I guess everything I want to be. Which brings me to think I may be Transgender.

I've recently been talking to my roommate who I have a beautiful 2 year old with and our rocky relationship gained clarity but with the huge changes associated with this kind of realization. (For most of my life I had all of my ...
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Corona Block

I am losing it!

Due to the whole Corona crack-down in my country, my dating-life has gone down the drain, and I'm down to one girlfriend.
My boyfriend went to Australia on business, and now they won't let him back into the country!
I find myself hitting on guys in shops, then relieved it doesn't work out, but this one guy wants to start an actual relationship.
Is this the wrong time? Just me thinking ...
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Constant rejection after first psychotic episode

Hi all,

I am new here, i am male 32. I've got a few conditions and self-esteem issues.
This post is going to analyze my history and some experiences that i suspect they led me to this awful situation im facing. If it is off topic, move it.
The psychiatric condition is bipolar type 2, with depression being dominant, and 2 manic-psychotic episodes because of drugs. I also have generalized personality disorder with a few ...
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Subconscious Thoughts

Hi everyone.
I was doing so well lately and I’m still attracted to women but lately, I’ve just had this worrying doubt about subconscious desires. You see whenever I get aroused by women it’s like my mind or some sort of imaginary thing saying to me that I’m just covering it up and that I’m just lying to myself and that it’s all false.
I’m not attracted to men and never have been. But it’s ...
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Need help and insight...very confused.

Hi guys,

Thank you to anyone who reads this, I will try my best to keep to the point! My thoughts on the subject are bit scrabbled but I will try my best to keep it all coherent.
For perspective I am a 28yr old male.

Basically, I am extremely confused about both my sexual orientation and gender identity. I will go into massive mood shifts in my identity. It could be months between switching. ...
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