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any virgins on here

I'm 32 and never had sex. I think the meds ruined my libido and I am too old now

I cant imagine sleeping with a girl my age because most of them had kids and just aren't the same down there. (meaning vaginas)

Its just how does a 33 year old man have sex with a women... you usually do that in your early 20s.

It kind of embarrasses me and makes me very socially ...
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I want a relationship with an older man

I will start off by saying no i don't have a close relationship with my dad, in fact i still forget he's my step dad because i was so little when my mom left my real dad. Anyway, I'm 18 now and my feelings towards older men really hit me when i turned 17 years old, but prior i had no school crushes on boys my age except in elementary school. Because for my birthday ...
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wife doesnt want sex

hello new here and not sure if im in the right place but here is my issue

i got married may 5 2018 me and my wife waited until marriage to have sex which was ok by me
so now here we are 10 months married and still have not had any sex at all my wife is always trying to avoid the issue we went to counciling we talked to each other about the ...
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How to completely kill one's sex drive?

I don't know if this is the right place, but seems there are many people with no sex drive posting here. For personal reasons I dislike sex. To me sex is pointless and a waste of time/energy if not for reproduction. And I consider sex drive a flaw in human evolution. Thus I decided to destroy mine completely. I began when I was 14, tried to link sex with harm/disgust and other negative things. Finally ...
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Penile thrombosis

Hi everyone,

I'm a male, i'm 27 years old.

I have already posted here about my sexual dysfunction issues that I attributed to a neurological problem. After consulting a urologist last month, I learned that my problems are much more serious than I thought. My problem is mainly vascular. I have, it seems, a cavernous penile thrombosis of the deep dorsal vein (not to be confused with penile thrombosis of the superficial dorsal vein which ...
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Am I asexual?

I think I would like to came out as an asexual...

Before I come out on Facebook and so, I may come out here...?

I loved my ex-girlfriend, but it went out, I wasn't so interested... I loved to have sex with her, then the interest went to zero... Earlier, I have even been at the swingers club with girlfriends, but now, it's dead...

But my girlfriend said;
-Why did you ask me, if I ...
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Not Ejaculation with oral sex


First of all I apologize for my english that is not my mother language.

I am 50 years old.Masturbating up to 3 times a day ago from 21 years ago by Pulling penis on the mattress.Just one months ago I married. I stopped masturbating completely from 1 months ago. my desire is good , my erection is good but My penis are not stimulated by oral sex. What is the cause of the problem? ...
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Sudden occurrence of ED

Hello everybody,

This is my first topic in this forum. I wanted to consult somebody first, before going to a specialist and because I can't talk about this to anyone I know, I decided to try this forum.

So, let me introduce myself. I am 22 years old, I like to train a lot and I would say I am healthy ( I am strict about my health, I go to medical check-ups all the ...
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Was I molested?

I have known since before I was 5 years old what a penis and vagina was used for, as in the penis went Into the vagina. Is this an indication that I was molested?
Just in case I'm a man and now in my 50's.
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Clozapine-Induced Priapism Has Made Me Sexually Impotent

back in august, i took my clozapine medication and woke up having a priapism..

the priapism lasted the whole day....was to embarrassed to get emergency help...

now my erections are different....no longer i can have a erection when thinking erotic thoughts...

also i suffer from a paraphiliac disorder and it has affected my erection....

i noticed i read in google that if a priapism is not fixed may lead to permanent sexual impotence...

i feel ...
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