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Sudden occurrence of ED

Hello everybody,

This is my first topic in this forum. I wanted to consult somebody first, before going to a specialist and because I can't talk about this to anyone I know, I decided to try this forum.

So, let me introduce myself. I am 22 years old, I like to train a lot and I would say I am healthy ( I am strict about my health, I go to medical check-ups all the ...
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Was I molested?

I have known since before I was 5 years old what a penis and vagina was used for, as in the penis went Into the vagina. Is this an indication that I was molested?
Just in case I'm a man and now in my 50's.
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Clozapine-Induced Priapism Has Made Me Sexually Impotent

back in august, i took my clozapine medication and woke up having a priapism..

the priapism lasted the whole day....was to embarrassed to get emergency help...

now my erections are different....no longer i can have a erection when thinking erotic thoughts...

also i suffer from a paraphiliac disorder and it has affected my erection....

i noticed i read in google that if a priapism is not fixed may lead to permanent sexual impotence...

i feel ...
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Sexual/ Penis Anxiety

Hey I guess I was interested if anyone has experienced anything similar to my own issues

Just met a girl I like, after a really cool second date I invited back to my place. When she made a move on me I suffered extreme anxiety to the point where I felt sick. We didn’t have sex. I am 29 and recently out of a long term relationship and don’t have a great amount of experience. ...
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FTM Masturbation Tips?

I am FTM transgender (Three months on T; Pre-OP). I am currently in a relationship with another FTM transgender (Five years on T; Post OP). About a month or two ago, I started getting comfortable enough having oral sex with him (where I am receiving). Before I met him, I wasn't comfortable with anyone going down on me for fear that I might smell weird and that I didn't know how to have an orgasm. ...
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The best Penis Pump (air pump)


I search the best penis pump (air pump) and the appropriate ring for my cock for reverse my penis atrophy.

Someone suggest to me LeLuv, VelSeal, LApump.

Do you have other suggestion, advices for me, reviews about these pumps?

About the size of the penis pump, do you think I have to choose a pump with of 2 or 3 inches? Or more the girth / length is large, more effective it will be? ...
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Almost 7 years without (almost) any Libido/Sex Drive at 24 (

Hi everyone,

well, the title says it. I've just come from another visit at a psychologist (I think my 6ht or 7th), and he has never had any case like this aswell - and I've been to a number of them, including doing 8 weeks of rehab because of depression and social phobia at the beginning of the year; no one seems to have a clue. This also includes not having interest in girls at ...
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Use it or lose it?

OK, first of all, I'm new here. And this is a sexual forum but the rules say;

"You agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated"

Now just how are we going to discuss something sexual without sexually-orientated conversations? OK, I did have to smile when I read that. :)

I turned 70 this year. I'm healthy to a fault. My wife and ...
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I don't think this is Asexuality but what is it?

I don't lack sexual attraction towards people nor do I lack sexual desire but when I am with someone the only intimate activities I enjoy taking part in are kissing and light foreplay. Anything beyond that repulses me.

I already find it hard to show affection towards another person (I usually come across as cold and indifferent) and the only other way I have to communicate that affection is through intimacy but I am not ...
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Genital mutilation

Yes, yes I am one of those strange people that have a desire to mutilate my own genetals. I am on a high dose of Risperdal (8mg/day) to tamp down on the desire but it is always there. Everyday, every night. There is definitely a correlation between being in a mania state and being hypersexual and having this need to cut myself.

Prior to being diagnosed I got really into cutting. First I got a ...
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