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Hi there,

I am no native english speaker and I hope you don't mind any mistakes also pardon me if I am in the wrong topic.

I don't even know how to begin with, but I am 30 year old virgin, sadly not by choice. Aged 12 I began to masturbate, I am not a fan of porn, started doing this nearly EVERY day (13 years long) and it never occurred me how time flew ...
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Infatuated with my little sister

Years ago, when I was 12, that's been 35yrs apprx., my sister and I were playing, wrestling, on her bed. She's much younger than me by 7yrs. I'd never thought of her in any kind of sexual way, but I realized she was getting aroused, and that was the first intimacy is ever experienced and we went with it for the next few yrs. I remember smoking weed out my br window, getting really horny ...
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ED info

I suffer from ED caused by accident that affected blood vessels in my penis . Unable to “trap” blood needed for erection. After trying multiple orals and many years of suffering my urologist prescribed me Trimix injection and this changed my life. Every time I inject I can have extremely hard erections that last up to 4 hours if I choose according to dosage. Multiple orgasms are normal without losing erections as well. Life is ...
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Feel so ashamed and embarrassed in my looks

Hey all,

I'm mostly looking for any advice or even to see if anyone else has ever gone through anything like this. My (non-existent) sex life has reached a very strange state.

I have pretty bad body image issues and can hardly stand to look at myself some days. On those days, I feel like total crap, can't help but see how unappealing I look to other people. I have a very particular body part ...
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Sexual anhedonia

Im a 26 year old female from wales . I have been hearing voices for the last 3 years .
I have also been suffering from physical anhedonia . I cant feel pleasure from touch like head massage or drinking a cup of tea or even having a bath. I just feel this horrible intense discomfort in my head underneath my scalp.
I also have sexual anhedonia . I cant feel pleasure from sex ...
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Husband Seems To Prefer Porn To Sex

Hi Everyone
I have been married for a very long time and up until about 2 years ago also had a reasonable sex life but now we hardly have intercourse, partly down to my low libido. My husband has a very particular satin fetish and likes me to wear blouses and skirts, blonde wig, glasses and very long finger nails. It's the same thing every time and has been for decades. I do not feel ...
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Invega Sustenna

Hello board,

I am very worried the sexual dysfunction is permanent with this medication. It is on invega sustenna injections. My doc says that it will go away, but I know it won't. I am getting off tomorrow, can someone tell me long term how this is.

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It instantly put me off

Im questioning myself here but am i over reacting. While going down on my partner she started singing to the radio that was on quietly in the background.
On another occasion she started talking to my pet parrot that was in the room. It had a cover over the cage but would it put you off ?
My thoughts are she definitely isnt in the moment
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help, WM 36, attracted to brother

I have an older brother, 38, and a younger brother, 34. I was adopted and so was my younger brother. Three years ago, I was contacted by a case worker from Catholic Charity Services and they told me they'd found my mom and that she wants to talk/meet me. I spoke to my mom and brothers over next couple of years a lot via video chat, voice chat, text chat. Everyone I spoke with for ...
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I can only get sexually aroused if it's casual sex only.

I have this problem with my girlfriend where I have trouble getting sexually aroused by her, even though I am in love with her. I had this problem with a gf I was in love with in the past as well. But when I am single and having casual sex or a meaningless fling, I can get aroused then.

I feel really bad and I feel like it's impacting my current relationship. Does anyone know ...
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