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You are entering a forum that contains discussions of a sexual nature, some of which are explicit. The topics discussed may be offensive to some people. Please be aware of this before entering this forum.

A Question About Masochism

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Disgusted By Regular Society/Sex

I've been keeping this to myself because I dont think anyone would be able to relate but I am absolutely turned off and disgusted by the thought of someone's toes curling during sex. I hate it in porn, especially. It's an immediate turn off.

I also cant stay in the mood when I think of someone I really like. I'm into abnormal sex like monsters or demon sex. I'm also a virgin and must mention ...
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i got a mysophilia question

does a person who refuses to bathe for weeks and even months and wear the same dirty clothes like a homeless person and gets a sexual kick about that is a mysophiliac?
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Unsure of my situation

So im currently a 37 year old virgin. I have zero desire for sex, no desire to make out, dont like to be touched, just not physical at all.

Thinking back, i was very sexual when i was super small. Well between 7 and 8 years old. I dont remember anyone sexually abusing me but why did i do a 180? I was even wanting to make out with my cousin who is a girl. ...
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is this "normal" behaviour for a child

i remembered from a young age i was very interested in sex i am a female and i had a male friend and his mother used to let me and my other female friend bath him i must have been like 5-8 yrs old and i would touch his penis.not sure how old he was
also me and a male friends used to experiment touching each other.
when i was maybe 6 or 7 or ...
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Bisexual and how to deal with it...

First time at a place like this and hopefully someone will give me some advice.
I’m 30 years old and I find myself being bisexual.
I realised I am attacted to men at a very young age, but I’ve always had girlfriends and never had the courage to try something with a man.
One thing maybe to get started is I was always afraid I have a small penis compared to most of my ...
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Reminder on Paraphilias, a note on Unwanted Messages

This is a reminder, that as of the end of 2015, Psych Forums no longer has an active Paraphilias forum. It's readable, but locked.

This means that anything that would have been in there, any paraphilia, including fetishes and BDSM, are not allowable subjects anywhere else on PF- at moderator discretion, they may be contributory information about an issue. But they may not be the main subject of a post. The moderator team has the ...
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Caught by friend with guy

Not sure where to categorize this, I'm a straight 20 year old who has had an ongoing side relationship with a longtime friend who is gay. About a month ago a girl who is friends with both of us told him she saw us fooling around. She told him she came by my house and both our cars were there but no one answered the door. He says she looked through a dining room window ...
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I don't want to be a sex offender

I'm a 20yo college student with a seemingly normal life. My grades are pretty good, I make a good amount of money each month and almost everyone I interact with seems to trust me (friends, teachers even strangers).

I've had one serious relationship while I was in highschool which lasted for about 4 years. Ever since, I've abstained from sex in order to focus on my academic achievements and financial status. In the past two ...
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Wanting to mastrubate at the wrong time

I have a problem, or well I had a problem mostly but it is still there to some small degree, when I was 8-11 years old. Can't even talk to my psychologist about it.

Mastrubated a lot compulsively at that age, still do but it was out of control by then. My famiy caught me all the time, my relatives at our summer place, people in public... I was just a kid with no idea ...
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