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After Blues

I guess many of the topics here are a little more rough, but
Does any one get up reasonably sad after? Anytime I'm with any guy, I feel fine during wanted situations.
After I feel extremely depressed. I used to get very cranky and angry over things that didn't at all correlate or even upset me.

I am still that way, but I can now understand my feelings are not linked to the person, ...
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Controlling urges

I have always had fantasies about rape, but the urges seemed to come on ten years ago. They vary in intensity. I try to distract myself but they are getting very difficult to ignore. I find myself tempted whenever I see a woman who is even remotely attractive. I have approached and grabbed at women in public places, but have managed to stop myself from going further. I have been to the GP, and he ...
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Guys i need help

Hello to everyone. I will try to keep this post as short as i can, and I am an adult man in my twenties. Throughout my sexual development I have been attracted generally to girls my age or older than me. All of my sexual experiences are related to adult women and I am 100% positive that adult women sexually arouse me. However, this is the most shameful thing in m life and I am ...
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can only get off to hetero anal sex?

not sure what this is classed as? can anyone drop in with their thoughts?

been like this ever since I have been masturbating. it is so rare that I would climax to the idea of penetrating a woman with vaginal sex that I could probably count it on one hand. in fact I have probably masturbated to the image of a womans breasts more than the image of a vagina. I just don't get off ...
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My Core Belief

First, let me begin by stating I'm not sure which subforum my post belongs in, this or the Gender Identity Disorder Forum.

As I mentioned in another thread, I watched an hour and thirty-eight-minute video. The interviewee brought up how we, as humans, were created to need companionship. A male needs a female companion, and a female needs a male companion.

Ideally, I want to be female. However, if my choice was limited to being ...
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It May Not Be POCD Afterall

In 2013 I went to the Paraphilias Forum because I wondered if I was what I feared. During this time, I was seeing a therapist for a different reason.

I first asked the Paraphilias Forum. To summarize, members of that forum said I had some form of infantilism because I wanted to be the female child but not engage in any sexual activity.

After posing that question to the forum, I sheepishly asked my therapist. ...
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maybe childhood trauma idk

i don't remember exactly how old i was when this happened,but i think i was younger than 10 at the time.. i was watching a movie with my dad and my sister who is 18 years older than me. we had two couches in our living room. both could be spread to make a double bed of sorts.. i remember one of them was facing away from the wall and towards the other spread one ...
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I'm badly addicted to going down on women. Help

The feeling has got worse since I did it for 3 hours and went back all night. She was happy but what happens if the next isn't.. so I haven't had sex for a year, I don't really pull my self or watch porn, I seem to thrive of her pleasure and get a bigger high than if I cum... It would be good to hear what women think because I have been alone so ...
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Sexual Aversion Disorder?

this is not something I've ever done before but i need some answers from people who maybe can relate..... I'm 19 years old and I'm a lesbian and I've never been in a real, serious relationship. Most of that is, I think due to anxiety and internalized homophobia, etc. But physical intimacy beyond hugging, holding hands, small kisses, etc, scare the $#%^ out of me. I physically can't do it and I try and ...
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12yo Caught Giving Self BJ

We found a video on my 12 year old son's phone that he took of himself giving himself a blowjob. He has recently expressed that he is really unhappy with his dad "whooping him" for punishment. Is this a problem? Should he talk to someone?
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