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I need help with my sex addiction

I am a sex addict. I have been to prostitutes, young prostitutes and have had unprotected sex with f*** buddies. I lied to my girlfriend when she asked me if I had been with anybody else and told her no, I haven’t apologized for my hurting her and risking her life and I haven’t cared. I risked giving her an STD that could kill her and take her away from her son and family and ...
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Addicted to driving naked

Help I am so addicted to driving naked its embarrasing.I have lost my job because of it,just because i could nt get to work on time cause i had reached total gratification and what i mean by that is have some catch me or see me drivng and masturbating..its a habit that has gotten worse and has progressed to me being more daring everytime please help someone how do i stop this beahvoir?
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Im ready 24/7 and feel ashamed about it

I knew in my late teens that i had a bad problem with sex. I couldnt get enough of it. At first i played it off in my mind to being a vibrant young woman but over the years my desires and thoughts on sex havent changed. Ive tried putting myself on sex rations. It doesnt work. My drive and stamina are in overdrive have been for years. Anger, stress seems to be my triggers ...
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What on earth am I feeling after I relapse?

I have ask a lot of people about this and nobody seems to understand.

I am have been addicted to porn for 3 or so years since I was 14. Ever since I started I have been trying to stop because of moral reasons.

For the first year or so I remember getting these painful heartbreaking feelings after I relapsed, not of shame but as if I had just broke up with someone and gone ...
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withdrawel symptoms - who wants to share experiences


I am 38 years old, male, and I believe that I slowly slipped into an internet-porn addiction about 15 years ago. I had several tries to quit porn, but always found myself using it excessivley again and again. Since about four years I thought I managed it but did not recognize that I just found a substitute: dating - apps and real women. I found myself searching and searching for more and new adventures, ...
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Teenager with a lot of issues looking for help *TW*

***Trigger Warning***

Hi I’m new here. I’m 17 m and have been struggling with sexuality my whole life. I have sexual thoughts that scare me, and I’m severely addicted to porn and masturbation. I’ve never been in a relationship and some of thoughts I’ve have make me feel like no one could ever love me. I’ve been on a few other sites like this I’ve even emailed a National helpline I guess this is the ...
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Been a Long Time to Quite (Porn)


I just turned 41 and have had an addiction to porn for over 20 years. I have tried so many times to quite but never ever successful for even the most determined times. I was so bad at watching that even after masturbation I would watch more porn... probably damaging more neurological symptoms for myself? I also have a mental illness and have high anxiety and for about 10 years did not get into ...
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Porn, Hookers, Need Help/Advice (Am i on the right forum)

Hi i'm 25 and i have serious problem. I've been hooked on Porn for 13-14 years it's left me with great confusion and deep regret about what type of porn it led too. I started out on light porn / vanilla stuff which led to stuff i considered deviant at one point and never was originally attracted too, yet i'm struggling to stop watching Porn.

I've been by myself, alone for the 9 years since ...
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Trying to understand a bad act I did at 16 (hypersexuality,

I'm a guy, diagnosed Cptsd, with a porn addiction that I developed in my early teens. I experienced emotional abuse, neglect, some covert sexual abuse in my childhood. I'm saying that because I think it could've been a part of what caused me to lack the judgement and make a very bad mistake in my teens.

When I was 16 my mom's partner's 10 y.o. daughter was at our house and wanted to use our ...
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Stress and Sex

I have a really high stress job in the legal field. I find myself constantly worrying and to relieve the stress I'm increasingly masturbating to porn on sites like xhamster. I'm also increasing trying to lure friends and coworkers into exploratory sex, sometimes to their husbands dismay. I've even gone so far in some cases to trade legal "favors" for sex. It's really starting to worry me. I think I'm creating more problems than I'm ...
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