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I got addicted to porn at a young age and my life sucks now

Hey there, first time here posting. I'm posting here because I really want to start on the path to recovery. I'm in my early 20's and since i was very young I've consumed a lot of porn. I discovered it around i want to say 10 or 11 years old. I was very young and didn't have really any distinction between what was just normal regular pornography and what was more deviant and especially harmful ...
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Good day friends. Back and committed to working on my 10-year sex addiction. (I am currently 8+ years porn-free.) I am gay and for years have taken advantage of my "open" relationship to have anonymous sex. What started as a fun and largely innocent exploration of my sexuality, after coming out at age 42, has now morphed into a destructive addiction. I'll be back!
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Story of Sex Addict

I have read many posts here and many have questions or are not sure what is going on with them. Many of us share the same stories, like many of you I grew up with a missing father, neglectful mother who provided me porn at the age of 8 to “learn about women” and was sexually molested for years by an older male. I have been diagnosed with anxiety, borderline personality disorder, complex PTSD, and ...
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Slowly getting back my lost body positivity

I had very bad experiance with my own body during my developmental age and pornography was manifested as an addiction during this time.. i lost my sense of beauty and attraction a long ago .. I never felt that for a long time as I was all trying to do things to not feel those feelings again .. but abstinence from porn for many days is giving back that sense of attraction which is a ...
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What do you think of this sexual fantasy of mine?

I will tell you a sexual fantasy of mine so please tell me if there is something wrong with me based on my sexual fantasy. Many people told me that I have a serious mental problem due to this sexual fantasy of mine.

This sexual fantasy of mine really turns me on.

I get turned on by this sexual fantasy when I imagine myself as this fictional straight male boy who has 18 straight female ...
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Odd fantasy?

To be short and brief, I’m trying to understand my fantasy. My main fantasy is to share my gf with other guys. For me to know about it, not know about it and find out, for her to let strangers ###$ her, my friends ###$ her, her own friends ###$ her, and especially her ex or family members. Hell I’ve even fantasized about her letting her dad ###$ her. All of these fantasies end with ...
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Celibacy or Insanity?

Hello, ya'll. First day on this forum, so I thought I should start by sharing my unusual story.... this is not your ordinary sex addiction narrative. After dabbling briefly with a few Playboy magazines in high school, I was rejected by my first two girlfriends. This, coupled with the emotional abandonment I suffered when I lost my mother at the age of 2, started me down a very, very lonely road in life. Social anxiety, ...
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Non willpower methid

I was using non will power method with help of easy peasy and I had seen a good day count of over 24 days without pornography and the main things js during this days I was not dragging myself down but had explored many aspects of myself but it was just one peek that made me fall down and now I am struggling and today it's like a week away but can't make it without ...
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My Exhibitionism kink

Let me try my best to explain this. So ever since I was very young I had exhibitionist kinks, I even remembered that I recorded a video of myself naked and posted it on the internet back in 2016, I would even sometimes even be naked and all in front of my friend who is a guy (I am not gay but the thrill of someone seeing me naked made me feel good). Then after ...
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Craving for more and more porn

Somehow I believe porn is all that I want.I was simply using it for escaping from all the big problems in my life..those problems became big because I never faced them along the way.the porn addicition was so much rooted to traumas happened in my life and stopping it gives me periods of emptynes.
I am not saying stopping porn can solve all my problems including my mental illnesses but it can atleast give me ...
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