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Really grateful to have found this community. Been reading through the various threads and learning a lot.
Like others, I am trying to discern where I am at re: sexual addiction.
Most of my life/relationships has been plagued by my co-dependency (looking for emotional love) but now that I am healthy in that regard, I'm finding my strong sex drive is creating problems in my new relationship.
I am fortunate that the thought of ...
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I'm so ashamed. Worried about my sexual health.

I'm just so ashamed of myself for being connected to this. It's been a problem for most of my life. I just don't know how to feel good about myself remembering all of the things I did in the past. My life was filled with nothing but porn, sexting, and thoughts of acting out what I saw when I was a teenager. It's not on that level now. If anything, I would say it's better ...
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Sex Addiction/Suicide Attempt

I'm 36 years old, I am a sex addict, I am addicted to sex, porn and masturbation, unlike a lot of sex addicts I don't want to cut down sex, I want more and more of it, I just can't get enough, I want to be a porn star, I want sex 24/7, because I can't get this, it has destroyed my life, I am in hospital right now, I have just come off the ...
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Please help !

Hi everyone, my name is Tallon and I’m 23 years old. I have really bad trauma on many aspects of my life and I never understood my hyper sexuality until the last maybe 3 years. It makes me really sad because I fell in love when I was young and it feels so deeply wrong to date now, but being hyper sexual and without connection has driven me to a boiling point, and I’ll say ...
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half siblings with intense sexual attraction

I have never had a problem with allowing myself to be honest about this topic (especially to my step-brother Josh). I am the product of an affair and my father and his family lived 3 blocks away from my grandmother's home where I grew up. Fastforward to 2018 when I saw him for the first time since we were children. I knew the very moment he put his arms around me when we hugged that ...
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New here

I am new here, and this is the first time I have explored any kind of support for sex addiction. I am a 55 yo married woman, married for the second time for 5 years. While I love my husband (which sounds lame even to my ears given my behavior), I have repeatedly been unfaithful in one form or another during our entire relationship. This has ranged from chatting with men I’ve met online ...
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Rearview mirror


I don't think you have had as hardcore case as mine on this forum before.

I'm Darius, 40, from LA. Former football player (bench wormer for 4 years, never made seven figures) and personal trainer for past 16 years. Bull in the "lifestyle" for past 16 years as well. Addicted to sex with white women exclusively since I was 16 years old. I've had sex with 1000 (yes, that's one thousand) white women over ...
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What is sexual addiction, how can it affect your life?

I'm new here and I was advised by my therapist to seek online help with people that might have been in similar situations. I'll try to keep it short. I've been with my wife since I was young, around 20 years old by the time.

Everything happened pretty fast and after a year we were living together. everything was fine at first but then I started feeling under appreciated somehow, and ended up cheating ...
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overly sexual for no reason

ive never been physically sexually assaulted or been forced to do anything irl, yet i have unusual kinks that people who usually have been s/a have as well... i dont understand why
ever since i was a little girl i used to make my dolls "do it" with each other and it made me "tingle" down there. but ive never been abused or anything like that. i dont remember seeing/watching anything sexual that young either. ...
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I thought i was succesfull but now i think i'm just stupid

Hello everybody,

I would never think that i will end in a forum about sex-addiction. Sorry if i make some "english mistakes" - it's not my primary language. I would like to share my story and ask for help "where to start" in getting better.

My first contact with porn was when i was about 12 years old (now im well over 30). At first it was once a week, but in no-time it was ...
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