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Past mistakes

I had days where I made mistakes, sexual searching online and then I forget about it, and sometimes when things are ok these memories come back. I get depressed. Things I don't do anymore, are still there in my memory and body if you will.
I had a few bad months several years ago and again about a year ago where I would seek extreme sexual adventures, submission, allowing for people to take control. They ...
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Behavior of my ex

First of all I’m not a sex addict, but I’ve a few questions if you could help me. I already struggled with psychological disorders and don’t know how bad addiction is so I won’t be judgemental in either case, just now I started searching about sexual addiction.

I’m looking on what attitudes are related to sexual addiction, or are habits commonly seen on people with this addiction (I know this relationship is in the past ...
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Always cheating

Hi all,
I'm a 30 year old married man with 2 beautiful children and an aging wife. You'd think this would be enough for anyone but I always seem to mess things up by cheating.

I really don't think I've had a relationship where I haven't been unfaithful whether it be flirting with another woman to full on sex with someone. Its like I get this huge rush of adrenaline and get excited when someone ...
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Cruising is ruining my life

Hi, I'm going to try and make the situation simple. I am a 20 year old gay man and I have been in a relationship for about two years. During this time, me and my partner broke up twice and in that last time, in one of these break-ups, I found out he had been cheating on me. I had a rough time, went to therapy for some time, and after being at peace with ...
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Lust has taken over my life

I'm coming here to talk about this cause I didn't know where else to talk about.

So let me introduce myself, I'm a 21 year old man from Brazil, currently studying Biology at university. Since puberty i have fantasized with men, but for a long time I took it only for a fantasy, only embracing my gay sexuality when I first started university and tried a relationship with a girl which didn't work out sexually, ...
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My porn habit just escalated and I'm scared - please help

Can anyone (please!) explain why I was turned on by something that should have been revolting!
I came across an image of a kid being hurt by a clearly sexually suggestive female and I was aroused.

- I am an adult divorce male
- I have no history of sex abuse
- I have been highly sexual from around 4 (yes at 4 I was aware of the thrill of genital stimulation and had fantasies ...
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Did escalation get me in trouble?

I am a 44 m who is by any measurement a sex addict. I was molested as a young teen (about 13-16) and though by appearances I appear ok, I am messed. My sex life has been one of obsessive compulsive action and have been with other woman, men, even a tranny once over the years.

I began a program about a year ago and have curbed all of my activities except porn. Two ...
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unprotected sex and douching

Some people call me stupid and naive, i call it love, please do not judge i just ask for a opinion.
My wife of 20 years is what i call a nympho, we got married young and she now is only 39. she has got a very high sex drive, did see a counsellor a few years back and joined some group to help her with her sex addiction , similar to aa. this ...
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Fear of sex in happy marriage

Hi all. I am a recovering sex and love addict. I've recovered sufficiently to have many truly loving, uplifting relationships in my life. I've been generally happy the last 7 or so years for the first time in my life. I've been married to a sweet, handsome man for 3.5 years. Our relationship is based on true love honesty, respect, and trust (I recognize trust is a big issue for me which I work on ...
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I fantasize about unhealthy scenarios.

I went to a site and registered and it was a femdom site, In the moment feel plaesure from these fantasies, but sometimes it gets out of hand, I tried talking to dominants who wants to get licked, to spank and all kinds of depravities.
I just want to get to a point where I don't run to that place for distrasctions.
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