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Help needed for high-risk activity


I am a woman in my mid-20s and, for the past few years, have been addicted to sharing explicit photos of myself online. I thought I had anonymized the pics so I couldn't be tracked, but I was evidently wrong about that, and now my job is at risk.

I work in the field of opioid addiction prevention. The irony is I have a completely different kind of addiction, and I am struggling to ...
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Porn addiction lost job,lost dignity

I am addicted to porn and it has become strong to a point that I cannot keep a job for atleast 2 months because I want to take leaves and watch porn.I create fake reasons to sit at my home and binge all day in porn sites and when my supervisor call me I create fake certificates to take leaves.and also I started to create problems with family memebrs I don't want anyone to stay ...
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a there a link with hypersexuality/paraphilias?

I think this thread may have been something to have qualified for the now closed sub forum and I hope it's not breaking any rules, if it belongs somewhere else please feel free to move it somewhere else. interested to know if there are any links between hypersexuality and fetishes/ paraphilias?

from looking this up it seems that bipolar is commonly associated with hypersexuality, but I don't often see discussion with paraphilias or fetishes associated ...
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New member intro - massage parlor addict

Hi everyone. I am a early 50’s man. Married with kids. I started seeing prostituted when I was in college in my early 20’s. Even when I had a girlfriend I would still find myself occasionally maybe three or four times a year visiting either escorts or more commonly Asian massage parlors.

I will go through periods of time where I would avoid going but it seems like eventually I fall back into my old ...
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not sure if im in the right place

let me preface by saying 'm completely unsure about how to classify what im struggling with but i do know that some help would be great. i suffer from long term chronic lyme disease and it has hurt my relationship with my wife, along with other aspects of my unevolved male brain. anyway, we hit a low point in the relationship when i was at my lowest point with the disease. now, we are working ...
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Addicted to wearing women's clothes

Hi everyone, I'm a 20 year old male. :)
Ever since I was little, I've been excited about wearing women's clothes (panties, thongs, tights).
I often jerk off while wearing it.
I feel a lot of guilt after masturbating.
I have already thrown away the underwear I bought several times. And I buy more several weeks later because the excitement and the desire come back.
When I ...
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Sex addiction getting worse.


It was so nice to find a forum where I can share my story openly and (fingers crossed) get some advice.

I am a male in my early 40's married with children, on the face of it a happy family man but there is so much hidden and leaving me with guilt & shame on a daily basis.

My addiction started when I was around 10. I came across a black & white magazine ...
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Non willpower method

Hi, I too have suffered from porn addiction from a young age. I remember going on omegle with a mate trying to find hot girls lol and half the time it was dudes jacking off, i actually felt sick seeing it. Fast forward with heavy porn use and i was escalating to all sorts of material. The proposed method of quitting is willpower. But a free online book i found called the easypeasy hackbook adapted ...
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Need help

Hi, first time poster here. Apologies if this is a bit long...

I recently discovered that my 19 year old daughter is most likely starting down the path of sex addiction. I'm fortunate that her and I are so close that we can talk about anything, and I do mean anything. Hence, this discovery that has me very worried and dealing with many sleepless nights. Work stress on top of it isn't helping.

She recently ...
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Can’t stop masturbating

Hey guys I wanted to make a post about this it’s something that’s become a little out of control. I’m 17 year old female and i have to watch porn to orgasm and I feel like something is wrong with me. Anyone who has maybe been through this and overcome it please comment or just anyone wanting to help out not sure how to go about it I don’t think I should completely stop pleasuring ...
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