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Why do I keep relapsing

Hi .
I'm married male in hetro relationship. I have been in therapy for 2 years now with sex addiction therapist. My issues are mainly using hook up sites to meet other men for sexual encounters. I don't think it is a sexuality issue just a way of reaching out for connection. As much as I try and think I am putting in measures to stop me from relapsing I fail. My wife is unaware ...
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Sexual Addiction Controls Me

I am now 20. This started in high school and a desire to rebel from everything associated with my Mom. I would buy inappropriate clothes for my age and leave home in normal clothes and change once I got to school. I flirted and ended up having inappropriate sex frequently. I would cry and cry over this. I wanted to stop but I wanted to rebel. I felt like if I acted slutty then I ...
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I need to go back

I feel like I masterbate at a normal frequency it never gets in the way of my social life or eats up valuable time. But I've been exposed to internet porn since the age of 14 and my desires have far shifted from the "normal" range. Im getting to the point of disinterest in my now vile preferred porn. To the point that it takes hours to get to completion.

Ive tried all the apps ...
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Guilt over porn

oh boy, this is gonna be a long one.

Basically, I’ve always been pretty sexually active in terms of masturbation. Like, it’d be 7-8 times a day sometimes. I also started getting heavily into porn, during that age. Im female, just turned 19, and I never really saw a problem. Basically, I’d always been into anime & manga, Hentai yk the drill, ever since I was 11, 12? And pretty much masturbated to Hentai. However, ...
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Maintaining Sexual Sobriety

I have been in SA and SAA for the better part of 5 years and I only currently have 3 months of sobriety. I recently did a "full-disclosure" with my wife and she was devastated (obviously) that I visited 200+ massage parlors and had multiple prostitutes. I relapsed multiple times of which I was caught each time. My marriage is holding on by a threat. Part of me says that she should move on because ...
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Porn addiction - loose family, job...

Hi, I'm Ignac, - I ruined my family and my life; I realized the problem when my life partner, whom I had simply neglected for the last 2 years, passed away due to my habits, lack of sleep, dirty laptop, postponing things ... I was always browsing something, I was on many websites .. . even despite the quarrels and warnings she gave me before, the problem always came back (previously I wanted to limit ...
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porn and alcohol

I'm wondering if others have experience with alcohol use and pornography. I think they are intertwined for me. I used to smoke pot and look at porn, but I switched to wine and I think if I could quit one, I could kick them both. I'd just like to start a conversation.
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I keep failing.


I am a 25 year old woman and I am an sex addict. That’s the simple truth. There are many things that I can “blame” it on. I was sexual abused for 7 years (ages 7-14) by someone much older than me. My first (wanted) sexual experience was with a female at age 16. I didn’t have sex with a male until I was 18 and couldn’t stop from there. I used sex as ...
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I was a victim and now an assaulter

I am now 22 Male had been sexually abused in my childhood probably 6-7 yrs old by 14 15 yrs old guys ( there were 2, his friend) at that time they use to watch me porn, I didn't know what they did they just touched there dick on my back I don't seem to mind it. At that time I think when I was 8yrs old I had a thing with my aunt (my ...
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POCD and real event, some other stuff

I'm new on this forum, and decided to join because well, I have issues. I'd love to talk to my shrink
about this, but with fear of being reported and stuff like that I feel like I'm limited.
I am 18 years old.
I'm just gonna be straight and to the point. I used to view underage anime characters, some furry, some incest, fanfics, etc. and fap to this when I was younger, and well. ...
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