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autogenic training?

Looking for self help books using the method of autogenic training in english language. Posts on experiences with AT welcome as well. Thanks in advance
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Help with being emotional

Can anyone help refer me to some good reading material for emotional self help. I am an emotional person and tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. I have good intentions and am a good person. However, in my personal life I feel that more often than I'd like I let me emotions show too often, at times when I should not. Emotions can overcome me in certain situations and I act on my ...
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Recommend book

Hello all nice to meet you, anyhow I recently got audible and am kind of looking for not necessarily even a self help book maybe a psychology or science one, im schizoaffective I don't hear voices but im bipolar and I have delusions like sometimes things I think happened didn't although at least for now I can still tell whether it's real or not, anyhow what I more have a problem with is racing thoughts ...
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I have interest in psychology (Need Advsie)

Hello there,

This is my first post in the forum and I was thinking for a long time how to start it and what to write here.

I am 20 years old, student studying Computer Science but lately I am expressing a big interest in psychology. Recently I took a textbook from the University Library called "Social Psychology". Although I enjoyed the parts that I was interested in it wasn't exactly what I was looking ...
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applying cognitive science

Basically, I feel like it would be an amazing tool to know more cognitive science so that I could use it in prioritizing, scheduling, practicing better (I'm a musician), learning more effectively, etc. Is there an important book on the subject? Lots of my friends took psychology in high school but none of them changed their behavior based on the knowledge they recieved.

Both my parents have extremely emotionally stressful jobs, and when they ...
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Paul Ekman - Book doubt

Hello there, after finally end of watching Lie to Me season 3 I prepared to explore Paul Ekman's bibliografy, and besides "Telling Lies" i'm also interested in "Unmasking the Face" and "Emotions Revealed", but i realized that both have similar subjects, so I was wondering which one buy or if it's worth it buy both. Any recomendations? :roll:
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Books and stories about fighting boredom

Hi All,

Can you recommend books or stories about people fighting boredom?

I am mostly interested in how people fight boredom being in critical situations, such as prison or disability, but not only.

For example, there is a story by Stefan Zweig called Chess Story, about a man being thrown into prison who learned how to play chess and played chess within his own mind for years to resist boredom of solitary confinement.

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Dialectical Therapy Book for Anxiety and Depression

There is a very readable and helpful workbook called "Depressed and Anxious, The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Workbook for Overcoming Depression and Anxiety" by Thomas Marra. You can go to Alibris, a used and new book site to find it maybe for less than full price. A lot of DBT books seemed complicated to me, and written as much for therapists as their clients. This is a client centered book, but also can be brought to ...
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Has anyone read Jung & Freud?

Did it help and are there studies and teachings worth looking into? I don't want to spend a whole lot of energy into something as far back as the 19/20th century, I mean as clever as they were, I just can't see half of it being relevant in todays society.

One thing I know is I don't want to waste time on something that simply won't help in the end, theres too many "read this ...
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