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In search of a good book on DID

I'm looking to read up more about DID. Is there even just one good book out there somewhere, that I can read??
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Light on Schizophrenia

I recently ordered this book on Amazon. I have a similar shorter book, which I have read. The main idea of the book is to use nutrition as treatment for Schizophrenia. The author is Abram Hoffer MD PhD. I remember trying this type of therapy a long time ago when I first came down with Schizophrenia. I thought it was helping me, but who knows if it really was? This branch of alternative medicine is ...
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Anthony Robbins?

I used to be an avid believer of his material/teachings. But then I realized that perhaps one of the reasons I had gone mad was because of my decision to try to apply his teachings, which I most likely botched. What he preaches and advocates all sounds so great, but it is not the be-all-end-all. He doesn't know what it's like to have a mental illness for years and years. He claims to have helped ...
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The Center Cannot Hold

Has anyone read this book? I have a copy of it and found it "entertaining" to read. I bought it about four years ago and read it once. I guess it helped me gain a common perspective. I also looked up the author and found video interviews. I recall Elyn R. Saks PhD (the author) saying that medication, a good support network of family and friends, etc., were her keys to recovery and success.
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What books about anger have helped you?

Right now I’m reading The Dance of Anger by Harriet Lerner & it’s giving me needed perspective in my relationships with my family of origin. I want to change my moves with them, so we’ll see. I’ve also decided to no longer vent my anger because it’s not helping.
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Buried in Treasure by David Tolin

I recommend the book Buried in Treasure by David Tolin for people who hoard & their friends & family. My biggest take-away is that if I want relief from my hoarding, I need to work for 30 minutes a day sorting & discarding. There’s no way around it. So I started sorting & discarding for 30 minutes today. It will take another 30 minutes to put everything away now, minimum. I had some feelings come ...
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autogenic training?

Looking for self help books using the method of autogenic training in english language. Posts on experiences with AT welcome as well. Thanks in advance
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Help with being emotional

Can anyone help refer me to some good reading material for emotional self help. I am an emotional person and tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. I have good intentions and am a good person. However, in my personal life I feel that more often than I'd like I let me emotions show too often, at times when I should not. Emotions can overcome me in certain situations and I act on my ...
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Recommend book

Hello all nice to meet you, anyhow I recently got audible and am kind of looking for not necessarily even a self help book maybe a psychology or science one, im schizoaffective I don't hear voices but im bipolar and I have delusions like sometimes things I think happened didn't although at least for now I can still tell whether it's real or not, anyhow what I more have a problem with is racing thoughts ...
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I have interest in psychology (Need Advsie)

Hello there,

This is my first post in the forum and I was thinking for a long time how to start it and what to write here.

I am 20 years old, student studying Computer Science but lately I am expressing a big interest in psychology. Recently I took a textbook from the University Library called "Social Psychology". Although I enjoyed the parts that I was interested in it wasn't exactly what I was looking ...
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