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Why do some people desperately need an apology?

Some people feel wronged and will not move on with a relationship until they feel the other person is sorry for what they did. Some people will not apologize. I realize that the people who never apologize are suffering from low self-esteem, but why is an apology SO important to some people? Let's assume that the offense is a real one, and that an apology is the right thing to do, in the circumstance, especially ...
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Over-Apologizing and Over-Thanking

Hello all, I suffer from low self-esteem and I wasn't really sure where to put this so I hope this is the right forum. If not, would a moderator please kindly move it to the appropriate forum for me? Sorry, and thanks! ...Wow, well that was just a perfect example of my problems due to low self-esteem! XD

Anyone else suffer from this? I constantly find myself apologizing for every little thing and also thanking ...
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Struggling for confidence and self esteem

21. Male.

I’m deciding to post here because today I’m just feeling in the dumps. I’ve lately figured out that I have no self esteem and zero confidence. I have OCD and BDD, but I’m wondering if I have bipolar disorder also. It is a constant struggle to have confidence and self esteem, with out a doubt I have an inferiority complex. I know many of my struggles developed in childhood and I’m trying to ...
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Scared of Romance

Hi. I am ready to bare my heart here, after much stewing, fuming, and crying. I am a gay man, in my late 20s, and I haven't had sex in a year and a half. My self-esteem is exceptionally low. Even so, I am considered a leader in my workplace, I own a home, have lots of friends...indicators of a fulfilling life.
While I consider myself fortunate to have what I do, I still don't ...
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I hate being black

So, let me start off by saying this; I’m a black woman who spends way too much time on the internet. I have OCD- like tendencies, and I obsess over things online that I find distressing. Lately, I’ve been researching ancient African civilizations, trying to figure out if Egypt and Nubia or The Aksumite Kingdom, in Ethiopia, was run and built by black people. There’s just so much information online going against me, like DNA ...
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I am contemplating suicide.

I want to commit suicide. I am male, 34, with no job, I quit my last three jobs because I felt being driven out by the environment, very little education, staying at my parents, society is ridiculing me and I feel my whole life was a lie and that I'm being paranoid. Everybody is talking behind my back. I am selfish and immature, i never did anything for anybody and i feel it's too late ...
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Imprisoned by Past Memories

Found a good article in the rough on Medium with this very title: Imprisoned by Past Memories. Very helpful for self esteem issues and how to overcome past defeating memories. Before you end your day, check it out. It's really, really, really goood!
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Feeling worthless because of a man's opinion

OK... I have searched high and low to help my friend. A real friend... I promise.

She became interested in a guy who showed interest as well. They became close. She knew he had a gf but learned that they lived together. He lives overseas and met him in person on a long stay in the states. When he got back home he checked out for a bit (assuming guilt even though they never got ...
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how many personalities I have

hi .., i don't know is it normal but I feel always I want to be different personalitieslike once I see this person he is very great and confident and out going and I say people who are social are great and in a minute can be him exactly and in other minute I see an introvert who is not social and people like him I say I hopetoI be the same heaviness and lik ...
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Affects of Criticism on Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence.

At what amount (in respects of no. of people, no. of times and severity) of criticism from the others, one normally starts to have self-doubt and his/her self-confidence is broken? At what amount, IDEALLY should that be happening? Infinity?
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