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Therapy for the selectively mute

I've said it before somewhere that I have selective mutism.

I've been in a lot of trouble in my life. I don't know if it's related the mutism but I used to think it was and that fighting, causing damage, stealing and being promiscuous was my way of expressing myself without having to talk.

When I was a young teenager I was locked up for my offences. Whist I was locked up I had to ...
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Looking for tips to treat SM please...

Hello, we just found out that our daughter has SM. She talks non stop at home and is very social with us (parents and siblings) but as soon as she's outside of the home (School, playdate, visiting the cousins), she completely stops talking. Same if some people come to the house, she will barely talk. Do you have any recommendation of how we could help her, what should we do and what we should not ...
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Is this possibly SM or just Anxiety?

The other day I saw the phrase Selective Mutism and became vary curious about it and how it worked. In my research I came to a realization, that I had felt and done very similar things, but since I'm 16 and have never been diagnosed with SM I was pretty sure I didn't have it. But when I read about it, it reminded me of when I was younger and the only people I was ...
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Daughter hitting me

She is 12 and has SM/social anxiety. Recently she has hit me when I’ve asked her to hand over her phone because of refusing to do homework. The 2nd time she hit me, it was all over and I have several bruises.

I want to handle this effectively and feel I need to bear in mind the anxiety issues she has. She is silent all day at school and unhappy so has more reason than ...
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How to find a job with selective mutism

I have selective mutism and I am currently in college. My parents want me to help pay for it so they are making me get a job this summer. I really struggle with working and communicating with others and I am not sure how I can find a job that isn't so dependent on those things. I had a part time job while I was in high school working at Dominos and it was really ...
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Looking for CommuniCamp reviews

I am considering sending my 6 year old daughter to CommuniCamp. It is a 3-4 day treatment program for kids with SM, put on by the SMart Center in PA.
Has anyone here been to this or similar camp for SM kids? I am looking for some unbiased reviews.
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Supplements to help child with SM

My 6 year old daughter was diagnosed with SM this summer after not speaking to her teachers or anyone at school for the entire Kindergarten year, even though she speaks fine at home. She also gets frustrated easily and throws tantrums if things don't go her way or if she makes a mistake on something. Which I think is also based on her anxiety.
We are trying to get her some help, but want to ...
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Help getting a job with selective mutism

Hi, I'm 21 and have never had a job because my selective mutism has stopped me from being able to communicate and I get bad anxiety outisde the house, therefore it's hard to do interviews or anything.
I've basically got no GCSE's either and my dad is threatening to throw me. basically i just need some advice on what to do
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This is yet another post asking "is this SM?"

So I recently heard about Selective Mutism. I read about it on some website (link from Facebook or something) and I was skeptical. Usually I'm pretty open minded about any type of mental illness someone may have, but somehow I thought it was exaggerated. I don't remember the wording of the post, but it was one of those "mental illness awareness" posts and it sounded like it wasn't really a huge thing but more of ...
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Do I have SM?

Hi! My name is Danny and im an 18 year old girl. i have been diagnosed with schizophrenia severe depression and severe anxiety. i wanted people's opinions on my symptoms. I have a very hard time talking to strangers or certain people but can talk freely to my family. My work/school life is damaged because of this. I also have a hard time talking to my girlfriend, i have the words in my mind but ...
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