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SAD not a mood disorder?

Hi there,

I have a severe form of SAD that, unmedicated, leaves me in an unresponsive, almost catatonic state (i.e. I never needed a diaper, thankfully). Wellbutrin was a 100% cure for about 7 years but it stopped working, though at my worst now I'm still responsive, just with a delay. So not a serotonin condition at all! Serotonin medications never helped. It also starts in December and is worst in March, which is not ...
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Hate fall and winter so much!

Just for the record, I haven't been officially diagnosed with seasonal depression. But I believe I have it because my depression is just so much worse in the colder seasons. Most of the time, my anxiety is worse, but for the later portion of the year, my depression becomes my main problem. Don't think it's a coincidence. :shock: Just seeing how ugly it gets outside when it's ...
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SAD vs. PTSD - Any defining differences?

I've only ever had psychiatric hospitalizations/ER visits/etc. in the range of months from September to January. February has been really bad this year and in the past, but nothing with a paper trail. I have mental health issues year-round and have since I was young, but for whatever reason it's a bit less debilitating in the other parts of the year. I have vicious mental breakdowns in the season we're in now and often go ...
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I worry I have SAD, should I seek therapy if it comes back?

Hello I am 19yo male, before the events last winter I was a content,happy, easy going guy, I was rarely worried, but sometimes I enjoyed a bit of melancholy

So last year around November I started to get tired, not much at first, people started to annoy me, I felt like I had less emotions and world seemed to get boring, waking was starting to feel like a chore and sleeping wasn't as recharging as ...
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Mountains or the sea?

Which type of holiday is more likely to boost Energy and serotonin levels after a long and gloomy winter? I feel emotionally drained and weak.
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How Were You Diagnosed?

I know I need to talk to someone about this. But is it normally diagnosed by blood levels in winter of melatonin or serotonin? I used to want to go back to sleep quickly after starting my day job as a delivery driver. I felt so fatigued I had to come home for a while. It's been easier as I've not had my own car in a long time. But I almost have an association ...
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Dreading and sleeping through the holidays

With the holidays coming up, and all this talk of ppl being with their family and friends, and my being alone again (just me & my 2 kitties)....I am hoping to sleep thru Thanksgiving and Christmas. My family doesn't get together anymore since my 2 other brothers have family of their own (one is in Texas and I'm in NYS, the other goes to visit his in laws in MA and they hate our family) ...
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Fear of Being Alone, Fear of Never Finding My Place

Who are my people? Where do I belong? Who is my community? Why don't I feel like I fit in anywhere? When will I find a place that feels like home?

These are the thoughts that have been running through my head for the past several months. I spent all summer in a state of severe depression, where I was often unable to get out of bed or accomplish basic tasks. I lost my appetite ...
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Do I have Sad?

The last week I have been sleeping all day. Today I lied in bed all day eating cheese its and drinking coke. I am not suicidal, and my miserable lifestyle is fine with me. Its kind of a drag sleeping all day but its preferable to being actually depressed. Do I have SAD? I kind of enjoy myself for the most part, in a weird way. I smoke cigs and drink coke all day, showering ...
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Suffering from SAD and bipolar

Hi, new here. Though I post on a couple of other forums. I have bipolar and also it acts up most during certain times of the year. This is one, Oct-Nov, and this year it has knocked my mood down big time. Last year was not so bad, I’d just started lithium a few months back so I thought it would last, the good results. Guess not. Waiting on lithium levels, I asked my doctor ...
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