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The other side of thought broadcasting

I see plenty of forum topics about people suffering from thought broadcasting. But You never hear from all the people who should be saying "so and so is broadcasting all their thoughts to me" why is this?
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What are my chances of becoming schizophrenic?

I am a 27, almost 28 year old male in good health. I have suffered bouts of depression the past few years along with anxiety and OCD. I am on Zoloft everyday and am doing well for the most part. I'm staying active and keeping busy. The reason whyI ask this is that on my mothers side there are two stories of people with suspected schizophrenia. my maternal grandmother's father was said to have been ...
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a warning about a telepath

hi there
thanks for reading my post
I am not a schizophrenic I was assaulted by a telepathic person who is evil
he gave me schizophrenia and Get this I hear voices off his star it is in the southwest
he has the devil in him he is called john brown from Renfrew Scotland please let meknow if you have been assaulted by him
I currently take respiridone but this 6mg is not enough
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Antipsychotics timeline

Could anybody give me an estimated timeline of effects from coming off Olanzapine slowly for 2 months.
Taken for 7 years at an average rate of 15mg a day. Reaching down to 5mg and 20mg at times.

I am not asking about the return of symptomps part. I am asking more about physical effects, mood, mind activity, return of function and emotion, a possible time where the majority of people are back to prior the ...
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Bipolar 1 schizophrenia and psychopathic tendencies

I am not 100% sure on if I have schizoaffective or bipolar and schizophrenia. My official diagnosis is bipolar 1 schizophrenia and psychopathic tendencies (which I believe I’m not allowed to talk about?)

Was wondering if anyone could help me figure out whether I have schizoaffective or both. I am always paranoid not a single day goes by when I’m not paranoid, with meds (I take olanzapine 20mg, diazepam 5mg diazepam 2mg clonazepam 0.5mg lamotrogene ...
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Natural remedies for schizophrenia.

I have been taking some natural remedies for schizophrenia which I found in a herbal book under "Schizophrenia". I have also been doing chakra healing from a book. I have found these remedies have helped hugely. I am still confused by the voices, though I have been finding them easier to ignore and have been able to do the things I have to do, instead of just sitting listening to them. I have been taking ...
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Are you allowed to drive car without meds?

I'm seeing a psychologist. Only seen her twice so far. I hear voices but on extremely rare occasion I'll see something that I now know wasn't real, but to me it looks 100% real. If my psychologist finds out about this then can she require me to be on meds while driving? Is this going to show up on drivers license?

Thanks so much for any help!
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How to talk to people with delusions?


Really interesting video about how to talk to people who have delusions.

Key things: Don't tell them they are wrong, don't go along with théir delusions, instead ask more questions about the delusion.
I suggest you watch this, he gives good examples on how to address the situation, to give you a better idea than my short briefing.

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Opinions on my mum


I just wanted to ask other people with the disorder what they thought about the situation I’m in with my mum. Basically she was diagnosed with schizophrenia a few months ago when she was a carer for my Nan, this job was really stressful and she started having hallucinations and hearing voices (which she was doing years ago when her sister died)
Because of this I decided to contact social services and they took ...
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Crippling Auditory Hallucinations - CBD Induced Psychoticism

For a little better over a year, I've been struggling with a diminished quality of life stemming from what I presume to be a psychic incompatibility with cannabis use. The extent to which I smoked was not excessive, however it was substantial enough to alter some modulation within my neurochemistry. The smoking I feel acted as a sort of catalyst to ramp up some previously bottled psychological discomforts I had been dealing with; i.e, grief ...
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