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The modern medical system and belief

Dear forum users,

I want to question everything. Whether or not we know it our current scientific world view is flawed and always will be until we come up with a “newer” one. We live in the age of exponential acceleration and new findings constantly cancel out the old... How can the modern medical system, which is based on the scientific theory, deal with belief which brings into question the nature of truth itself?

I ...
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hi I have 4 voices I also see them in human form and call the "evil people" no one else can see them. the voices are so over powering they tell m to hurt and stab people I know and don't know. I have acted on them twice once in a mental health unit I tried to strangle a nurse and I also tried to strangle my husband. anyway im finding it hard to not ...
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Wondering if my father has are schizophrena

Hello my mother has informed me of syptoms that my father had before they got divorced. According to her he was seeing hallucinations of a man in trench coat and hat following him and telling him to kill/ harm himself and his family however he was also a terrible alcoholic and a drug addict as well as a wife beater to the best of my knowledge he apprently began receiving treatment for it a few ...
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Managing Hallucinations

I know some of you may still have minor hallucinations even after medication. I've been working on developing methods to control them to some degree. I've found the key is in how the mind interprets sensory information. The placebo effect proves that beliefs can influence whether we feel better regardless of the effectiveness of medication. There is also some study into eye witness testimony that suggests witnesses interpret information as a mix of what truly ...
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Does my father have paranoid schizophrenia?

Hello friends,

I am sharing my father's condition below and hoping to get some advice from the folks here. He lives in India while I live and work in the San Francisco bay area.

My father (about 65 years old) is always thinking about one thought in his free time that that his relatives and friends are defaming him, spreading lies about him and spoiling his reputation specifically that he is a thief. Initially, he ...
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telepathically abusive society

For those of you who don't already know- There is a large percentage of society who are verbally and/or telepathically abusing people on a consistent basis. They mock and tease and harass without regard for their fellow man until the targeted individual is pushed over the edge to either lose their minds or to lose their heads(end up in jail).
After several years of being abused I have been pushed to the fringes of society, ...
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Feeling Confused about Your Own Age?

Has anyone ever experienced something like this? Either forgetting or feeling a confusion about your age? Ive read before that some people with schizophrenia can have whats called “age disorientation” which I believe is a kind of temporal disorientation.
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What Do Your Voices Say To You?

I am obsessing about the voices (AVH's) I hear. They say things that I would never think of, and have attitudes and points of view that I would never have. This compels me to think the wrong things about them. What do your voices say?

Here's an example of my voices...

PB:”pams here scott. Do you believe that?”
PB:”well you should. You know why? Because she likes you. Do you believe that”
J: "I ...
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Voices vs intrusive thoughts

I have SZA diagnosis and I’m wondering the difference between intrusive thoughts and internal voices.

When I’m psychotic or becoming psychotic I start to dissociate and get flooded with thoughts that talk to me. They’ll tell me super random things about how my delusions are real and last episode, they told me a random number. They’re like intrusive thoughts in that they’re not super audible and come along in times of distress and can be ...
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Are Your Hallucinations Vivid?

When you hallucinate, is it as vivid as when you see a real person, or is it more like a fantasy?

My hallucinations are in my mind's eye. They're not as clear as if I was on psychedelics or seeing an actual person. But it's not like a fantasy, because I don't choose it. It happens by force of "habit."
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