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I feel I may have Schizophrenia

I really do feel that I am misdiagnosed & no one gave a damn to see about getting me treatment. All throughout my life my Mom sure didn't! She expects too much of me. I don't even like how she relies on me when I am mentally vulnerable myself!
Tonight was pretty bad. I could not stop hitting my head with my hands & I was so mad at myself.
I had to go downstairs ...
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I have been hacked

I have been hacked, and I believe it has been done by my voices (AVH). They can see everything including my IP address. I don't know what to do. I never miss my meds, and I have taken them up in dose, as agreed to by my doctor.
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I have been experiencing periods of catatonia. I freeze into space and stay stuck in place. I am like that about 18% of the day. Does anyone else have symptoms of catatonia? What helps? What is it like for you?
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Alien Abduction and Psychosis

hello i dont know if i was abducted or if i may have some mental illness like schizophrenia. i seem to suffer from all the symptoms of schizophrenia. i remember clearly all the experience with the aliens but i dont know if it was my imagination or hallucination or dream. i believe they gave me the abilities to make aliens obey me and telepathic abilities. i remember i called out to them to abduct me ...
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manic happy hallucinations?

Hello! I'm not new to psychforums but I am new to posting. I use to come on here and just browse for hours in 2014-2018 looking at all of the posts and what not but now I feel like I'm ready to post.

Here's a little introduction, I'm kel, 19yrs old and I've been diagnosed as schizophrenic since the early age of 14. I was diagnosed with early onset schizophrenia, at the beginning I was ...
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a message to the "gene change"

The aps are raw. we got undrunken, and also unhigh.
i took a vrylrar on acids.

unbind the affinities.
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Seriously... Everyday it gets realer more intense

So I've been dealing with paranoid schizophrenia sice I was.13.. voice as.real as.i would.talk to.someone.close to me

But what I wanna know is why and how.. do these demons.. learn to adapt.. say things I would never think of.. been going on for over a year.now.. tryed lots of different meds.. bit I don't like being a zombie... I hate being around people. Every time time I move I think the nebours hate me ... ...
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They can't handle logic.

They are weird almost always trying to convince you, you do not matter to them, and you are little. But I would not say that. They want all your time for some reason. I was watching a series this evening and they were so alluring as for me to talk with them that I stop the show to tell them how much sense they did not make attacking me for doing some minor crap I ...
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Hearing Voices/Noise/Embellishments

Lately I have been hearing what starts out as "noise", then embellishments, and then abusive and embellished voices, which include someone I know saying abusive/negative things about me. I know these are hallucinations. The last med reduction I made was back in February of this year. Ever since then, my medication regimen has been stable. I have been on Olanzapine ODT 25 mg and Escitalopram 20 mg. I suppose these noises/embellishments/voices might subside after a ...
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What the schizophrenia

I don’t know anything about what the voices want. I think no one does. They come to us in many forms and tell us many things. Why? They don’t want us to know how absent of life they are. Do they need us (power and control) most abusers do. They are scared you will find something that will make your life happy without them. Or they want you to depend on them, they want you ...
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