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Tactics Of Voices (AVH)

Their tactics include:
– exhausting you, wearing you down to the point where your resilience is low
– confusing you…. with constant commands, contradictions and lies
– they are especially good at using what is going on in your life to aggravate the situation (and will use YOUR trying to convince your husband that they are not external to make your husband feel worse, for example)
– they will use anything in your thoughts that ...
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An explanation of hate crimes by request of my voices

Recently I have deduced what orthodox clinicians would reject, but my voices have in the past month or more, failed to repudiate or reject. This seems to be a first for them, with the repugnant hatred and indifference that leads them to hate crimes resulting in multiple suicides, that I call murders, given their expertise.

They (he) said, and I know this mans name, "scott, I killed (presided over) a young man last night. He ...
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Follow Up To - My Voices Seem To Be Humans Part Of The Time

THis is a follow up to an earlier post on this forum: schizophrenia/topic218326.html - My Voices Seem To Be Humans Part Of The Time

I am surrounded by about 8 people that detest and hate me. One of them is playing 1 bar of music, from a disco song, over, and over, and over and over, and will not stop playing this tiny loop of music. She has already ...
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My Voices Seem To Be Humans Part Of The Time

After many years of human, or not human, I can not now ever fail to believe that humans are involved in my AVH (voices). If it's not them directly, then I do know what or who it is, but I am certain there are no other life forms in the universe. Since I cannot believe in Ghosts, Demons, Skincrawlers, Beings, Mind Control Experiments, Aliens, or any thing like them, I can only conclude that humans ...
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Real People Behind My Voices (AVH)

What to say to your voices:
If they say they are demons etc, say there is no such thing (which there isn't). Say "you have a syphilitic type infection": Parent disease: Sexually transmitted infection
Causes: Treponema pallidum. State - "You don't necessarily have syphilis, but an infection that closely resembles it. Why don't you read some Nietzsche, such as 'On The Genealogy Of Morals' or 'Beyond Good & Evil', and notice the similarity between your ...
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Problems with sound... what were you saying?

Weird thing I just started experiencing less than a year ago.

Birds chirping, dogs barking, cars go by, the train i live by

They all translate into words, does anyone else ever experience this?

What is this?

I see text a lot, in my mind, and sometimes these sounds translate into text, but thats not always what the messages are

(Theyre not like encrypted messages from our holy creator The Government. Ha-ha)

Just everyday messages/responses ...
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Depakote and trilafon

doc just prescribed new meds.


Depakote 1x 500 mg at night
Trilafon 2x 4mg

Any experience with these meds?

Not afraid to take trilafon, only concern is it messing with my hormones and weight gain. I had these problems with Risperidone. Guessing it would be the same thing?

I take gabapentin 3x 400mg for sleep, mood, anxiety

I'm kind of afraid of the depakote. I think he prescribed it for anxiety.

Can you tell ...
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