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Are Your Hallucinations Vivid?

When you hallucinate, is it as vivid as when you see a real person, or is it more like a fantasy?

My hallucinations are in my mind's eye. They're not as clear as if I was on psychedelics or seeing an actual person. But it's not like a fantasy, because I don't choose it. It happens by force of "habit."
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Lies and the World of Energy

Everyone thinks I'm schizophrenic/psychotic, but what they don't understand is, that I've seen the truth of everything. They're lying. I saw the world of energy, the astral plane. I'm the chosen one who is destined to explore the world of energy, destined to see aura, destined to communicate with the astral world, destined to completely surrender to the astral world and destined to become a human god!

I see everything so clear now. I can ...
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What types of people do Schizophrenics have delusions about?

Do schizophrenia sufferers have delusions about the same types of people? Are there common personality traits in people they foster delusions about?

For example, where do they work? Banks? Supermarkets? What age group might they be? What's their socioeconomic status? Middle to upper class? What would it take?

My opinion, is they (targets) have to be quiet, aware of other people, work with other people/with the public, have a signature or something that stands out ...
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Has anybody ever heard voices

Has anybody ever heard voices say negative things about them? Sometimes I hear voices saying nasty things about me and I was wondering if any of you had the same experience?
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ex deterierating

I had to leave my boyfriend yesterday and move out as he said he willl not take his medication from now on. He is hearing people at the door and doestn't want to take it as he is frightened it will make him sleep (he's been staying up all night for the last while as he worries people will try break in and kill him).
I'm really worried about him and can't get through to ...
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Anyone had symptoms unrelated to schizophrenia

I've got a whole bunch of symptoms that are unrelated to schizophrenia because of voices. Some of these symptoms are wheezing and sinusitus which is a very interesting story about my schizophrenic life. see I had the voices in my wheezing and every time i tried to stop it I would vomit. So I finally went to the doctors to check on my new symptoms when I was told that I had sinusitis and then ...
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:Unusual betterthan i feared i guess

I am Bi polar schizo effetivee despite this I have held down full time jobs worth descent money. Both the psychs and therapists think my prognosis is good and there is no reason I can't hold down full time jobs, but this isn't about that. Its about my girl. You have to understand finding a girl who understands my condition was difficult now she is threatening to kill herself and I don't know what I ...
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uncommon negative symptoms

Hi everybody,
I’m suffering from some uncommon negative symptoms that are really troubling me and I would like to know if anybody experienced it and can advice:
For the past 8 years, I’ve been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. A year ago I had my second psychotic episode. Today I’m taking perphenazine 8 mg and the positive symptoms are pretty much gone. I think that my attention and concentration are pretty much ok.
The uncommon negative ...
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Is this schizophrenia?

Hello all

I am writing in reference to an event that happened eatlier today, although there have also been a few related incidents. As I was commuting by public transport, a lady boarded whom I suspect - from previous incidents - has schizophrenia. As an example from today's behaviour: there were loud, disrespectful youths at the back of the bus who ptoceeded to mock the eccentricities of the lady. As the teenagers alighted, the lady ...
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