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schizoid therapeutic community


Does anyone know of a schizoid therapeutic community?

It's been mentioned online that schizoids can actually benefit from living in a community setting for some time.

Can't find anything on Google.
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Schizoid Narcissist is not Covert Narcissist

Schizoid Narcissist is Not Covert Narcissist
1. Do you see yourself in any of the descriptions of the four sub-categories?
2. Is this in Vaknin’s Malignant Self-Love, or is it a new idea he’s come up with after this book’s publication?
3. If it’s new, is there a transcript or text version, preferable printable?
4. Do you strongly reject this theory?
5. Do you doubt it?
6. Do ...
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SZPD worsen with isolation?

Can SZPD worsen with more isolation? I remember in 2018-2019 i had a very bad mental episode(ocd/stpd like.) I was displaying full blown SZPD traits then. Essentially living like i was homeless but with somewhere to go, very little sexual desire, did not really derive pleasure from life, nearly all flat emotions except faking when talk to people, etc. It got slightly better later in 2019(I started going out more and reconnected with ex-friends on ...
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Weird curiosity about people

I'm wondering if anyone else here feels a kind of morbid / weird curiosity when talking to people, especially those with mental illnesses. (Just in case - i'm not here to look at repliers like they're animals in a zoo or something - i really do want to know if anyone here feels the same way about interaction)

It's like there's something captivating in some people, especially the ones that "stand out", but in an ...
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Dissociative episodes increasing - concerned

I have spent a long time trying to fix my life and live a normal life. I have a job that I love, a person who could be amazing for me and all the opportunities in the world to live a successful life.

However, recently I have been having these dissociative episodes and everyone of these seems to push me in the wrong direction in my life - and when I snap out of it ...
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ICD 11-"Detachment"

This replaced szpd in icd 11. Does anyone have more info on it's criteria? Maybe it would be better for diagnosing people with uncommon variations of SZPD.

copy and pasted from icd 11
The core feature of the Detachment trait domain is the tendency to maintain interpersonal distance (social detachment) and emotional distance (emotional detachment). Common manifestations of Detachment, not all of which may be present in a given individual at a given time, include ...
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Emotional Detachhment

How would you define "emotional detachment"? What are some examples of this?
I don't really understand this.
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SZPD Questions.

Hello. I am confused about the DSM/ICD diagnostic criteria and how it applies to me. A school psychologist over 10 years ago said something about me like "asperger traits", but apparently Asperger syndrome was eliminated and no longer exists. Also i don't think i meet the DSM criteria for autism as i don't have sensory issues/meltdowns.

Recently I have been researching SZPD(i identify at least partially with most of the symptoms, except asexuality), and was ...
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SPD and leadership (of NPDs)


is anybody with SPD here who has the duty to lead people in a professional context ?

I need sparring and advice.

Best advice I got in this forum is drinking energy drinks before meetings, to be perceived more normal and extrovert/pushy. HIghly appreciate that one, works like a charm.

I have issues in mimicing dominant behavior. Don't know if this is SPD related or something else. People feel my fear and start being ...
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Dialogue and monologue

How do I prevent myself from becoming extremely monological in my thinking without spending too much time dialoguing with others about certain subjects? I have absolutely no interest in arguing with someone else over anything, but I also do not wish to satisfy myself with delusions I may have about subjects I care about, such as religion, philosophy and literature. Are the only ways to educate myself argument and debate?

What prompted me to post ...
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