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Where does being a loner end and a Schizoid begin?

What are the identifiers they use in the diagnostic process I’ve read a few books on how people with Schizoid disorders have been confused with narcissistic disorders because of the behaviors but the motivation behind the behaviors, in other words the perception of the person with. The PD vs the person interacting with them.

What differentiates someone who is a loner type, you here it all the time with people who flip their wigs and ...
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Experiencing Things

As a generalization, people often have a baseline of experiencing things through their intellect whilst others experience things through their feelings and emotions and/or some spend most of their time operating on "autopilot"

I've been suggested to try to catch myself/become aware throughout the day when experiencing something positive.
Then I'm supposed to take a few moments and take it past experiencing it through intellect-observation into my feelings - even if it's as simple ...
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Passive -Aggressive test


What's your score?

(some questions are baffling, as always). I am surprised there isn't a question on sarcasm as I think it can be passive aggressive, at times. Not sure how being late for meetings etc is passive aggressive :? Anyway I am bored so took the test and got 28. Moderately P/A
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"Spaceship you"

This was labeled as tips for "lockdown productivity", but I think it applies just as well to anyone who "practices social distancing" on a permanent basis:


Every day I think about this and I still find it funny and odd how uniquely prepared I am for this bizarre situation, and how everyone else is not. It's not like I've actually been preparing for this event, but I've ...
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schizoid or borderline??

"A particular borderline defense is schizoid or autistic fantasy: the subject faces conflicts by taking refuge in daydreaming which coincides with the imagination which is one of the tools of adaptation: it is a way to defend oneself from feelings of impotence, it is a dissociative mode. "

i discovered that I'm borderline, but don't ask me why...

I post it, to stimulate self-analysis for members.
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Thoughts on relating to people, intimately and in general.

This is my first time posting. Hi.

I just had a lot on my mind last night, and I would appreciate some external input. I thought if there’s any hope of someone being able to relate to me, it would have to be other schizoids. I feel like I’m from another planet when I try explaining this people.

I’m having some relationship problems, which I’m not going to elaborate on, because you all know exactly ...
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schizoid disorder + hypagogic paralysis (birth trauma?)

hi, does anyone like me suffer from schizoid disorder and have hypnagogic paralysis (with or without hallucinations)? I'm interested in verifying what percentage of schizoids have these paralysis to reinforce the hypothesis that schizoid disorder originates from a "birth-trauma". (obviously, the concept that subsequent events can exacerbate the SPD, remains valid).


(on the page in Italian, it is written that paralysis can evoke the first trauma, but there ...
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COVID-19: a Global study of Mass and Individual Panic

I strongly suspect that COVID-19 may be a human-engineered flu-like virus deliberately planted in China not only to generate a core number of genuinely sick people "to get the ball rolling", but to demonstrate to the Chinese that, despite their powerful economy, The Man can cripple the Dragon just as He did before with opium, at a moment's notice.

Personally, I suspect that COVID-19 may be the first global experiment regarding panic behavior--not the first ...
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Do Individuals Here Have Inner Monologues?

I learnt a while back that not everyone has an internal monologue.

Do Individuals Here Have Internal Monologues?

I'd like to hear what it's like not to have one.

If people with schizo symptoms have over-active thought lives (I'm assuming they do), I'd think it would be especially uncommon for them not to have inner monologues

I'm assuming it's the same as Vygotsky's "Inner Speech"?

https://www.iflscience.com/brain/people ... monologue/
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Sharing ideas

After two years im back in the forum. Im making this post to ask you guys for ideas on how to live with SPD. I feel like im pretty much lost in this life. I can only get to know people on a superficial level, and thats fine by me. I enjoy spending time alone, but I have a family that is really socially active and
Its really hard for me to get long ...
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