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Great Quote Regarding Me/SPD

"Before you start to judge me, step into my shoes and walk the life I'm living and if you get as far as I am, just maybe you will see how strong I really am."


And the truth of the matter is that NO ONE knows what your situation is like. Other people have no idea of the challenges someone with Schizoid Personality Disorder faces.

Anyway, something to keep in mind ...
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Do You Sleep Alone?

I'm guessing most people here probably do.

If so, have you ever shared a bed with someone? Did it affect your ability to sleep?

A few people here have partners. Do you sleep together? Any problems with that?
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Is this forum relatively active? Do people leave and come back often? Or do people just post something and then leave forever?
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unusual diagnosis, plz help a noob

Am I Schizoid? I ask because I’m being pressured by my family to talk about it and the reading it’s taken to familiarize myself with it is a bit much for me. No pronounced family history of Autism, PDs, Schizophrenia Spectrum or ADHD, but I’d never know about these things because I never talk to the extended family. Altogether, my family is mostly psycho-normative and successful … mostly. I haven’t suffered from major depression in ...
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Does anyone get irritated easily? Your mood just turns sour over little things like someone’s tone of voice or people being too close or whatever? I always get really irritated when I’m around other people for sometimes irrational reasons but I get over it within a few minutes and shrug it off by leaving.
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My Solitude Is All I Have

The only reason for all this suffering i.e. the negative daydreams, is because it keeps me safe from real harm i.e. pressure to do something I don't want to do, pressure to be someone I'm not, being harassed, racist/sexist comments, humiliation, sabotage.

My philosophy guide says that suffering is the real addiction, not pleasure, that we would give up all pleasures but not our suffering. It's what we're used to, allows us to play the ...
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Good Girl!--Thems Fightin Words

I know a white male who looks people dead in the face and says, "fk yeah I'm an alcoholic!" He's working, he pays his bills, he's held down respectable work for 16 years, he visits his family, he lives in a nice flat. No one can tell him not to drink. That works for him.

If healthy coping strategies worked for him, you think he would spend all that money on alcohol? Oh, yeah he's ...
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Accepting diagnosis

I'm finally accepting/coming to terms with my SPD diagnosis.

It's a bit strange really because I was only diagnosed with it about 12 years ago and I only decided to read a bit about it last night...i do actually fit the criteria.
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The Male Schizoid And Lack Of Significant Other

I have my own theory on why many Schizoid Males lack a "significant other." I believe it is, simply, that many of these men know that most women don't look good without makeup on. What they want is to see a woman with no makeup on. They feel like the women are hiding something/being deceptive when wearing makeup. Since they hardly ever encounter a woman with no makeup in "everyday life", their chances of staying ...
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