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It's All Empty

When you have screwed things up beyond repair, nothing matters anymore.

I'm not depressed. I'm not happy. I'm just an it now.

Things that I thought were real problems were not psychological, just medical. Things that I thought could be psychologically resolved because of medical impact, now healthy, go back to hollow.

It's not even a hollow that needs to be filled. It's just mehness.

I thought I loved - but now I can't retrace ...
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New member here


I just happened on the Wikipedia article on Schizoid Personality Disorder today, and I felt a real shock of recognition at many of the descriptions. I am outwardly a very stable, employed, married middle aged man, admired for my stoicism and even keel generally. Hah. Inwardly, I am usually writhing with discomfort when I am around other people. But I would not say that I am overall extremely unhappy, perhaps mildly depressed at all ...
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*Mod edit*

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Disappearing Acts

Upon being in quarantine, I find myself getting more into mystery cases having to do with people who also want to run away due to paranoia over the government or family and also disappearing forever. This act has really caught my eye. I have been interested in the concept of a potential double life for my own entertainment. I was able to achieve this at one point in my life but decided to end the ...
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Do you have sex?

I'm so sorry, I don't speak much English, I often use a translator.

Do you have sex? Sex, intercourse? I've never had sex, I'm inexperienced, I've never had a girlfriend.
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*TW*Issues I have with my parents parenting.


My sister told me to write down the problems I had with my parents parenting.
I consider myself a covert schizoid.
I'm posting this to see what others may think of me or yourselves. Anything sound similar? Do you think I may be out of line with any of this?
Keep in mind I wrote this quickly so it's incomplete and everything won't make sense or be in context.

Horrible Example / Destructive ...
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Schizoid Personality that destroys my existence

Hello! Apologies in advance for chaotic message
I am 25 y/o, never been in a relationship, I am an extreme introvert, don’t like to socialise for a long period of time unless it’s my sister (I live with her and we do almost everything together) I have become aware of my personality disorder, however what’s weird to me is that 5 years ago I wasn’t like this. I have long history of eating disorder. I ...
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Possible Cause Of Schizoid Personality Disorder

My theory is that having parents/caretakers who are BOTH overbearing AND neglectful will lead to a greater chance of someone developing this condition over time. Many times we think it's either one or the other (overbearing or neglectful). In my own personal case, it was a situation that would swing wildly from overbearing parental dynamics to neglectful parental dynamics. There simply seemed to be no real "happy medium".

Having said that, I can't blame my ...
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Fatigue and feeling overwhelmed

I have been struggling with depression for over a decade, on and off antidepressants and finally went to a psychologist. He diagnosed me with SPD.

I mostly always feel fatigued and overwhelmed. I am not sure if this is due to the personality DO, depression or ankylosing spondylitis anymore.

Do any of you suffer from chronic fatigue and often feel like everything is just overwhelming? If so, how do you handle it?

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Losing the ability to appear normal

Hello everyone, I'm looking for sone advice on friendship,

I do feel emotions, but most of my emotional reactions or expressions are faked or extremely over exaggerated to seem less strange to others. Lately I’ve been unable to keep the mask up for as long as I could before, and people are starting to notice the lack of emotion or reactions when we talk, or how I can’t fake caring about things like I used ...
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