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Possible Cause Of Schizoid Personality Disorder

My theory is that having parents/caretakers who are BOTH overbearing AND neglectful will lead to a greater chance of someone developing this condition over time. Many times we think it's either one or the other (overbearing or neglectful). In my own personal case, it was a situation that would swing wildly from overbearing parental dynamics to neglectful parental dynamics. There simply seemed to be no real "happy medium".

Having said that, I can't blame my ...
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Fatigue and feeling overwhelmed

I have been struggling with depression for over a decade, on and off antidepressants and finally went to a psychologist. He diagnosed me with SPD.

I mostly always feel fatigued and overwhelmed. I am not sure if this is due to the personality DO, depression or ankylosing spondylitis anymore.

Do any of you suffer from chronic fatigue and often feel like everything is just overwhelming? If so, how do you handle it?

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Losing the ability to appear normal

Hello everyone, I'm looking for sone advice on friendship,

I do feel emotions, but most of my emotional reactions or expressions are faked or extremely over exaggerated to seem less strange to others. Lately I’ve been unable to keep the mask up for as long as I could before, and people are starting to notice the lack of emotion or reactions when we talk, or how I can’t fake caring about things like I used ...
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Where do I go from here??

I have just been diagnosed with SPD at the age of 50.

I've been married 20 years (just about hanging in there)

I don't really know anything about myself, my diagnosis....

My mum (i believe) has SPD, my dad...... who knows.
I had no emotional upbringing, no affection, and i guess i withdrew.

If anyone can point me in the best direction from here it would be appreciated - therapy, medication, reading material...etc..
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Does Anyone Else Experience Little To No Distress?

Now that I've got my intrusive, scary thoughts/negative maladaptive daydreams under control, I experience little to no distress. I have almost no worries, aside from typical concerns like rent and bills.

I have next to no desire to socialize. I do experience a bit of worry about the prospect of socializing and dealing with a toxic or dangerous person. But other than that, I'm content. Someone even said I had achieved bliss.

Anyone else?
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How do you ask difficult questions?

There are a lot of questions implying a kind answer, especially those expressing doubts about yourself or something you did. People think that you want to be pleased, or it's just etiquette to give a nice answer. Sometimes it's okay, but other times I would like to receive a sincere answer, expressed with some tact: I don't like to be hurt, but I need to know the truth to understand how to regulate my behaviour. ...
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What's In Your Castle?

I like LoneCuteCat's comment on the thread below about having a castle that you live in, your inner world. It's similar to Marcus Aurelius's concept of an inner citadel.

What does your inner world look like?

I'm debating between going within and maybe focusing on a bright object in the center of the belly or spending about 90% of my life online like another schizoid does. I'm leaning towards the latter.

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Recently diagnosed SPD, but unsure

My therapist recently diagnosed me as SPD, but I am unsure of the diagnosis.

I do seem to fit most of the diagnosis descriptions. I like to be by myself, do things by myself, do not enjoy the company of others most of the time, work by myself, and do not express much emotionally when it comes to sorrow or loss, however, I do express anger easy enough. I don’t have and don’t want many ...
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Where does being a loner end and a Schizoid begin?

What are the identifiers they use in the diagnostic process I’ve read a few books on how people with Schizoid disorders have been confused with narcissistic disorders because of the behaviors but the motivation behind the behaviors, in other words the perception of the person with. The PD vs the person interacting with them.

What differentiates someone who is a loner type, you here it all the time with people who flip their wigs and ...
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Experiencing Things

As a generalization, people often have a baseline of experiencing things through their intellect whilst others experience things through their feelings and emotions and/or some spend most of their time operating on "autopilot"

I've been suggested to try to catch myself/become aware throughout the day when experiencing something positive.
Then I'm supposed to take a few moments and take it past experiencing it through intellect-observation into my feelings - even if it's as simple ...
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