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How to connect with emotions

I tried to ask myself "how do I feel?" and the answer is "I don't feel nothing" most of the times.
How can I connect with my emotional part to start aknowledging how I feel?

The only emotion I can feel is anger, everything else is "emptyness"
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Do I have SPD?

Hello (and sorry for my english, hope I can explain myself),

I'm new here, found this forum after some days of fighting myself with something that I've been carried for years.
I think I might have SDP, let me try to explain my situation: I'm 32 and as far as I remember I'm always been kind of introvert. During parties or social events I usually feel lonely among other people and I'm the kind of ...
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Apathy and avolition.

I barely have it in me to give any context. I doubt anyone here is unfamiliar with conditions/symptoms like anhedonia, lethargy etc.. General thoughts on these things? How deep does your apathy go? How do you combat the lack of enthusiasm to do things?
I think sometimes that all of this is simply struggling to balance work and school. Be that as it may, I still have this profound tendency to put things off constantly ...
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New friends

This place for me like home where I can be myself, it's so comfy :3

I'm trying to create small circle of friends and struggling to find any, maybe because I don't have many special interests (and won't have any hobby), and boring in discussions. Maybe someone have successful experience?

(And I would be happy if someone from this forum can be my friend and talk with me about schizoid life, etc ...
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"Leaving" SPD

So.. I'm no longer going to be a Schizoid. Apparently.

My psychiatrist wants to remove my schizoid PD. diagnosis and replace it with Aspergers. For little to no other reason than the fact that Schizoid is pretty rare. She doesn't know much about it herself and the government doesn't know how to handle it since their staff is clueless.
But.. Aspergers. It honestly doesn't fit this old geezer.

Anyone have a similar experience? Perhaps some ...
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Schizoid, my way.

So .. Done that.. Been there .. Had that.. Gotten away from it. I survive.
Psycholocigal abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, living at the streets @13y old, fosterhome, then crime and working warzones, fought off society, normality and "what everybody else does". Diagnosed PTSD and F60.1. Add to that physical wounds and disabilities.

Getting of age now. Way past young. Succesfull in an introverted sense, lost my kids, kind of happy with that, no debth, ...
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Interacting with society is exhausting ... Thoughts?

Let me start simple. 9 year USMC vet diagnosed with SPD in 2012. Separated in 2016. Working as a cable guy in Tennessee.

Deal with people 10 hrs a day 4 days a week. I put on my" happy and engaged " face and by the time I get home I am exhausted. Even though the work isint physically hard pretending to care about people all day is draining.

Does anyone else deal with this ...
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Argument with Schizoid partner

Hello all,

I would greatly appreciate your input. This is my first post and a bit of a long story but I will try to summarize and answer questions as needed.

My partner I strongly believe has SPD. I have a Bachelor in Psychology. I am a medical doctor. And I went over the diagnosis with my therapist. I myself have Borderline Tendencies but no longer meet criteria.

I have known my parter for 12 ...
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What are your symptoms?

Currently, I have not been diagnosed by anyone telling me I have SPD, but I think I have the disorder. I really don't have the mental capacity or the willingness within me to even care about myself and what other people are feeling: as far as I'm concerned, it's a black and white world with no vibrancy. I have very little emotional response, and very little can affect me. I also have been unofficially diagnosed ...
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For most of my life I have been trying to figure out why I'm not like other people, why the connection with others just isn't there. Beyond my (now) adult kids, I do not have, nor desire any close relationships as they are usually a waste of time, too complicated, or psychologically taxing. Even with my kids, I did not feel connection with them when they were little, but felt I was "playing" the part ...
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