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Did I sexually abuse my sister?

With a heavy heart I decided to speak about what happened 10 years ago between my sister and I.
I've been overwhelmed by guilt and I even considered suicide.
I am a 21 year old girl today. When I was 11, my sister was 6. At the time I was a very anxious and sad kid. My parents were too busy to pay us any attention, I was bullied by classmates and I was ...
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Trapped in shame.

//TW, sexual abuse, incest

Hi everyone, hope you’re well.

I don’t even know how to start this, even writing this out is a challenge, accepting the reality.

I’m 22 now, but when I was around 10-12 (the time frames in my head are completely destroyed around this period in time), I think I sexually molested my cousins younger than me. I hate myself so much for this, there’s so much shame, remorse, guilt, fear… I’m ...
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Past mistakes and heavy remorse

When I was 10 years old I was abused by my brother since age 10 to 15. Since then, I started to watch porn and that created me a big addiction that it will last until several years ago. At the age of 16 I thought that being a minor I could do whatever I wanted with my body and joined sex chat groups. Obviously I shouldnt have been there, and people in there should ...
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Feeling guilty

This is very cringey, but I would like to get it off my chest.

Primarily when I was in high school and between the ages of 14 and 19, I used to draw fetish cartoon art and post it online, discussing and sharing art with other similar individuals (most of which were adults). The drawings I did were honestly horrendous, they looked like a kindergartener drew them, but I did actually get a pretty big ...
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Abused my sister as a younger teen, seeking to help her now

I am a 17 year old male, I have a 8 year old sister. In short the story is that I abused my sister physically for a long time and sexually for a shorter period of time, and now I want to mitigate the damage I have already done. I wanted to confess for a long time, but I grew up for it only now I think.

I grew up anxious and lonely. Throught my ...
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did sex video call with 17 year old guy

1 didnt know he was 17. i didnt go looking for teens.
he fapped before me

i later signed up to ask him his age. he said he's 17. 1 month away from turning 18.

i apologized to him profusely.

but i feel pathetic. i just feel miserable. i'm 32.
i feel that if i have no control over my sexual urges, what right do i have to blame my abuser.
i mean what's ...
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Regret of shifting pornographic interest in the past

Hi all,

I'm currently in a hard time. I've had this feeling about 3 years ago as well, it was part of a deep depression. The covid situation in the world doesn't seem to help to put things in perspective. Good to know, I do suffer from obsessive OCD and this probably works towards increasing the feeling of guilt and maybe making things bigger than they are.

To start off, I've watched a lot of ...
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Childhood regret for the rest of my life

I'll try to be as straight to the point as I can. When I was 14-15 I was appointed to being the babysitter of my 4-5 year old nephew. Everything about the relationship was fine except; he was a chubby kid and there were times when I would squeeze his breasts as a way of teasing him. There were even instances were I remember putting my mouth on his breasts taking things even further. Around ...
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should i rather i die?

So i will just say it shortly i touched my sister twice inappropriately when i was 12 or 13 not more than 14. she was 4-6. i masturbated myself while i did that. also i remember rubbing myself for my sexual pleasure with my sister. i guess she was a toddler. i am 18 now and suddenly i remember what i did.
thank god my sister don't remember any of this.

I am worried. around ...
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books for child preparators

so is there any books that concentrate on child preparators? is there any books that help us to forgive ourselves?
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