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Guilt over Bad Hentai

I've tried to do this before but deleted from anxiety and crippling depression but I want to try again.

To start out, I've been looking at porn since my mid teens, along with having joined chat channels for sex but also for fantasy role play of actually fantasy type setting (to those unfamiliar think elves and lord of the rings or warcraft) but also doing dirty stuff in that. And when I say porn, I ...
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Guilt over restricting someone's freedom of movement

Some days ago I did something terrible to my wife which I have never done before (since we got together, ~8 years, not even before that). We had an argument over something silly and unimportant but I felt that she was making fun of me (in reality she misunderstood something). I asked her to please leave the room again and again and she always said no with some laughing gesture on her face which made ...
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So many people with similar stories. It's a social issue.

I've been stuck in a crippling loop of guilt like most people here. I often read the posts, even the ones with 0 replies, but can't always find something helpful to say. But what is noteworthy is that there are so many people who didn't know what they were doing when they were younger. Indeed the brain doesn't even finish developing until age 25 on average.

I think this is a societal issue frankly. Humans ...
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Goodbye to the forum and good luck

After nearly a decade posting here and over half a decade moderating, I've decided it's time for me to leave the forum. I still struggle with remorse, but it's a more manageable part of my life now. I'm very thankful to PsychForums for the people I've met here over the years and hopefully I've helped some of you in some small ways. Snaga has always been really lovely and supportive, as was CrackedGirl before him. ...
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Crushing guilt over terrible childhood mistake

I am a 20 year of woman’s and something that I did to my brother when I was 10 has really been bothering me recently. I remembered this incident from when I was 10 and he was 8 in which for some reason we both didn’t have pants on and I sat on top of him and touched my vagina to his penis for a few seconds but pretty much immediately stopped and got off ...
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Messed up with early exposure to unethical porn as a teen

Warnings for discussions of irl zoophilia, potential csem (but no really?), lots of messed up stuff

I didn't want to post here because I've embarassed myself enough on the internet already and I'm also pretty scared but despite talking to several people the past few days I keep relapsing in my "recovery". I'm posting this to get some closure. I don't condone any of the things I'm writing about but I tried my best to ...
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I dont know what to do anymore

I really have nobody else to talk to about this so ill try this out. To give a short version, I have looked at and even masturbated to very terrible online material and do not know how to proceed with life. To give some context ill explain the course of events from the start to see if anybody can give advice. To preface I am not yet a legal adult but in my last years ...
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Without even getting into it; I've posted multiple times on this page for reassurance about a childhood incident involving me (14) and my younger cousin (4). It's too much. The only place I receive any kind of empathy is on this forum, but most of the world would abhor me and my mistakes. I've been carrying toxic shame for so long. every time I think I got it covered someone can say one thing and ...
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Intense guilt and shame over beastiality past

When I was in middle to highschool I was really horny and tried to get our dog to have sex with me. It never happened thank god but I'm still flooded with guilt that I could have gone that far. I'm pretty sure I even got my dog or cat to lick me a little bit.. down there. I know I'd never do anything like that again as it disgusts me now but I can't ...
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From victim to violator

I was a victim before... when I younger I was molested by my older cousin...I used to think that those were dreams but I don't think it was just dreams... From the time we would bath together and play, something would happen, I don't know exactly,I repressed this for so long, I remember convincing myself that those things never happened, that I was dreaming,but maybe it wasn't a dream...

I'm not gay but I would ...
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