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Intrusive thoughts during isolation

I’m generally doing okay, but I still have persistent worry about childhood indiscretions. It’s really tiresome, and I know that ultimately it’s disordered and anxious thinking. There’s no valid reason for my mind to be prioritising a focus on any of this. It’s a weird addiction to feeling bad/anxious. One time my mum told me that my experience in school was so bad (my school experience was very rough), that feeling awful all day every ...
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How should I feel about what happened

Disclaimer: the following experience may be graphic I apologize if it disturbs anyone.

First I have two older sisters one 6 years older than me and the other 7. Both sisters and I used to and still do argue a lot as I'm sure most siblings do, however the younger of the two and I have fought pretty rough physically as long as I can remember although we get along other times really well too. ...
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regret and guilt over stuff ive done

I was told to condense my post as it was too long so I will try do that:

I am basically feeling remorse over a lot of stuff to do with getting off to images/stories and other media of drawn characters depicting underage characters up to being babies in diapers.

It has happened for a few years until quite recently where I looked back and had a breakdown over it, but then ended up still ...
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my partner's dog licked/ nosed my genitals

I'm really cut-up about this and it's left me feeling very sullied and tainted and this has led to some strained upset conversations with my partner who feels I'm over-reacting. However, I think that - even inadvertently - I have crossed a line, potentially into bestiality due to my own stupidity.

Basically, I sleep naked with only my partner and myself in her house. In the morning the dogs were barking and she asked me ...
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Porn guilt


7/8 years ago after a bad breakup, I became addicted to porn. I only used PornHub which I thought was safe and legal. I liked to watch hentai on PornHub too but only with adult characters of course. Once in a video I noticed one of the character seems younger than the other, maybe a teenager but it’s difficult to see. However, I’m still shocked about this video and now I really feel ashamed ...
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I abused my little brother

This happened when he was 4 I believe and I was 11. We are 7 years apart. Before the incident I’ve been exploring sex , I watched lesbian porn on my DS and then some on my iPod , it started small with YouTube but I then found many websites on my iPod and on my families desktop computer, that’s all I remember. I remember I would watch it and start to touch myself never ...
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Afraid of having ripped someone off


I’m new on this forum. I feel guilty about something that happened about 10 years ago. I wanted to sell an Android Tablet that what completely new because I didn’t know how to use it. A buyer paid me $55 for it and I sent him the Android and all the accessories. The problem is that a few days later the buyer told me that one cable was missing. As I’m bad at IT ...
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Confessing my misdeeds


I'm a man around 30 and I'd like to confess some terrible misdeeds I've done. I used to keep these memories supressed but lately they've been on my mind almost all the time and it feels like I've thrown away my future. I'm in despair and I can't imagine ever being able to feel ok with myself and around others in life.

Some background, I was traumatized in childhood, diagnosed with C-PTSD and Depersonalisation/Derealisation. ...
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I am remorseful

Remorse isn't something I tend to feel much.

I kind of feel justified in my behaviour a lot of the time.

But many years ago I did something that I just can't justify to myself and every now and then the memory of it hits me like a brick.

I stole a wallet from someone and they saw me do it. They actually asked me for it back but I just looked at them and ...
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I feel extremely guilty


I'm new on this forum. I need advice because I did something bad and I feel terribly guilty about it.
About 10 years ago, I was in a commited relationship with a guy I really loved (I'm a woman). Our sex life was great but we discussed how to make it spicier. I read an advice book and it said that men loved being woken up for sex. Therefore, I decided to try it. ...
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