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Sexual Assault or Normal?

Don't know if this is the right place to post this but looking for some advice. Hey everyone, was wondering if you could help me to understand something that has really been stressing me out. Looking for honest answers.
Well, here it is. A short while ago, was sleeping over at my girlfriend’s apartment when I squeezed her breast and dry humped her as she was asleep. I believe my actions were both conscious and ...
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There’s no solution

I don’t know where to begin, but the guilt and shame have been tormenting for 6 months since I remembered what I did as a child. I was probably 10 or 11 when I did something so bad and never thought of it as bad back then (maybe because I wasn’t taught right from wrong? Maybe because I was never taught about consent? Maybe because my boundaries were crossed by adults so I thought it ...
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I did something stupid

I have been dealing with severe regret over watching underage japanese cartoons in the past. I felt so much guilt, and I saw a reddit post of someone who has been reporting CSEM to twitter, since apparently it is now overrun. I thought maybe I could do the same thing, but on the fanfiction site that I used to use. Then I could be a good person, because I was helping combat CSEM.

I sorted ...
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I wish I knew what people would think

When I was 16-17 I read some really messed up fanfiction, some of it involving explicit situations with children. I really wish I had context for how badly I messed up. Would people think I am a criminal for reading the kind of fanfiction I did? Or would people think I was just a stupid teenager? Is it something that a lot of people have done? Or am I some kind of psychopath?

I really ...
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Acted out fantasy on little sister and now I'm ruminating

When I was 15-ish? I acted out a fantasy on my then 5yr old sister. It wasn't anything sexual, it was just a cuddle-fantasy I had with older men so I cuddled with her in the same way to act it out. I'm now really ruminating and feel awful about it. Is this sth to feel horrible about? I didn't touch her anywhere inappropriately, we just cuddled but I still feel like I took advantage ...
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I am unable to forgive myself and move on.

Hi Everyone,

I am struggling to forgive myself and move on.
I had a topic posted in May 2023 here "I lied to a girl online and I am very guilty about it."https://www.psychforums.com/remorse/topic222244.html and I am still struggling with all of it.

I feel extreme remorse for everything I did, all the lies I told the girl. I never wanted to harm her or fool her or play her. It just all snowballed, and now ...
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There Has To Be A Way

There has to be a way to cope with this. Everyday in our culture the idea of "me too" is getting bigger and bigger. Everyday I hear a new person come forth about how they were abused by someone in their life and the long reaching effects. Everytime I hear it my heart breaks in two. The guilt and shame shakes me again to the point of not being able to function. But hear me ...
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said stupid things on this forum, want to take them bac

long ago, I used to post here under the username AllPurposeFeeling. in the process of trying to figure out my own issues, I said some pretty ###$ up, incorrect, and borderline morally harmful $#%^ that I now deeply regret and feel the need to come back and address. although it's so much too late, I'm here to apologize for them and express regret over the possibility that any of that $#%^ actually convinced anyone. if, ...
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Immense Guilt or OCD

I feel immense guilt and remorse for something that happened when I was either 12 or 13. I touched my penis to my 4 years junior sibling's leg while they were a sleep out of curiosity. I wanted to know what it felt like. I kissed them too.

I feel like a cocsa abuser. I've tried talking to friend and even reported myself to RAINN and spoken to professionals over this and they all think ...
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Hate my life of what i have done

I am not going into detail , i did something when I was 14 and my cousing sister was 5. i would grope her without her knowing under her skirt while she would be drawing in my lap. this happened for a couple of times, and once, while i was changing her, I made her lie down and I touched her private part this lasted for like a minute . There was never any force ...
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