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Extreme regret over horrible thing I did at 14

When I was 14-15 I sexually abused my sister who was 7-8. This abuse included touching private parts and dry-humping. Altough at that age my sister was not morally able to give consent, she did not oppose this actions either. I am now almost 18 and as the years passed I began to realize how disgusting this actions were. Over the years i have also become a big feminist and researched sexual abuse and its ...
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Why can’t I feel shame?

I recently realized how I do not feel shame.

I am a perfectionist and self critical overthinker, but I can't seem to find any feeling of anxiety or shame in all of that.

I constructivly criticize myself and constantly long to be the best. I fear failure but for some reason it sounds so alien and illogical to think that your worth is effected by your action. I also care a lot about truth, so ...
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Inocent curiosity or horrible mistake(OCD)

I recently found out I have OCD and need something clarified.

I've spent the last 4 years of my life suicidal, thinking I'm a horrible child molester that needs to die. Here's the story. When I was 12 (mabey just turned 13) I had yet to receive any sex education what so ever. I don't even know If I knew what sex was. Well at this time I used to like to lounge around the ...
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50% remorse, 50% blaming others

I feel remorse towards the people that I hurt, they should not hear any excuses from me. To them I feel nothing but remorse.

Trigger warning from here on - graphic ideas referenced

But what I don't understand is why others act like they have a moral high ground over me, and would shut me down like "now you're just making excuses!" If you look at the Duggar case on the Internet, there are hundreds ...
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I’ve Been Holding This In For A While

Trigger warning. Please be advised.

I have a faint + fragmented memory of being interacted with, in a sexual way, at 3-5. In flashbacks, I sometimes hear my oldest brother (8 year difference) calling me up to his room. I see/hear him asking me to lie down on his bed, him on top of me, asking me if it hurts (can’t remember if either of us were clothed). I don’t even think there was penetration. ...
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I feel like I had done something terribly wrong

Hello. I am new here on the forums. I decided to make an account so I could make this post, but I wasn’t too sure which sub I should post under so I decided on this one. If what I am about to talk about belongs in another sub feel free to move this.

So I am writing this post at a 21 year old gay man who lives in a country where the legal ...
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Very guilty about childhood event

I have been a lurker here for a few years and was surprised to find that people felt guilty about the same things as me. I would of been about 10 - 11 and my brother would of been about 8-9. I should probably start by mentioning I myself was abused at a very young age. It was physical not sexual, but it still f###ed me and how I treated other people up. Although this ...
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Horrible Night Last Night Police Called


Last night I had a horrible night of depression. It was caused after I realised my Mum would acuse me of things she does. It was a realization about my parents and how they have treated me. There were a lof of realizations last night. It hurt and I lost control in my room and through a plate in my room. Fully accept it was a very silly thing to have done. I was ...
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Imitating the departed

We tend to take the form of a close person when we lose her, when she dies, abandons or leaves us. It's an imitating instinct, an homage, but it's not always so luminous.
As I see it, there is perhaps some deep guilt in those who stay.

I find it disturbing. It's like a ghost that takes another' s mind, life and personality. The dead person continues her life through those who survived, and sometimes ...
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She hurt me. My ex girlfriend chose her ex over me and it’s hurting me to the point where I can’t do anything. I’m just a pathetic mess who feels so insecure and frustrated. I should have been enough and she chose him over me. And it’s hurting me and killing me deep down
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