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Re: Childhood experience haunting me...

it seems to me that people do things and subsequently learn to be ashamed of their actions. they then can't absolve themselves of this shame. we all do things that we wish we hadn't. we just have to accept that fact and get on with our lives as best we can. of course, it helps not to be obsessive. even so, if what we did had no real consequences, we really shouldn't worry too much ...
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Please please help, did I abuse my brother?

Hi everyone. This is my first post here and I really wish it was anything but this, but here I am. This will probably get kind of long and lengthy but I feel like I have to elaborate a lot for you to understand me.

Okay, so basically when I was like 11-12 (maybe 13? I can't really remember) my younger brother and I used to do this sort of...roleplay-ish thing, where we'd act out ...
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Anxious over feelings for a coworker

I recently started working and it has been going not so bad until now. There's someone at work that i kind of like even though i don't know them well. I ended up seeing his name on a document and checked his instagram page. However i checked one of his stories and apparently it shows on his page that i looked at it. After that i saw that he made his account private so i'm ...
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Regret towards diverse events

I haven't been in a good headspace for a while, and it is partly because I keep reminiscing about things I've done in my life which I'm having a hard time getting over.

Pets: When I was younger I used to get jealous of my dog or angry at him resulting in small acts of abuse such as pushing him when he was sleeping or pulling very hard on his leash, sometimes so hard he ...
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Regrets of life

When i was 12-13 my mother was an alcoholic, however she was a great mom.

My mom had always been different, she was never really fitting for this world as she described it in her diary which we later found, these diaries she had been writing since the age of 16 in which she often described her difficulties in life and her challenges with life in general and just not fitting in.

Fastfoward to when ...
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Please help me, drowning from childhood guilt :(

Please can anyone offer me some advice. A long time ago, 20 odd years even when I was a stupid teenager I did something which has been haunting me for almost 3 years now since I recovered the memory. Here is my story ... when I was a teenager I kind of hung around with some bad people. My brother had a friend his age who seemed to me to be from a very dysfunctional ...
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Feeling remorseful/concerned over something I did at 14

Hi everyone!

I’ve mentioned this before on here but didn’t really go in-depth and explain it. Here’s what happened: When I was 14, a close family friend was visiting, and we were the same age. At the time, both of us were curious about our sexualities, and she had disclosed to me that she thought she was into girls. I also believed I was into girls. The months leading up to this, we had started ...
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Did unintentionally abuse younger brother?

Hi first time post. I've been having a rough time recently by obsessively ruminating about a childhood incident.

When I was approx 11-13 I was at an age where I was discovering myself sexually and I would spend a lot of time my room what I would now call 'dry humping' my bed. I didn't really know about masturbation but all I knew was that rubbing against my mattress felt good/comforting to me at that ...
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I screwed up... so ashamed.

My daughter has been having tantrums lately... she has ADHD, and she's on a prescription. When she's on it, she's like a total angel. Straight As, pleasant as can be. But as soon as it wears off, she becomes extremely defiant and refuses to do pretty much anything, including her homework.

Lately, the past week, she's had a total melt-down... it results in her basically screaming and crying (she's 10...) for up to an hour. ...
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Feeling remorse over masturbating to taboo stuff

Hey everyone,

I'm a 26 years old male and I'm feeling extremely guilty over what I've done.
I've started consuming porn as a teenager. Most of the times I masturbated to 'normal' porn, sometimes however I was masturbating to so called 'jailbaits' (eg. girls under 18). I always tried to justify my actions by telling me its just natural to find girls attractive once they have developed breasts and pubic hair but I started to ...
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