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I've realized that I'm not a good person.

My brother told me stories about how I abused animals in the past. I apparently tried to drown my guinea pig in a bowl of water. (I tried to make it swim, maybe? I don't remember.) I also had a cat I loved very very much. She has sadly passed on now and I am filled with regret over how I treated her sometimes. I would occasionally start pulling on her ears until she squeaked ...
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i hate myself

hello, i just hate myself and i can't stop hating myself. i just feel so bad for everything i've done wrong and i just feel like i ruined the lives of good people who i cared about..now all i feel is guilt and self-hatred and i feel it will never end.

all i wanted to feel was young and loved ad confident, but i don't deserve that. i just want to be endlessly punished and ...
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I know this person that was sexually abused her counselor when she talked about things she told her therapist it made her feel yucky. Her therapist said someone may have touched your body but they cant take your spirit. This person has repeated her abuse. So that doesnt apply to her anymore ( her spirit not touched) right?
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[POCD] Cant move on, please help

First off, Im sorry if this is too long and it covers uncomfortable topics but i feel like i need to be detailed for people to understand me.

Im an 18 year old girl and ive never been in a relationship or had sex. My doubts started bc until not that long ago i used to read hentai/fanfiction that often featured relationships between children and adults, and also incestuous relationships. I didnt think it was ...
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I am a bully to my 12 year old step son

ughhhh, hate to admit that. But I realize I am an emotional and verbal bully to him. I feel so much regret for it, but something about him really makes me want to cut him down and "put him in his place." I don't ever physically hit him, just mental and emotional, little comments etc, but that doens't make it any less worse. He has a lot of emotional issues, insecurity, etc and I find ...
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Happy Halloween! :D

Halloween is the one day of the year in which I don't feel guilt because it is a day when we let the darkness in without judgement!! Today, even if you believe you are a monster, you can exist in the world.

It's basically my Christmas. Watch something spooky!

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Rarely feels remorse

Ok so first of m, is any of you suffering from ASPD? I’m told m empathy level is low therefor making me psychopathic. I rarely feel guilt. I only feel a little bad if I do something wrong or bad towards my family sometimes animals cause I like animals. I don’t have any trouble killing them. I kinda have an urge to kill them. I’ve tried to kill cats *mod edit*. I’ve killed hedgehogs *mod ...
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Read an article

So I read an article about this woman that used to curl her fingers while she was bathing a child so she would feel horrible if they went inside of her and touched her privates to a child's clothed. She didnt have any sexual gratification and she stated that it wasn't about that. She was talking about how she didn't know how she got that way and in that way and only that can relate. ...
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Help & Advice on Dealing With Shame

Hi everyone,

I've noticed here tons of stories of people involved with playing/experimenting sexually with cousins & siblings as young children/pre-teens

For those of you who have been involved on the side of initiating the events, how did you manage to deal with the shame and embarrassment from the incidents ? Maybe not so much on the guilt and remorse part but more so on the "gross" and "disgusted" feelings that you might be dealing ...
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i did something horrible last year...

Hello, last year at age 21, i saw a guy friend on the bus. out of excitement of seeing him unexpectedly, i started tapping on the side of his shoulder in a playful but affectionate way....

Last year, I was at a very unhealthy place in my life, I was dead sure that i would never have a man love me because i am gay and i came from a conservative country where LGBTQ+ matters ...
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