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Is this the end?

Not so long ago my bf went out to take some mates home he gave me a kiss goodbye which was unusual because he does not do it without me asking and then phoned to say that he was out in the pub having a drink and said i love you at the end of the call which again was unusual and so i decided to check his icq to see if he had arranged ...
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I need a friend

Hi im new here...

My partner of one year decided last week to take all our savings and run away....
I am devasted, he used money cards also to withdraw cash....
This feels like a bad dream and I feel like it still is....

I loved him with all my heart and he said he loved me that way also.. I am left thinking is everything he told me a lie?
How long was he ...
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antisocial personality disorder


I am gradually waking up and out of my denial. Much to my horror, I recognize the symptoms of antisocial personality disorder in my partner. We have been together 6 months and although he is not verbally or physically abusive, I have allowed him to get away with some incredible things, primarily finainces (mine!) It makes me ill to speculate how I am possibly being ...
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Love & Work

(I also made this same post in your most frequented forum, I hope thats okay).

Hi, my name is Andrew Armstrong. I am a Doctoral student based at Swinburne University of Technology, in Melbourne, Australia. My colleague and I are seeking people to participate in our psychology research. If the moderator deems it appropriate, I would like to post a synopsis of our research area here, along with a link to our online survey for ...
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I like depressed people

I have no idea where to even begin. This may not even be the correct forum but relationships are my problem, and this seemed like the right place.

I think of myself as being very thought provoking and compassionate. I question a lot in my life like why people do the things they do, if there is a God, etc. I guess, that’s important in trying to understand my mindset. But then there are times ...
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i'm not sure if this belongs here or not, but i have a really hard time with rejection, especially with girls. i'm eighteen and i've asked out three girls in my life. the first two i pretty much took a year to get around to it for each, but when i was rejected it took me a year or more to get over it. the whole time i never wanted to even look at other ...
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how do I choose between two women?

I am in love with two women. One is responsible, reliable, trustworthy, and we have been together 10 years. The other is enthusiastic but unreliable. We have been together one year (after a breakup with the first). The second went away frustrated with me but still loves me. So does the first.

I need to commit to one or the other but I have been unable to decide for 5 months.

What is wrong with ...
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HELP im too jealous!

i have a really bad jealousy issue that i want to fix. i have never been a jealous person i have never had problems with previous guys ive dated to hang out with chicks alone and go out to clubs, look at porn, talk to chicks, check them out, tell me about chicks they thought were hot, hanging with ex girlfriends etc. my new relationship is awesome and i love him so much but now ...
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Dealing with obsession and Trying to get her back

Ok. This is kind of a long story, but any feedback would be nice.

My ex-girlfriend and I dated for somewhere near 6 years. About a year and a half ago I proposed to her and it was more like pulling teeth for me. I felt pressured to move the relationship along to this point and so I did. It was a half-hearted proposal to say the least. About three months later, I decided to ...
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I can't stop thinking about Her

I made a post around 3 months ago and this one is somewhat different. I want to 'hook up' with this girl that I've known (and liked) for about 5 years. About two years ago we started talking less frequently, and now none at all. We have totally different groups of friends (her being in the intimidating 'popular group' and me being in my reserved shy grouP). She liked me in gr. 6 and 7 ...
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