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Confused and Guilty about my girlfriend.

Hi Friends,

I do have a personal internal conflict which is killing me. I am unable to decide what to do. I request you to read through my story and give me your suggestions please.

I am an Indian woman and am 34 years old. I am gay ( I am sorry, if this is an inconvenience to you) I have a girl friend and she is 44 years old and she is also an ...
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What type of guy is he

Hi guys. Joined this site to get experts advice and explanation about certain mix of things that bothers me.
Some weeks ago I kinda feel frustrated desperate and a bit bored so I've decided to join an online dating website. There I meet an interesting guy. I started the talk about the quarantine. He mentioned he was bored thats why he joined the dating site too. We talked and we shared things about ourselves. He ...
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Being Clean - Are all feelings of love drug induced

I'm clean from my DOC now and had a relapse a few days ago.

Everything feels flattened and I've been with someone for a year now and hardly feel any connection to them sober.

Is all my compatibility with then drug induced? They irritate me when I am not high and I hate them for not making me feel anything when I am sober.
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Toxic relationship or maybe a mental issue?

So I’ve been with my boyfriend for about 2 years. Recently, with all the stress and anxiety I’ve been going through I’ve been making quite a few mistakes. These mistakes aren’t really horrible mistakes but when they occur he just tells me that I’m retarded because instead of him directly telling me what I did wrong he makes me try to figure it out and it takes me quite a while for me to figure ...
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I have Trichotillomania. Am I not good enough anymore?

Hi everyone.
I am a 28 year old, educated woman from UK. I suppose looks-wise, I am average, especially since I have trichotillomania of my scalp (at the moment I have a buzzcut as I cut my hair recently to stop the pulling).
I am caring, honest loyal and more.
But having Trich has made me feel like I should quit on love.
I've never been with anyone before (yes I am a virgin) due ...
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Fear of intimacy

Has anyone ever been confused whether someone fears intimacy or not that into you?

I am reading into my past relationship with my GF of 5 months. 

We are both in our early 40s. She was married to a narcissist for 12 years and in a 6 year relationship where they spent very little time together and he cheated on her. This is coupled with an abusive mother and father. She admits she fears commitment ...
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Need Support - 1st Time Writing

Hi Everyone;

Thank you for reading my post. I am a 43(M) in a relationship with a 39(W). We have been dating for 3 years and have lived together for 6 months.

My partner has cognitive and emotional health issues which I believe she is in denial of. She does have stresses in her life. She is 6 years separated from a bad man, and shares custody of their 2 children. She works hard and ...
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Not sure where I stand

I was seeing a guy who has Asperger's for about three months until he told me that he doesn't feel closer to me, and just wants to be friends. Normally I never stay friends with someone I've been in a relationship with but because I like him so much I agreed.
We saw each other recently after six weeks of not seeing each other (still speaking about once a week though) and it was just ...
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Stuck in a difficult situation.

Hi everyone.

I'm struggling to write this because I feel incredibly guilty for feeling what I do. My girlfriend and I have been together for three months tomorrow and are long distance. I really cared about her at first. We are a good match in terms of attraction and all that comes with it, we click and have the same sense of humour, but in terms of normal relationship, it's been a struggle. I think ...
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Ex-Boyfriend took everything I had. Advice please


I will try to keep this short and on point...

I am 24 years old and had a boyfriend for over 2 years. He was diagnosed with Borderline and at the beginning, he was really nice and kind to me, as well as to my alters. We have never met anyone or have had any contact with his family members, only knowing what he has said and shown.

Every weekend we would take wonderful ...
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