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Wanting a schizoid boyfriend

I wouldn't call myself a schizoid, although I like being by myself most of the time.

The thought of having a schizoid boyfriend is something that really pleases me though. A boyfriend who doesn't properly know how to love and I'd have to teach him the meaning of it. A smart boyfriend who doesn't care about other people but would gradually warm up to me. That's something I'd love. If I had one person who ...
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How to Handle Dating Someone with Severe C-PTSD?

There is a woman I started talking to about 10 months ago. Met her on a dating site. She has continued being on all my social media now for the last 10mos, but we hadn't gone on a date until just recently. She would send me memes or links to pages from time to time, or occasionally a message here or there. A couple weeks ago, however, she broke her arm. She was really upset ...
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GF cheated on me with her best friend and moved in with him

I'm sorry if this is long but I wanted to get as much detail in as possible. I'm looking for advice on what to do, how to move on and generally any support you can offer.

Background We were together just over 3 years. The relationship was good and we had a lot of common interests. We lived together but recently, especially since lockdown, we haven't been the same. We spent less time dedicated ...
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How inappropriate is GF by letting guy talk sex to her

My girlfriend is Japanese and they are not expressive about their feelings and they are not affectionate or so she tells me. I have read this in researching it too. She has trouble standing up for herself or saying no to someone. She says she likes the American interaction in relationships but it is hard for her.

She has been talking to an American guy as a language partner online for at least a year. ...
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b fake

what do u think this means?

how "fake" are u?

i think it has to do w being real as much as it has to do w being fake to urself. how do we know how fake we are? is it how we act alone w no one watching vs public?
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I have this thing about me where I have standards and expectations of people and I find that I'm in constant conflict with certain people in my life because they just don't deliver.

I'm respectful for peoples positions even if I really don't think they deserve the position they have been put in. If someone is my manager and I work hard for them and deliver good results every day and always meet my targets ...
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Help - My mother in law is brainwashing my wife

My mother in law came to stay with use from Europe after our 2nd child was born. My wife wanted her here to help and unfortunately covid stranded her here. She has been here for 8 months now and is constantly pushing her ideas and illogical rules onto our family. The problem is that my wife then agrees with every one of these rules and then pushes them onto me and the kids. A few ...
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Boyfriend cheating online

So we've been together for many years, engaged and living together.. He is very loving, attending and supportive man, he says he wants us to get married, have kids and I want it too..

But throughout all these years I constantly caught him messaging random women on social media, flirting with them, saying he is single and asking them to send him naughty photos (lots of them did)..

Every time when I ask about these ...
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I want to figure out his personality, immature no autism

I'm dating a 29 year old. When I met him he seemed to have his life in order. CP at Olive Garden he loves to be a chef. I thought he had a car he claimed it was in the shop (Idk about that he may have lied/stretched the truth to impress me about what may have been his fathers car) He told me he doesn't smoke weed that much but then I found out ...
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Confused and Guilty about my girlfriend.

Hi Friends,

I do have a personal internal conflict which is killing me. I am unable to decide what to do. I request you to read through my story and give me your suggestions please.

I am an Indian woman and am 34 years old. I am gay ( I am sorry, if this is an inconvenience to you) I have a girl friend and she is 44 years old and she is also an ...
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