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Friend Apologizing After Counseling Session?

Hey all,

I have a question concerning how to respond to a friend. He seemed like he really needed someone to talk to and so I asked him some questions and eventually got him to open up. And it was a lot, like family problems and such. Later today though, he texted me, apologizing for "dumping all of his problems" on me and told me it wouldn't happen again. Any tips on how to respond? ...
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What should I do? Grandparent advice needed.

Dear All: I recently cut my parents off and I am seeking input whether I did the right thing.

My father, when we last saw each other in February, called the woman who watches our 2 year old son a “fat ass” and “good for nothing” then said my wife was inflexible for not selecting a daycare in their town which is three towns from ours and would require of her an extra 30 minutes ...
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Brother in new relationship - should I be worried...?

I realise this may seem like a strange question, but I'd really appreciate some input and advice from others.

My brother separated from his ex last year after a ten year long, mostly loveless, relationship. HIs ex has bipolar disease but did not take her medication as directed. She constantly went from depressed to manic and back again. My brother never knew what to expect. They have two kids so separating was not an easy ...
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i think this is ok but what do others think

One i have had a reasonable and at times happy ish life.

As a younger adult I was painfully shy. i drank to conceal anxieties.

At the age of 29 i enetered my first and only full on sexual relationship. She was a bit younger than me but wild and also cheated on me many many times - criticised myself massively for looking at porn or being very very critical of myself for keep on ...
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Was I wrong to not tell my boyfriend about my abortion?

So my boyfriend and I were dating for 3 months when I found out that Im pregnant… How you ask? Well I was on birth control and we were having sex and I missed my pill for 5 days. So yes my irresponsibility is to blame. Im 22 and my boyfriend is 32. But age was never even thought about we just clicked so well. Anyways I was shocked when I found out as was ...
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Venting Friend

I have a close friend of mine who vents to me frequently about her bf. She says things like "I just want him to leave" or "I don't give a f#%@ about him" or "he stresses me out" or "I don't want to be around him." Now, I know he doesn't respect her or treat her very well but I'm trying to figure out if this is a "cry for help" or if she's just ...
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PTSD dating PTSD

This is so hard. I joined this group because I had been seeing someone who has PTSD from a horrible past abusive relationship. I have my own PTSD from various life circumstances..almost died, breast cancer survivor, emotionally abusive rel'ships etc.

Everything was wonderful for 6 months. I mean..absolutely amazing. Then it all blew up. He couldn't bring himself to talk about some things that were bothering him, so he dealt w it by becoming distant, ...
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Feeling down after date

Not really sure why I'm posting this, maybe I just need to talk.

I went on a date with a girl I met through online dating. During the messaging phase prior to the date we talked about a bunch of different things; she was incredibly easy to talk to, and I really enjoyed it. I was looking forward to the date.

We grabbed a few beers and just talked for 3 hours about anything and ...
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Dreams: Separation and Loneliness

To preface, please forgive me if this isn't in the correct forum/thread/sub-thread, I had checked in the sleeping section before posting here but it appeared to be only for sleeping disorders, not dreams.

I have never been a firm believer in things that aren't tangible (I never would have looked outside myself for answers on the things I believe are wrong with me or that I wished an answer for, and while I know that ...
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Not being able to make connections?

Recently I was thinking I don't think I would care if any of my family or anyone I know died, this thought came to me after I read an article about someone who was very sad after there brother died, I just couldn't really relate to how sad they seemed to be. Don't get me wrong I don't want them to die nor would I enjoy them or anyone else to feel pain but I ...
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