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How AvPD traits ruined my relationship and it sucks.

Before reading this I must say this, it is long but for the purpose of context. Also, time does help, after the breakup I was suicidal due to all the remorse and blame I felt. Now I think about her and it doesnt stop my day in any way, I miss her at times when I feel I miss intimacy but otherwise I am focusing on bettering my life and being healthier mentally.

So lets ...
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Reckless Life

As a kid, my dad was drunk. Mom was an idiot. Physical, verbal, emotional, psychological abuse towards me, the oldest because I was the "test" child. My aunt molested me as a kid. I hated myself growing up.

I don't speak to my parents any longer. I haven't my dad in years. I heard he is dying a couple years ago. I never checked on him. My mom I quit talking to after my grandpa ...
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Extreme Jealousy & Autism


I'm new here and posting for the first time. I need a place to vent as i'm in the middle of a break up. I'm a female, diagnosed with Autism last year. I also have OCD (cause of the autism)

So i have a relationship since two years with a man who is also on the spectrum. We saw each other in real life briefly and after around 6 months he contacted me online ...
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Previous sexual partner

Hi everyone, it's been awhile!

*trigger warning - reference to rape*

So. I had a one night stand after a particularly bad break up.

Then approximately one month later I got together with my current partner (who I have now been together with for 6 years)

When I got together with my current partner, I knew he knew the man I slept with as a one night stand, but I figured I didn't need to ...
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What to do after being cheated?

How long does it take to forget? I am 34 years old now, male. My sexuality is different, I almost never get attracted to girls or boys. But I deeply fell with love to guy. But he seems to playing with me, may be to trying to take advantage, just asking me help in his job task. Previously he said that he too likes me, but again after few days he denied. I don't want ...
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When to let go for good.....

I am wrestling with a question. When do you know how and after a breakup when there are still feelings?

My GF and I just split after 3 months 2 weeks ago. We are both in out mid 40s and I know this may sound cliche but this was the quickest and easiest connection I have ever had. We joked about how we connected from the very first sentence the night we met. We constantly ...
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I feel sad but also highly irritated

I want to pack everything up and leave right now but I miss the ghosts of when things were good. I don't feel bad about saying mean things to the person now but I feel sad if I had to say them to the person they were.

However I am really about to collapse under this whole thing. I wish they NEVER came back.
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What should I do? to message her or not to message her...

Hi all, I'll try keep this brief.

Me (21F) and this girl (23F) have kinda had an unspoken attraction towards each other for a while now. First time we met she told me she liked me, but I wasn't really ready for anything and it was quite unexpected.

Since then we've seen each other every now and then in group settings but nothing has happened. However, in November we were at a party (I live ...
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Husband feel humiliated have I been too far?

Hello all

At first I need to apologize for that terrible english but, as u did guess, it's not my native language.

So Im a beautician and my boyfriend, for 3 years now, just become policeman. All is great but with the job, daily things to do, my yoga… I struggle to get some time with him To fix that, we did decided to make some sport together. Few month before the pandemy… What was ...
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Destructive patterns of behaviour.


It is quite difficult for me to talk about things I would like to tell you. I have a great problem with trust and relationships, not just with women, but also with my relatives. I have brother and sister, both of my parents are still alive. However, we live - I would say - next to each other, not together, as the family should live. I don't mean the location, but more like 'to ...
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