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I probably getting my first kiss soon.

I am nervous for my first kiss. Every time someone tries to kiss me I chicken out. What should I do?
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my business partner has hpd, she hit on me and rejected me

i have been running a small business and i work with a client who is married for 2 years now. she has all the signs of hpd. our work is going well. she flirted/hit on me and she keeps asking me if i am seeing anyone and staring at my muscles etc. i told her i liked her one day and asked if she wants to take it further. and she immediately says i took ...
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an emotionally distant wife

My wife is becoming more and more distant. Both physically and emotionally. She doesn't seek intimacy and refuses when I seek it. This per se may not mean too much as this may say something about my sub-standard sexual ability. What is more worrying is her emotional withdrawal. She avoids close, intimate conversations, often shuts off. Thinking that she might feel underappreciated, I am trying to show her as much affection as possible: close touch, ...
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I don't want to live with my stepdad

This all started when my mother was caught cheating on my stepdad with at least two minors both of which where my sister's friends. She has since then been diagnosed with bipolar disorder so she's working through both that and the law currently. As a result of all this my stepdad and sister are both going to have to move, but my stepdad wants to move out of state. I personally don't want to I ...
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Snooping at wifes phone...huge regrets now

Please help. I snooped a look at my wifes phone and found messages from her possible ex bf.

We are both in our 40s and have been together for nearly 10 years. She was acting strange the other day. We were sitting right next to each other in public and she received a message. She hid her phone with her hand from me so I could not see. She looked for 2 seconds at the ...
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My Friend-in-Smut is A Conservative Christian

Hi all,

I’m not sure I’m writing to the correct forum, so apologies if so. I have made an online friend through a mutual interest in a sexual fetish. But after a year of swapping smutty stories, my friend has revealed herself to be very conservative and religious, and now I’m worried for her emotional well-being. I’m writing for any insight someone might have into her character.

Here’s the full story, apologies in advance for ...
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SEEKING ADVICE Relationship and Sex Question

I'm a 33 year old guy living in the US. I'm a tall thin white guy. I met a woman who has two kids that lives in the Philippines on Facebook and we've been dating for over a year. Her and I just got done fighting a huge battle to finally get her a Visa to come to the US. She's been here for 6 months now and any time I even try to bring ...
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Girlfriend/Fiance is bi-polar and self destructive

So I met this girl back in August and I was freshly out of a divorce. I met her at a time where I thought my life was over and I can honestly say she literally changed my life. She was everything I ever wanted and it was almost too good to be true... and then it was. She kept getting mad over small things and flipping and overreacting even to the point where she ...
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Anxious about work

I recently started working in a new department at work and usually keep to myself but this coworker has been very friendly and I have ended up sitting with her and another coworker frequently as of late. Though I realize she is emotionally immature and now has made it awkward (seemingly) between myself and some of my other coworkers. I don't know about hanging with her tomorrow at lunch and just want to sit by ...
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Coping with a workaholic

I hope I'm posting in the right forum. I searched for work addiction and workaholic and didn't find a specific forum.

I'm struggling to make things work with my boyfriend. He's addicted to work. We've played with each other only once every two or three months for the last couple of years. In the last two weeks we've grown closer. He's been over twice in the last two weeks and emails me nearly every day. ...
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