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Stuck dwelling on partner’s sexual past

I’m aware that there’s countless threads out there similar to this but none the less, it would be nice to share what I’m experiencing and get thoughts / advice.
I will start off by saying I know this is an issue within myself as it happens in EVERY relationship I’ve been in.

I’m a 29 year old male who gets severely hung up on my partner’s sexual past. It originated with my first “real” relationship ...
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How Can I Get My Parents To Accept A Wide Age Gap In Dating?

I introduced my gf to my parents, who met my gf by accident because of a situation where I had to meet them to drop something off while I was with her, and they met her and because of the age difference, they had to give a very shall we say... 'Guess Who's Coming To Dinner' parent reaction to it. I'm 37 and she's 21.

What's the best way to get your parents to accept ...
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Should I distance myself?

I'm afraid of my own thoughts and the possibility of me acting them out. Yesterday I had this thought about a crush...and the thought was very manipulative and toxic. That scared me. The thought was that maybe if I help motivate him find a career my parents would like him. I actually considered it too. What is wrong with me?! Motivating a guy to get a career for the sole purpose to get my parents ...
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Should I let go or marry this girl

Okay, so I have been in a relationship with a girl from 6 months now. She is absolutely everything I want in a girl. She has always been saying that I am the first guy in her life and her first love and all. But, recent conversations tell me that she’s had a past and its my gut feeling that says it because of the way she talks. Now, I dont have an issue with ...
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Why does my Girlfriend sleep how she does?

I recently got a girlfriend, and she has stayed a few nights over. When we are about to go to bed she wraps her arms around me, and as we fall asleep she digs her nails into my side or back. It isn't very painful, and I don't neccedarily mind, I just don't know why she does it. I'vw asked her about it, and she said she dosen't want to talk about it. All she ...
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My (M47) girlfriend (F29) has fear of commitment?


My (M46) girlfriend (F28) has difficulty opening up sexually because of fear of commitment, but I'm wondering if there's other guys in the picture.

Hi all,

I (M47) am dating a girl (F29) since four months. We are very much in love and things have been great from the beginning. We don't notice the age difference at all when we are together, we feel completely equal intellectually. We are however in a different stage ...
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The Confused Sexual Male Mind – Ladies, Please Help.


Dead Ladies,
I apologize in advance if the following three (3) questions/statements come across as ignorant/ childish/ disrespectful/biased/judgmental/stupid.

I am GENUINELY curious about Women’s sexuality for the sole purpose of having more sexual interactions with women, consensually. Please note that I am a firm advocate in ensuring your partner (the woman, as I am a man) feels safe, comfortable, and satisfied during any sexual intercourse. I ...
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Former girlfriend of my partner died

Not sure if I should post it here or in the relationship forum...
My boyfriend (since about 3 months) had just one previous relationship that lastet 10 years. The girl unfortunately died after a short illness. He told me before we got together and I was/am thankful for his trust. Now was the birthday of her and tomorrow the third anniversary of her death. He is with her family for a couple of days. I ...
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The only thing

The only thing I want right now is for someone to open their arms when i walk into the room, beaming, genuinely happy to see me, and say, "I am so glad you are here. I love you unconditionally."

There is someone I would like to say this to. I can't. And I'm sorry.
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I have been married for about 9 months. We have less than 2 years of history with my spouse, but we see each other as our soul mate. We are both grateful for our constant presence. I think she is my biggest chance.
Besides all this, I made a mistake. One night while my wife was asleep, I opened an Instagram link on my own pc, first thinking that it was my own account, and ...
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