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What should I do? to message her or not to message her...

Hi all, I'll try keep this brief.

Me (21F) and this girl (23F) have kinda had an unspoken attraction towards each other for a while now. First time we met she told me she liked me, but I wasn't really ready for anything and it was quite unexpected.

Since then we've seen each other every now and then in group settings but nothing has happened. However, in November we were at a party (I live ...
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Husband feel humiliated have I been too far?

Hello all

At first I need to apologize for that terrible english but, as u did guess, it's not my native language.

So Im a beautician and my boyfriend, for 3 years now, just become policeman. All is great but with the job, daily things to do, my yoga… I struggle to get some time with him To fix that, we did decided to make some sport together. Few month before the pandemy… What was ...
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Destructive patterns of behaviour.


It is quite difficult for me to talk about things I would like to tell you. I have a great problem with trust and relationships, not just with women, but also with my relatives. I have brother and sister, both of my parents are still alive. However, we live - I would say - next to each other, not together, as the family should live. I don't mean the location, but more like 'to ...
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Crossed a line, need advise... (trigger)

This question has details, but no sex was involved. My pre teen daughter has been very open about her sexual development, in questions and conversation over the past year or so. We've always had a close, goofy and wonderfully weird relationship. Tonight a line was crossed, and I'm feeling confused and bad. Not sure how to respond or what to do about it. Basically, she touched me where she shouldn't have, and I responded by ...
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Seeking advice about a unique situation

I went to Reddit with this and they actually thought I was trolling. I guess I could've worded the Reddit post a lot better. But it made me seek out a place where people might be who have had similar experiences.

I'm in a LDR relationship with a partner that shared with me she has used exploit tools on her ex that a detective friend gave her access to. Now, to be fair, this guy ...
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How to Ask Out a Long Lost Friend

Hi all,

I’ve got a difficult situation on my hands. I’ve liked one girl since we were in jr High together (9 years). To her I was an acquaintance/friend. I was awkward and chubby but kind and bold. But I really liked her, a lot. I remember just bubbling over the fact that someone like her (popular, cheerleader type) would hang out with me and my friend group. It wasn’t long - just one year ...
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need a help

Hello everyone !!!
so i am new to this forum !! and I write to talk about my problem which is like this, I feel strange emotions (I do not know how to describe them precisely), this emotions come to me anytime and anywhere !!! and they are intense and serious !!! when these emotions arise I think of things:
sometimes I think about the fact that I don't have a girlfriend to make love ...
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Hurt Feelings because we don't talk?

Here is a strange situation I face with my wife. She says I'm never available to talk about things and her feelings are hurt. However, I available most of the time and always asking if she would like to chat about anything, or I bring up a subject I know she is interested in talking about and she will usually say 'not now'. Then later she says her feelings are hurt because I'm not available ...
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partner uses diagnosis against me

This is my first post on this site. I don't know where else I can talk about this. I have BPD, and whenever my partner and I get into an argument, she uses it against me. I admit that my emotions have sometimes gotten overwhelming and out of control during arguments. But she pulls the BPD card even when I'm calmly telling her that I'm hurt. For example, I'll tell her that something she ...
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I wanna possess my girlfriend's sexuality

Hi everyone,

In every relationship I have been, I realized I wanted to know everything about what my girlfriend was doing with her body. This is a terrible feeling, and I strive so hard to keep me far from those thoughts, but it keeps coming back. I can feel that it is part of being unsafe, I feel like she would/could replace me by doing it by herself, not because she don't want me but ...
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