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It frustrates me that exciting things like dating?

It frustrates me that exciting things like dating and relationships probably can happen for me.
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Breaking up when you love one another

How do you let go when you both love one another? Better question is, how do you decide if its right? My GF and I are both in our mid 40’s and we just had our one-year anniversary. We both love one another very much and are best friends. When we met on our first date it was instant comfort, laughing, which last 4 hrs. After our 3rd date she flew across the county to ...
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Is he being abusive?

My boyfriend and I have been together a year and just got a home together a month ago. It seemed right when we moved in he became more and more irritable and I feel I can do nothing right. I have been shutting down more when he says something kind of mean which in turn makes him more mad that I get quiet. He says he will never change how he talks and no one ...
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Emotional Guilting

My boyfriend and I were discussing apartments and since I will be alone while he is working we want something safe. He showed me one possible place asking what I think of it. I said it was okay, because that is what I think of it. I was concerned about the door being half glass, like with a large window. I realize the area is low crime, so it's overall safe. I could tell he ...
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Bad Breakup

My story is long and complicated. I am a gay man. I have been in a pretty toxic relationship for 4 years. A lot of bad things had happened and we had a lot of breakups and makeups. We just had a breakup a week ago. This one seems different in a few ways but the same in other ways. We block each other in every way. He started texting me a few days later ...
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She's out of control!

My son's mother has been running a muck lately since her mom has had her kids so she can "work" because her man is in prison, but she only works part time, and when not at work, shes seeing at least 2 guys, maybe 3, and holds en all up with nothing but lies. None of the dudes know about the others. She's got em all scheduled on certain nights for each, and theres no ...
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Should I bring my GF to meet my parents in this case?

My birthday is coming up and my family likes to do a gathering for it every year. However, me and my gf have been dating for almost three months now, so I wonder if she expects to be introduced and be brought to such a gathering? What do you think?

It's just that my parents were really judgmental about your age difference once they asked me my gfs age and I told them she was ...
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My Parents Are Trying To Seize Control Of My Money.

I had no idea which board to post this on, so if this is the wrong board, I apologize.

But basically I want to get into a career as a film director, and have decided to make my own feature film after saving up a lot of money. But people think I am crazy for wanting to do this, and everyone is telling me absolutely not to.

But now since then, and now that I ...
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Bf annoying when drunk

Hi all, thanks in advance for any advice.

My boyfriend likes to get a buzz about once a week. This is kind of, something he greatly values and condones also from his sober perspective. He regards alcohol as important for culture and is a bit of an artistic soul etc.

I can accept this, except half of the times he gets incredibly annoying when intoxicated. On one hand full of really tedious stories and speaches, ...
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still single 6 years now and counting

I have just had a dating experience come to an end.
Without getting into the specific details, I was dating her for about a month, slightly long distance and we texted every day, quite a few lengthy phone calls and we spent two entire weekends together after a short initial meeting. Although that doesn't seem very long, we really did connect or so I thought at least, found each other attractive and so on. Last ...
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