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Struggling with avoidant attachment style

I've always had issue with my relationships. I refuse to share my thoughts and feelings with anyone as I fear they will find me weird, think i'm a burden or whatever and leave me. When someone does leave me I handle it poorly.It could be someone I stopped seeing because they treated me like $#%^ but if they move on i'll still fall into depression. I've been the same since I was in kindergarten, i'd ...
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Am i such a horrible sister?

Hello my name is Arianna and i am 22 years old.

I am extremely sorry for my bad English, in several occasions i searched some words on the internet.
For obvious reasons i wont write any other name except mine.
I have to apologize because in the beginning i had no intention to write such a long text but as i kept on writing i realized that my story was kinda intriguing and decided to ...
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OCD affecting my relationship

So. I'm engaged and my partner is poly, which I don't mind. However, there are things my partner does and I become easily frustrated. I hide my feelings though because they tend to self deprecate themselves and I've just always been afraid to share how I feel with other people. I, personally, try to stick to a tight schedule for myself and I just like keeping my life and environment, neat/tidy. This includes how I ...
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What do I have? What is wrong with me?

around 2 or 1 1/2 years ago I found a chatting app (which I won't name) where there were communities you could join. One day I joined a general discussion one and over the next year or so I became a promident member of the community and had some "relationships" with people which I won't get into much. Most of them were around 1-3 months. I met this guy on a chatroom within the community ...
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I dont know if confess.. i dont want to

Hi, im dating with a girl since january and we keep it up until now, i'd like to say we are enganged, even still i'm not letting go.

In the quarantine, like 2 months that i was dating with the first girl, i start talking with another girl (a friend of mine) about a game that we both play, but things changed quickly in 3 week (so 3 months) where she said she was interested ...
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I’ve been seeing a female therapist for about 7 years. She was married with step-children and step grand-children. She is a few years younger than me. I am in a sexless marriage (we have sex about 6 times per year) but my wife is taking steps to change this (not necessary to go into details as to how). A few weeks ago, I learned that my therapist filed for divorce two years ago. Two weeks ...
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Girlfriend never offers to pay

Hello everyone. Today I'm asking advice for my father (73 yrs), who's been in a new relationship for about 8-12 months with someone of similar age.

I'll tell you what I know. They live about 30-40 minute drive apart, and when they get together they usually play cards for hours on end or watch a movie(s) in his living room. Sometimes though they go out for dinner or go for a Miata run, from a ...
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Dealing with infatuation and rejection fear

I’m a 30YO gay guy and for most of my adult life I’ve experienced repeated patterns of infatuation episodes; where I held high expectations for another guy, hoping to feel loved, secure and complete. because I felt like there’s something inherently damaged inside of me and getting to know someone intimately seemed like the “perfect” way of escaping these harsh and insecure thoughts. Pointless to mention that I’ve always ended up being heartbroken and disappointed ...
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Wanting a schizoid boyfriend

I wouldn't call myself a schizoid, although I like being by myself most of the time.

The thought of having a schizoid boyfriend is something that really pleases me though. A boyfriend who doesn't properly know how to love and I'd have to teach him the meaning of it. A smart boyfriend who doesn't care about other people but would gradually warm up to me. That's something I'd love. If I had one person who ...
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How to Handle Dating Someone with Severe C-PTSD?

There is a woman I started talking to about 10 months ago. Met her on a dating site. She has continued being on all my social media now for the last 10mos, but we hadn't gone on a date until just recently. She would send me memes or links to pages from time to time, or occasionally a message here or there. A couple weeks ago, however, she broke her arm. She was really upset ...
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