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I have deleted the first post in order to amuze "drifting".................
Although I stand behind my first post on this subject I felt as this message continued to change my thoughts. This message was posted in the beginning to say that we have no need to continue to prove our selves as mothers in regards to the other message I had posted where "drifting" felt the need to jump in and copy and paste their ...
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Then according to you there are a lot of physicians that are mad.

Sounds like you are just drifting onto the boards, and have no idea what you're talking about.
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Psych medications and children.

Just a posting to share with you some very hard-earned experience.

If you are putting your child on any type of medication such as Prozac, etc. please be sure that your physician prescribes the dose ACCORDING TO THE CHILD'S BODY WEIGHT, not according to the symptoms and dosage normally prescribed for adults.

Most drugs are tested for efficacy on ADULTS, not children. If you read the labeling for the drug, which is normally available online ...
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:x Let me start of by saying how thankful I am that I found out after 4 years I am not the only one going threw this and that I will be truely greatfull any information are advice. I have 5 children 4 are my birth children and one age 6 almost seven that is my husbands birth child but I have been raising him since he ...
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Personal story (RAD?)

Hello friends,

I have a question for you: could I have RAD?

My personal story is this:
My mother's pregnancy was unexpected and although she and my father had broken up, they decided they would raise me together. This went pretty well for a year or so, until my mother began to cheat on him and they broke off the relationship. Whenever my father would come to visit me later on, I would cry a ...
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Someone please help me..I have a baby with RAD

I have an 11 month old baby girl who went through a very traumatic first 6 months with chronic pain from colic and reflux. She now is showing very odd signs. total unaffection. Inability to love or be loved, agression and inability to be consoled. She certainly has had no abuse in her life that I am aware of. What do i do? Who do i take her to? There is something really wrong!! Do ...
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New here and have a few questions..

Ok I have a 12 yr old daughter who was born 3 mths premature, spent 3 months in the NICU, and came home for a week had to go back and have surgery and spent another month in Hospital.. Total of 4 mths after birth she was hospitalized.. She has velo Cardio Facial Syndrome which is a genetic disorder.. It can cause bi polar and schizophrenia as she hits puberty..

She lives with her father ...
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I wanted to know if anyone ever heard of children being misdiagnosed with autism when in fact they have RAD?
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old rules

Welcome to PsychForums.com!

The rules here are simple, this is an open forum and we would like to keep it that way.

Watch Your Language Please. We understand the use of certain words, but please do not go overboard or we will need to start censoring those words.
Be Sensible. Don't post more personal information that you are willing to share with a stranger.
Be Respectful of Others. Please do not post hateful or ...
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