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Think I might have RAD?

So yeah, I'm new here but have been suffering with social problems my whole life, like not being able to form relationships well and stuff. I hate intimacy, and cannot hug certain people. I completely hate cuddling, and I just don't feel lovable in the slightest. I'm really bad at keeping friends, and I have anger problems. Pretty sure this stems down to my childhood, in which my Dad completely stopped seeing me one day ...
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Has anyone improved with therapy?

Hi everyone! I'm new to this particular forum, and believe I have avoident dismissive reactive disorder, with a very small portion of fearful avoident.
I haven't had therapy for this problem specifically but plan to... But I'm wondering if there's much hope...? I'm so out of touch with my emotions that I feel like I have to pretend to love somebody, or sometimes feel like I should force myself to stay in a relationship to ...
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Living with a RAD partner

Hello - I am new here and new to RAD. I hope the topic of this post is Ok - I wasn't sure what to write. Actually, I'm not sure what to ask. I guess what I am looking for here is some support in ways I can be supportive of my girlfriend, who was diagnosed with RAP and PTSD (she also has issues with depression). For purposes of this forum I'll call her Susan. ...
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just needing to vent ..

my problem ...

i've recently come to the conclusion my life feels empty because i have nothing that fulfills me. but when i try to think of something that is fulfilling, i come up with nothing.

everything i do feels like i'm just filling some time until i die. i have always felt this way, as far back as i remember. this makes me want to get life over with faster. and it's not that ...
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Advice / Help needed for Adult Attachment

Hi, new here, Just thought i would share my story in the hope of receiving some much needed advice.

I have struggled with these attachment feelings i have for as long as i remember. Ive not really seeked out any kind of therapy so i am only guessing from research online that it is a form of adult attachment, possible bpd, ocd? I don't know.

I just know that it hurts like crazy and i ...
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Met someone with RAD

Met a girl with Ambivalent Reactive Attachment Disorder. She is not aware of having it.

I kind of like her.

Dont know what to do??
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Attachment and an absent father

Hi I hope someone can offer some advice......

I have two adopted children, adopted 6 months & 10 months. Youngest was always very different and I knew early on she probably had attachment difficulties. She has since been diagnosed with Attachment Disorder and Aspergers (although I don't agree with this I just think all the professionals don't know much about attachment). Btw, my eldest is autistic too.

3 years ago their father left, was awful ...
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Survivors of Attachment Therapy

I was a child who was diagnosed with RAD. I had a horrible experience with "Attachment Therapy" I was hoping to invite anyone on here to visit my site


Here you can share your stories and experiences with attachment therapy. Please send this to anyone you know who is using it for their child, or who has gone through it as a child.

Thank You

You can also ...
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RAD? if not whats wrong with me?

I just recently started seeing a therapist at the request of my gf. My basic issue is have i have a problem experiencing love with anyone be it friend, family, or SO. (This is on my phone so forgive errors) I am in my late 20s and always ended my relatiinships because i thought they were nit the right person as i had no deep feelings for them. I can experience infatuation at first. Usually ...
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RAD behavior problems survey

I’m doing a survey on what kinds of behavior issues children with RAD have, and how this differs from behavior problems in kids without attachment issues. If anyone would like to participate, follow this link:

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