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I got the wrong "Book of Rules"

I always felt like I must have been issued the wrong book of "Rules on how to Live" ! I do everything I think I'm supposed to - I'm a good listener, I'm kind, giving, nurturing, non-judgemental, understanding, empathetic ... but none of that seems to "work" for me, in terms of friendships / relationships. I seem to "rub people the wrong way" - and I'm often baffled and clueless why. So now that I ...
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rad ?

aother new thing
attachment disorder is one thing one symptom not a hole new chapter in the dsm
once again
it's made so it can be easy identefied
saying nothing about the cause
the treatment
or the way it is
do you really think it's a new thing?
don't you think the dsm does not need more "things" in it?
call it rad is cooler than calling it attachment disorder
buzzwordpsychology makes me shake ...
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Wife is RAD

After more than 10 yrs of marriage, I can finally understand a little of what is happening in my marriage. I think I can relate to others reasonably well. My wife changed dramatically just before we married. I thought it was nerves about marrying for a second time. Now I know it was RAD raising its ugly head. My wife has not bonded with me after all this time and shows many of the avoidance ...
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What Is this??

Cannot figure out what's with me. I am hoping someone one here can help so I don't waste money seeing a therapist.

I used to go out with friends all the time, everyday. Now it seems like i've lost my personality. I don't care to laugh, or joke around with people. I don't really talk to my friends anymore. I'm spacey all the time, I can't stay focused on anything. At work I have to ...
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Difference between RAD and BPD?

I've herd RAD and BPD are the same, I've heard that they're different, and I'm confused.
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Would attachment disorder cause lack of social skills?

There is almost no information available on this disorder aside from breif internet pages or scholar journals which only summarize the exact same thing.

In a child or adult with RAD, would there be any social difficulties. I realize they can never get attached to people, but are they still able to make friends? Are they socially awkward? Would they be popular or have few friends?

I have read a couple times now that the ...
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I need help self-diagnosing disinhibited RAD.

I have been trying to diagnose myself for the last several months after failing my first of year of university due to the loneliness induced depression. I couldn't make any friends during my stay on student residence so was literally forced to be alone for eight solid months. I recently met with a psychologist to get a second opinion but she was useless, unable to diagnose, and just said I needed therapy. Don't get me ...
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How to distinguish between RAD and Sociopathy (ASPD)?

They appear to be essentially the same except RAD has a specific cause. They both lack empathy, unable to love, feel guilt, etc. The symptoms of RAD appear the exact same as a sociopath. The reason I ask because I think I had a RAD as a child but could I still possibly have it now or does it just develop into antisocial personality disorder?

Some weirds things that lead me towards RAD rather than ...
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Question about RAD

I was just recently diagnosed with RAD and I wanted to know if people with RAD can have it to a greater or lesser degree.

Here are the symptoms:

1. Superficially engaging & charming: This doesn't feel like my method of operation.
2. Lack of eye contact on parents’ terms: I have severe eye contact issues. I can only make thorough eye contact with people I trust.
3. Indiscriminately affectionate with strangers: I am nice ...
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I'm a young adult with RAD and no coping strategies

I don't even know where to begin. I'm a 21 year old adopted male who was diagnosed with RAD around the age of 12. Let me just tell you my story...

My birth mother was a drug abuser and was unable to maintain custody over me. I am adopted, however until the age of 3 I went back and fourth between my birth mother and adoptive family. My adoptive mother adopted me and my younger ...
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