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What kind of treatment should I get, and where do I find it

Hi, I'm silver,

long story short, I have NF1 and was a solitary child, never formed a relationship with any caregiver, I have RAD (reactive attachment disorder(not formally diagnosed)).
A few days ago, my friends and I went to the nightclub, did some drugs, and I shared something with them I normally keep to myself. One friend in particular told me I should see someone but that person is full. So I'm looking to see ...
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Looking for a mother figure as an adult

Well this is my first post so bear with me. I am trying to find literature about a female that is always looking for a mother figure. It is not a romantic attachment, but an emotional one. I did not know others have the same problem. I can't continue to live like this so I am going full barrel trying to get help. If anyone can show me where to look next it will be ...
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Personality development as an adult w/RAD in childhood

I have recently realized that I am codependent stemming from unresolved issues from my childhood. I was raised by a single mom with a detached parenting style and undiagnosed borderline personality. During my early years, it was more her inability to emotionally connect with me and possibly some postpartum depression as she isolated herself from most family members for my first year. I bounced around also with my aunt who was paranoid schizophrenic and saw/heard ...
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Just learned about RAD. Fits me to a 't'. Now what???

Just joined the forum, and this is my first post here. I don't know what to expect, but what the heck, eh? I'll try to be concise, but you might just prefer to skip to the tl;dr synopsis at the end. :wink:

Divorced 54-y.o. caucasian male, youngest of five boys, parents divorced at 3 y.o. (abusive, alcoholic father of whom I have no conscious memory), mother was ...
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My 26 year old daughter with RAD hoards ziplock bags full of many things (food, pencils, batteries, etc etc) still and also buys pacifiers and sippy cups which she keeps in her pillow case or other places near her bed. She lives at home and is in the autism spectrum too. This is just something that has always been perplexing to me, but is nothing compared to the attachments she will have with certain females. ...
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Possible attachment issues

I had a very odd childhood. I am not sure whether it counts as abusive but was certainly neglectful. I am the oldest child in a large family, mostly raised by a single mother.

We were always fed and clothed and had toys (that we couldn't really afford), as my mother was a bit addicted to shopping but was unemployed. We lived in a tiny, cluttered house that wasn't cleaned regularly. There wasn't much in ...
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RAD in adults?

Hey guys, my therapist brought up RAD a few times recently. I'm 31 years old, though, and everything I can find on it tells me this is a childhood disorder. I can't find an adult criteria for RAD. I never had psychiatric intervention as a child and as an adult have been briefly diagnosed ASPD, which quickly changed to BPD, and my current therapist agrees with me both were misdiagnosed. I've spent 10 years looking ...
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Feet not so firmly planted :(

Hi folks,
New to the forum & looking for help from like minded people.
Ok so I will keep this as brief as possible & won't bore you with the basic details everyone seems to understand that comes with RADs.
So I am 28 years old & have a long history of trust issues, horrible anxiety, & depression. I was abused mentally & physically as a child & struggled (still struggle with it at times) ...
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Teenager just diagnosed - adult prognosis?

Our 16-year-old daughter was just diagnosed with RAD, after years of anxiety, explosive behavior, multiple therapists, diagnoses of mood disorders, etc. She also has some important language processing issues.

We are very concerned about what this may mean for her ability to live independently. From what we're told, she has little to no ability to see the consequences of her actions (so she is impulsive), doesn't really have an internal sense of right-and-wrong (apart from ...
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RAD Adult


It's hard for me to say exactly what has gone on in my many years on this planet, but viewing some old home movies, the missing parts in my childhood have now come into their rightful place.

Basically, I was born into a family that was already disintigrated, parents split up and despising one another and loathing themselves. 2 siblings who were inappropriate with each other, the age differences between them and I many ...
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