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Short Psychology Survey!

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Searching for a mother figure

I have a problem. For years I've been getting attached to older women. This always ends in disaster as the woman on the other end usually finds me too much.
At the moment it's a lady in my drama group. This has been going on nearly 3 years. As I'm afraid of saying and doing the wrong thing, I've found it hard to form a friendship. I communicate with her mostly on text and email. ...
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My soulmate has RAD

Hello folks,

I hope I do not discourage anyone from commenting with such a long initial post.

I am hoping to interact with people to gain insight and support for someone who has RAD.

I only recently realized what this person suffers from. I described some behavior and a friend used a couple of terms that sent me Googling, Attachment Disorder and Displaced Anger. I found a website listing 12 characteristics of Attachment Disorder and ...
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EX Partner was left for Dead as a new born and Im trying

When my ex was born, his birth mother took him to the Souel South Korea city dump and left him for dead. They believe he survived on his own for nearly a week before he was found at the brink of death. He was nursed back to health and then immediatly adopted and was flown to Seattle Washington. When I met his parents his adopterd mother told me this story like it was nothing right ...
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Literature - RAD


I'm looking to find more literature on topic of Reactive Attachment Disorder. I'd appreciate if someone would point me in proper direction.

I connect most of my psychological problems with a narcissistic parent, but occasionally wonder if abrupt separation from my parents when I was a year and a half (separation that was supposed to last for couple of months, but turned into years) had its share as well. I hardly remember first few ...
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rad partner but wont accept counsselling

hello all - looking for a little help for my partner if possible, perhaps somebody out there can give her some advise or help with what shes going through or me for that matter.

in october 2014 i started a relationship with a fantastic woman (ill call her jill) at the time we were both still in unhappy marriages so i guess it was an affair.
in early 2015 jills husband had the chance to ...
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I'm seeking Counsel for Attachment Trauma

I don't trust people, and I have not been able to get a job, so I have focused instead on recovering from attachment trauma and emotional numbness, because there are no available experts on this from where I live. The only place that I've gotten any decent advice I've found useful is from Kathy Brous's site, and non violent communicators.

So, are there any experts here? Also, what is the difference twain regular attachment, and ...
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What kind of treatment should I get, and where do I find it

Hi, I'm silver,

long story short, I have NF1 and was a solitary child, never formed a relationship with any caregiver, I have RAD (reactive attachment disorder(not formally diagnosed)).
A few days ago, my friends and I went to the nightclub, did some drugs, and I shared something with them I normally keep to myself. One friend in particular told me I should see someone but that person is full. So I'm looking to see ...
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Looking for a mother figure as an adult

Well this is my first post so bear with me. I am trying to find literature about a female that is always looking for a mother figure. It is not a romantic attachment, but an emotional one. I did not know others have the same problem. I can't continue to live like this so I am going full barrel trying to get help. If anyone can show me where to look next it will be ...
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Personality development as an adult w/RAD in childhood

I have recently realized that I am codependent stemming from unresolved issues from my childhood. I was raised by a single mom with a detached parenting style and undiagnosed borderline personality. During my early years, it was more her inability to emotionally connect with me and possibly some postpartum depression as she isolated herself from most family members for my first year. I bounced around also with my aunt who was paranoid schizophrenic and saw/heard ...
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