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Spinocerebellar Ataxia (SCA)

I believe I have the rare disease below. I will let Wikipedia describe what it is.


I have lived most of my 68 years with psychological difficulties caused from childhood sexual abuse. I take Zoloft and bupropion to combat depression. I began having strokes at 55. I have had 3 MRIs which show brain atrophy. I have many of the symptoms of SCA. I see a neurologist on ...
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Temporal lobe epilepsy?

I had a series of mental breakdowns from the ages 13-18. I was put on welbutrin when I was 13 after I became depressed due to a death in the family. I wasn't cooperative with taking my welbutrin everyday and would hide my pills and go weeks without and then weeks on it whilst my psychiatrist continued to raise the dosage not knowing I wasn't taking it regularly. I started having fainting spells and intense ...
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CADASIL stands for Cerebral Autosomal Dominant Arteriopathy with Sub-Cortical Infarcts and Leukoencephalopathies. It is not as rare as once thought, and has been estimated to be 40% of multiple sclerosis diagnoses (remittant/recurrent).

While it appears to involve mental illmess issues, it is a result of mutiple micro-bleed strokes, some "silent" strokes. I want to raise awareness of this condition found around the globe, as it is genetic. There is no known treatment or cure but ...
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beurgers disease

Hi, I am trying to find people that have or know anything about buergers disease.These rare disease can leave a person feeling alone, Currently I have a lot of pain, and I am wondering what people are using for pain management.
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mold toxicity

I have lived in some very moldy environments and recently decided to get tested for mycotoxons. I found that I do test positive for certain mycotoxins-one of them so toxic that it is used in biological warfare! So some of my difficulties in the last 2 decades or so have been from toxic mold exposure.I'm sharing this because many people are exposed to mold in their environments not realizing how damaging it can be.
Just ...
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Hypoparathyroidism is a rare disease that goes hand in hand with hypocalcemia (low calcium). Only 40 people per million have hypoparathyroidism. Most people get this disease from having a thryoidectomy which I have had in the past. Luckily it can be controlled with the medication of a calcium supplement.
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Intracranial Hypertension (aka Psuedo-tumor cerebri)

I was diagnosed with IH in March of 2007. Anyone else around here have it/know someone who does?
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Burning Mouth Syndrome

If you look it up you will see that they says there is no known cause. That;s a load of CRAP. It is caused by toxic dental materials. I have suffered from it so I KNOW. I had the acrylic removed from my mouth andit improved. Now I have lithium disilicate crowns that are KNOWN to be toxic. Look at this article I found:

In vitro cytotoxic response to lithium disilicate dental ceramics.

Brackett MG, ...
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im frightened

So when I first born I had the umbilical chord trapped around my neck. That was then now I have a condition known as syringomyelia only the doctors said that it was to small to operate on. So I hadn't been back in a while or had another mri done so when certain situations i will not mention happened and landed me at the hospital I had a headache they took a ct scan and ...
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New online resource on ALS

Hi - thought this below might raise some interest - it's a consortium of top experts that joined together to find treatments and cures for ALS, funded by the EU. They have launched an online resource for all those affected - whether patients, family members, physicians, nurses, experts, or the business community involved with financial backing medical projects. Would love to know thoughts.

Here is the press release on the announcement:
MitoTarget Launches New Online ...
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