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How can I receive SUPERVISION for my treatment?

Hello all, looking for recommendations. I'm about to graduate in Psychology field with M.Sc in Counselling Psychology, also I'm an active researcher and working under a professor. I'm thinking to start a private clinic in my tier-2 city - Jabalpur, India along with two other clinical psychologists. I'm wondering how can I receive supervision for my therapy. Are there any softwares that supervise to improve my therapy session or is it only the experienced therapists/peer ...
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Relating to T online sessions

Just had a video session with T. He has been a lifesaver. But it just doesn't seems we are relating as we did in his office. Just underwent frightening ER surgery. Surgeon referred us for post surgery PTSD. So I think there are real issues to be dealt with. Nice to hear we are doing well from T. But not feeling he is helping. Feel he feels we'll get into it when we're back in ...
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Jungian Silent Treatment: Typical?

I have been in weekly sessions with a Jungian psychoanalyst for over a year. (I realize this is not that long for this.) I record dreams nearly every night and pick one that seems the most significant to relate my psychoanalyst. He’s pleasant and engaged, asks me the occasional question, but neither assists me with interpretation nor likes me to attempt to do so myself. Early along, he exclaimed that I was split (no argument) ...
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Therapist talking about her daughters

Hi all,

I’ve been seeing a therapist now for just under 5 years. I know she has 2 daughters roughly my age. I know this because I googled her once and found out - we spoke about this at the time but this was probably two years or so ago. Since then T has never mentioned her kids in any way. I had admitted that I felt upset and jealous about it..

Anyway, yesterday in ...
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Should I ask for a diagnosis?

I have recently begun therapy for social anxiety due to childhood trauma. I am pretty high-functioning, but I struggle in making close relationships and social interactions in many different settings. I have virtually no close friends outside of my husband and really only feel comfortable with immediate family. I'm pretty avoidant in general. This has permeated my life and held me back in so many different ways. I feel disconnected with my true self. I ...
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Couples and Individual therapy: conflict of interest?

Do you guys think it's appropriate for a therapist to see my wife and I for couples counseling and at the same time treat my wife for mental health? The original consultation was for the couples counseling, and I set it up. But at that first session, she suggested she see my wife as well -- saving time by not having my wife find another therapist for individual. She saw me a couple times one ...
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Do you ever feel "too smart" for your therapist?

Now please don't misunderstand me, I'm not trying to say I'm some kinda genius or smarter than my therapist. What I mean is, sometimes, I feel like I'm just a bit too quick on the pick up for my own good. I'm a Psych major in college and a naturally curious person who enjoys reading articles on psychology and self-help books. Well, actually, it's more like I do it half because I enjoy it and ...
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Weird abrupt termination by therapist

I had been seeing a female therapist (I’m male) for 5 years. I’ll call her L. She is 48, but married. I am 50 and never been married. I started seeing her when a relationship I had with a woman working in my department turned tumultuous. I suppose I was at a place in my life where I really wanted a relationship to endure because, I’ve never really known that my whole life. So, the ...
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When Psychotherapy goes Wrong!

I was in therapy for 18 months which made me whole lot worse.
There was warning signs but my keyworker didn't listen to me. Warning signs such as "Can I change therapist"? And there response was "I had to work through love transference"
So months later I reported to my Occupation therapist I been having suicidal thoughts after therapy and feeling whole lot worse. My Occupation therapist thought it was because I was talking about ...
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Confused about where to go next- resistant to treatment

I ended therapy after 2 years about 3 months ago. In that time I saw a counsellor for a few sessions, but I have decided to give that up in order to reflect a little before jumping in again.

Throughout the two years there was progress and I feel stronger then I used to in terms of how long self defeating cycles last and my ability to stop myself when I start beating myself up. ...
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