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Sudden Nausea as I fall asleep...

For a year now I have been plagued by nausea that accompanies the onset of sleep. I can go to bed feeling perfectly normal, no anxiety, no nausea, nothing. Then as soon as I drift off I am jolted awake by a pang of nausea. Over and over and over.

Has anyone experienced this before? My doctors have no idea what to do with me...
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Sleep problems

I’ve been struggling with sleep since I was in high school. I’m almost 21 now so it’s been a long time having to deal with this. My main problem is the excessive sleepiness during the day. No matter how hard I try I cannot stay awake during the day. At night, even if I have forced myself to stay awake all day, I can’t seem to fall asleep at night. However it isn’t like this ...
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Weird and annoying noises while I sleep

I have often been told I make weird and annoying noises while I sleep. I decided to record myself and at first, I couldn't believe that what I was hearing was actually me. It sounds as if I was hitting drumsticks together. And my wife says they are sounds coming from my mouth!

Anybody ever had the same? or do you know if this syndrome has a name?
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Sleep cycle length?

Hi all,

I am interested in existing research about the length of sleep cycle and suspect that I myself might have a relatively short sleep cycle (~60 min instead the average 90 min). Any pointers or resources would be welcome. Thanks in advance.
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I think I have advanced sleep phase syndrome

On an average day, my tiredness begins in the late afternoon and then around 6.00pm - 8.00pm is the time I most want to go to bed and feel very sleepy. If I go to bed within this period I manage to fall asleep straight away and have decent sleep until waking up between 1.00am - 4.00am, and then I struggle to get back to sleep.

I find that if I push past 8.00pm I ...
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Is there a solution for delayed sleep phase syndrome?

Greetings folks.
I really need some help with Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS) which seems to be getting worse. Sleep time is now 6 - 8am so you can imagine, this is making life very difficult indeed.
I have trawled the internet looking for answers and I'm just wondering if anyone has ever been 'cured' of this, and if so, how?
There are lots of descriptions of symptoms out there by fellow-sufferers (which are almost ...
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Sleep Paralysis?

Anyone here ever experience this? If so.. what were your experiences?
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Trying to figure out if this is from psych issue or...


Hi all, I dont think Ive ever posted on this site but I lurked around a lot before finally making an account a few months back and now I have a question...

I have multiple psych conditions including... Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, CPTSD, OCD, Agoraphobia, and Major Depressive Disorder.

Lately... like the last month... ive been sleeping ridiculous amounts and im still exhausted. I dont know what's going on and am unable ...
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Extremly Vivid Dtreams for ADHD and Bipolar

I dont take medicine as I can function very well and I can for the most part control my bipolar. I was wondering if anyone else has extremely vivd dreams aswell like if it was a youtube video it would be easily 1080P. My dreams are normally extremely weird and jumpy with sometimes it being mundane and other times it being fantasy. I cant really explain some dreams due to how jumpy they are ...
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Have no clue what it is.?!..

When i was a kid i used to have these strange episodes before i sleep...usually occur while im awake closing my eyes and focusing in the dark...when it occurs...i have very increase in focus with strong violent feelings like i became a different person for some time ..sounds and thought are amplified too much...i was afraid when it occured the first couple times...then when i grew up i kinda trigger it from time to time ...
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