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Having a 30-year old crisis or not ever want to have kids?

I dont know where to put this but im guessing here.

Im soon 30 and i dont have any serious health problems but i never had a long relationship, ive met narcissist and "badboys" leaving me heartbroken many times, and when i try to date a more nice guy i just dont feel anything.. now i just took a bachelor´s degree and applying for jobs.. I came out of a terrible narcissistic relationship a few ...
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Abortion question

To anyone who has had one. How bad did it hurt. How long does the procedure take? Is the pill better than the actual surgery? Thanks!
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Telling Employer About Pregnancy

I haven't worked in the past year, due to Bipolar episodes and severe anxiety surrounding social and occupational situations.

Well, I'm now 14 weeks pregnant and my partner recently got laid off so that means I need to get a job asap.

I'm not exactly showing yet, but it won't be long as I'm quite small and this is my 3rd child. My question is, when do I tell (future) employers that I'm pregnant? Are ...
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Do Vaginal cramps mean a for sure period?

My girlfriend's period is due tomorrow and she is getting vaginal cramps(not abdominal cramps). does this rule out pregnancy? In other words is it almost 100% certain a period is arriving? I'm just really anxious and my OCD is going crazy.
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Once PMS Symptoms occur 3 days after sex then she can't be p

My girlfriend wants to know.

Is this correct. I'd like to point out she is experiencing PMS( at the time she usually experiences it every month) after having what you could "technically" call sex 3 days ago( it was literally in for no more than 15 seconds with no movement and then it came out. No ejaculation or even close). Would you say that she is "pretty much" in the clear at this point. I ...
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Chances of Pregnancy?

i know it is theoretically possible but from what i understand pre cum ALONE doesn't contain any sperm. from what i understand it is used as a lubricant to make the trip for sperm much easier. it comes from the prostate i think. anyways more details.....

I urinated before hand( coincidentally) which according to my research flushes out any leftover sperm that could be swept up in the pre cum.

Another thing to note the ...
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Strange Period...


I've always be terrified of getting pregnant, it's the last thing I need, ever since starting to have sex I've always be anxious about getting pregnant, I get really paranoid and worry about it a lot, any tiny sign of getting pregnant I get test, regularly, it probably doesn't help that I have sex un-protective (I can't stand condoms), I'm on the micro pill which I've read online that it's not the best and ...
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fear of miscarriage

Hi. I don't know if anyone here can help, but I thought it would be good for me just to let out my fear and talk about it some. I'm about 11 weeks pregnant and everything was fine so far, but last night I had a dream that I was having a miscarriage, and it felt so horrible and I was crying so much about it.
When I woke up, I had to check that ...
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gettinga women pregnant abve 40

I got a women pregnant whenshe was 21 she wants another baby that will proably happen at the age of 41 so I wanna know any opinion on thechild risk being healty
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News: Positive Pregnancy tests on sale

The latest buzz around- recently there has been noticed a flushing of Craigslist ads that are selling positive pregnancy tests.As per the reports, in May, a woman in Buffalo had offered her positive pregnancy test for $25, as she knew of its dying demand.
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