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What happened to a person

I was fatter, wilder, and all over the place. I had a kid wasn't sure if I would get supported after a cheating boyfriend. It all made sense to those who learned of my ways after the fact and some in the moment. Not to make any excuse wrong doing is just that wrong doing. I blame myself because I was who I was in the moment in random act of violence I'm speaking of, ...
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Post natal depression..

I had this when I had my daughter and I didn't even know I had it until she was an adult.

I went quite literally mad and it turned into psychosis and unfortunately resentment towards my child. However because I was never diagnosed I'm only guessing it was to do with having a child.

I just wanna say that if you're a new mother (any age) and you feel inadequate, depressed, resentful or like you've ...
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Ran out of suppliments and still cant get a grip.

I tried meditation but, only worked during my period. For some reason I feel normal when I am on period and happy still emotional. When my period slows down and I am off of it I get aggravated again and not a mom I want to be. I never thought I would be this way as a mom. I feel so guilty about how I am cause, so many people if they saw me would ...
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Postpartum Psychosis Recovery

Hello all,

I suffered postpartum psychosis after the birth of my first child. It has been almost 5 months since my episode. The most serious symptoms resolved within 3 weeks of being on meds, but I am currently depressed (taking medication for that) and also experiencing a near-constant feeling of depersonalization/derealization that's constantly got me worried that I will be stuck in this phase forever or that I will revert back into psychosis. It's like ...
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Feeling a little better

I am doing better than I was. I am taking St. Johns wart now. Dont get me wrong I still fuss at times. My baby is very active and she is hating diaper changes so, she moves alot. She is showing her independence now. I realize my husband caused my Anxiety to become extreme. Now taking St. Johns wart I am starting to try and pay him no mind like when I was on the ...
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Still trying to get s handle on this.

I am not able to seek help. I come here to vent. I dont drive and I have been doing better. I haven't said I hate you to my baby since she was 4 months. I did today. I love her so much. My mind when either sleepy or I am hormonal I tend to get agitated. I know what it is I had it before.I was taking meds for anxiety and fibromyalgia it helped ...
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Postpartum depression and anxiety

I am currently breastfeeding my 5 month old. I am on wellbutrin and prozac, however, my anxiety level has gone through the roof. I feel like I can't talk to people or be around people. I get so nervous to the point of panic. My doctor prescribed me Bromazepam. He didn't really tell me if I am able to take this medication while breastfeeding. I would only take 3mg or 6mg if it's bad. I ...
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I am a lost dad

Hello all,

I searched a bit for some forum or board or something to talk and get more info. My wife and I just had our first baby boy but I have a daughter whose 10 from a previous relationship. The moment I found out we were having a baby was nothing but excitement telling everyone getting everything ready! I was so excited to meet the little guy it was crazy!

My son was born ...
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Gonna be quick. Wasnt duagnosed ith ppd but, have had anxiety after birth 8 months ago. I LOVE MY BABY GIRL. I wanted her so bad. I almost lost her at the beginning of my pregnancy. I am blessed she is healthy and here. I havent been a good mom. When she came home I was making it and just was awed by her. She is my first and gonna be only. Went first month ...
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I just don't care...

Firstly I have Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder already. Secondly I had my daughter five months ago. For the first few months I defied all the odds and dealt with it all really well, had overwhelming love for her and generally felt stable and happy. In the last couple of months I've had depression, not specific to motherhood though, in fact I felt very much looking after my daughter was the ONE thing I ...
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