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What is imagery rescripting and how does it work?

Hello! Please tell me more about how this therapeutic technique helps to work with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). What are its main pros and cons?
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Dr. Janina Fisher's "Healing the Fracture Selves..."

I have a preliminary diagnosis based on screening interview and submitted written history of c-PTSD. Please advise if there is a better sub for this.

CSA as a toddler -- no memory of it, but fairly radical observed behaviour change -- much quieter, and extreme modesty. This was followed by emotional neglect until I left home. Dad was always a bit remote. After heart surgery when I was 14 he came home with only a ...
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Dreams - a different view

It's been 47 years since my trauma. I still have debilitating dreams. I have come to imagine the dreams as knotted up muscles in my brain, and the physical fear as painful gas bubbles buried deep beneath layers and layers of knotted up muscles (dreams). Once the gas bubbles begin to come through it may become too painful and the knotted up muscles push it back again. By controlling the dream the gas is released ...
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I'm a bad daughter

I've been having so many terrible flashbacks (times of abuse) and flashfowards (imagining what will happen in the future). I feel like a little child though I'm really a youngish adult. I have schizophrenia and PTSD, and I keep hearing today, "you're a bad daughter, you're a bad daughter." It hurts so badly. Every little sound comes as a sign against me, every spoken word feels like pain that I caused. My mom used to ...
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Living with my former abuser

I live a state that swings between confusion and happiness. Though I work as a teacher and live a full adult life, due to my disability (schizophrenia), I stay with my mother, who abused me for years, especially as a teenager and young adult. Let me stress, she is currently one of the most lovely people you could know. She shows me genuine care as well as though around her. When she abused me, she ...
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tips for going to sleep?

so, long story short, my trauma involves beds and being asleep, along with being in a house setting. though im sure other people also struggle with going to bed. the whole sitting in place, waiting to go to sleep thing, only leaves me open to think, and it usually spirals from there into flashbacks and intrusive memories that keep me up all night.
i've struggled with this for a long time and i find that ...
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Is this the best forum/subforum to discuss cPTSD?

Sorry if this is a silly question. Is this the best forum/subforum to discuss cPTSD? Especially in the context of complex trauma rather than PTSD itself. If this is not, which one is?

to put the question in the bigger perspective, i just discovered that all my mental difficulties that are very difficult to classify (ADHD, BP, BPD, atypical depression, dysthymia, adjustment disorder, PTSD, anger management, anxiety, social phobia, emotional overeating, addictive personality, ASD, etc) ...
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I do not know where this new feeling of snobbiness came fro?

I was happy and confident for a while before I started grad school. I also lead a life alone without a social life because I just never made any friends in high school and in college I got busy. I am that quiet person. Also suffered PSTD from high school so now I have avoidant personality disorder. When I went to grad school, I had the idea that I would be able to start over ...
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my story, opinions?

hii, i don't know if this is the right place to tell my story but i wanted to share it somewhere. I have to tell my therapist next tuesday and i'm terrified and i want to hear some opinions or just talk about it with strangers first. It's about sex so it can be triggering for some, sorry <3

As far as i know i was never sexually abused, and i think everything started because ...
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I have never felt before that I was an angry person. I’ve felt angry. I have experienced anger. But I never felt like I had BECOME an angry person.

This year I feel like that has changed. I had a rough day today. And it’s been a rough year. Not the word I’ve ever had, but relentlessly stressful. Today I feel like anger has eaten me all up and I e become a part of ...
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