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I hate the person I've become

I was sexually assaulted about six years ago, and it took me a few years to admit what happened to me. I was diagnosed with PTSD last year.
Now, I already had depression and anxiety, so I was emotionally unstable to begin with.
I've become incredibly irritable and angry, even over minor things. I'm hyperalert and jumpy, too, to the point where my reactions are way out of proportion.
I feel contaminated, like I wasn't ...
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Is it me or what is happening

Hello there

I have suffered abuse at intervals throughout my life and have bouts of depression, sometimes very deep.
The few years of my life have been devoted to healing from trauma and addiction.
My life has yet to fully get started and Im struggling to find my way, causing intense worry and sadness.
I'm quite a sensitive person and the role I'm falling into is of a poor victim.
It doesn't suit me but ...
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Anger and numbness in trauma

Does anybody else feel like they are completely numb inside most of the time and although you may laugh, talk seemingly as normal, inside is still numbness. The only feeling that 'I feel occasionally is Anger, other than when I am triggered by certain circumstances or nightmares
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Is this a flashback or just anxiety?

So I have these thoughts about things that have happened in my past that play out like a nightmare in my head but I can’t wake up because I’m already awake. Most of the time when I have these thoughts they will make me panic instantly. They are based on what happened, but they’re more exaggerated. So for example when I was younger I would get in the car with a girl who had been ...
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Merry Christmas

To everyone here, especially to all those who regularly offer support to others, wishing you a Merry Christmas and hoping for good things for you and those close to you in the new year.

Merry Christmas !!
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PTSD increasing BPD ASPD traits. TW suicde murder

Hi, I'm new here and have multiple diagnosis, the primary being BPD (30 years of crazy) and secondary psychopathy/co-morbid ASPD alongside PTSD and the development of agoraphobia and GAD.

I guess this post is simply to put my current situation and the events leading up to it in words
Plus it's reassuring to know I'm not alone in having to deal with really awful things (misery loves company).

Where to start... ok, so my PTSD ...
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Will it ever go away?

My trauma (life threatening, real) happened when I was 14. Repressed it. Knew something was there but couldn’t quite place a finger on it. When I was 36 it came back to me in bits and pieces. Very confusing but managed to understand it more and more. I am now 58 and still suffer from night terrors and flashbacks. The flashbacks can be difficult because it’s like one ear and one eye are in one ...
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It May Seem Impossible

Today has been the breakthrough I've been hoping for. So many questions-so few answers was my life. Today light has shown on what was hidden under many layers of humanitity at its truest state. Some layers natural, some self constructed, while others programmed to destroy. I am posting to say I am thankful for forgiveness and for Hope. I know it may seem impossible but love will find the way if you never give up. ...
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I dont know what this is, can any of you help?

Is having 1 second flashbacks that you dont remember a thing? I'm kinda confused as to what this is. I'm pretty sure I have repressed memories (I cant remember anything before the age of 8), so I dont know if this is connected,
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Remembering Two Outcomes of a Single Event?

Hello all, adult child abuse survivor here. One of the most frustrating things I think about my trauma is that it's sometimes hard to remember it, or to remember exactly what happened, and I'm never sure if my memories are real or not. Like, what if I'm just making them up? Or what if I'm over-exaggerating them and thus giving myself PTSD based on false/amplified memories? But that's besides the point. My main concern right ...
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