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Permission to remember...

As you may or may not be aware I'm seeking help at the moment for childhood trauma.

I've only been having the anxiety about this trauma for the past couple of years and it's been almost debilitating and caused me many problems in my personal life.

Anyway the therapy is still in the early stages but I've already started have memories of things that I really couldn't remember before. In fact it's been interrupting my ...
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Dissociation Caused by Triggers?

So a while back, someone here said EMDR can sometimes be contraindicated in people with cPTSD because they experience a lot of dissociation.

I've been asking around, and now I have some extra questions.

I was told elsewhere the reason why it increases dissociation is because people with severe trauma already have a very narrow therapeutic window (between hyperawarenes and hypoawareness/dissociative states) - and the EMDR process would have to be very closely monitored or ...
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Auditory hallucinations

Does anyone else hear voices from their PTSD? If so, what is it like for you?

I hear dissociated voices sometimes and my therapist told me that can happen with PTSD.
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Weird Symptom

Not sure if this is a symptom of ptsd or not but here goes.

Right so first of all comes the panic attack and all the confusion and paranoia and everything like that.

Then it's as though I forget it completely and the panic goes away and then all of a sudden it all starts again and I'm in that situation again. It's like I'm stuck and I can't do anything to make it stop ...
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PTSD and Friendships (Help?)

Good day everyone,

I wanted to make a post on here because I have been struggling with having any meaningful friendships for 11 years now and it's driving me crazy at this point. It all happened in the seventh grade when I was 13 years old. My mom decided to pull me out of public school and put me into homeschooling. Her unfounded and paranoid concerns were that I'd get into severely bad things if ...
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Semi impulsive buying, being a parent and feeling childlike.

Hey im diagnosed with cptsd..
Sorry a longish one.

I guess the reason for my ramblings is for accountability and to hear others experience with similar feelings and struggles

I've been noticing more and more how I get kinda impulsive and radical with buying stuff when I'm on a low... It's usually either craft related of toy related.. Mixed with wanting to give my daughter all the things I never had, aswell as fulfill a ...
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So much!

There's so much I don't eve know where to start.
Molested 3 times by different men before I was 10, childhood physical and mental abuse from father, raped at gunpoint at 17, domestic violence filled engagement at 19-21, met a wonderful man at 22 and got married at 23. His mother was absolutely horrible to me. First 7 years of our marriage was awful. We are finally in a good place together since her passing. ...
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My memory is all over the place and I see parts of it as if it were a movie.

In this movie its dark and I see a child.

She's got no face. She wears dark clothes and a dark hood..

This child is me but she also feels really separate. She's actually in hell and she's all alone.

I'm gonna rescue her. I'm gonna go to where she is, take her by the hand ...
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Non Combat PTSD

It is 15 years since my Diagnosis. I may have posted here about this issue, but can not find anything of mine on the subject.

What follows is my own opinion only, and could be seen as a progress report perhaps?

When I was first seen, I had started reacting strongly to very harsh childhood abuse. I was in my mid 30s when it began to be clear that there were emotional things going on ...
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