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Bad text i wanted to share anyway :)

This is a translation of something i wrote. Keep in mind that English isn’t my native language and that is is the translation but i wanted to share zven is it is not perfect at all..
i also wanted to reassure you that i am not in danger, i will not kill myself like one might think after reading it
I am a dying princess
A fragile flower withering into this human mess

I am ...
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It hard to swim
When your already drowning
It hard to kick
When the currents got your legs
It hard to breathe
When the water choking you
It hard to scream
When you can't talk
It's even harder
When you go a foot deep-
Cause who wants to swim?
If no one cares if you stink
Who wants to kick
If no one cares when you move
Who wants to scream
If no one ...
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A thinking of brain, not the heart

Hi everyone, I don't know what is this country, maybe american. A short time ago I read the lyric by David Bowie. He said I am afraid of americans, I am afraid of the world. The americans don't want to be a slow psychichiatry what is terrible for me.
I couldn't use this "bulletin board" very good, so the poem what I wrote was deleted, I wrote a poem for the psychforums, because I like ...
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By....*mod edit*
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Poem I wrote about Csa

The Devil cannot touch me for I have lived my hell
The sting of the eternal flames can only touch my shell
The root of me has long been gone upon the darkened grass
The little girl who was carefree has long come to pass
The sunshine hits my face no more
The breeze does not touch my skin
O how I long for then
For yesterday was bright as ...
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Hell ...

The road to hell,
is paved with little lies.
And slowly but surely,
what we were dies.

It is all too easy,
when no one cares.
And all that is left,
are sordid little affairs.

Hell is the place,
reserved for indifference,
Not one of those there,
are dissidents.

They have a hell,
all of their own.
Forever condemned,
to be alone.
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To Miss C

O sublime sylph,
Witty, charming, clever,
A lover of music,
Novelist and poet.

But you, like me,
Were troubled by Morpheus,
Who gave you haunting dreams,
Disturbing your sleep,
And leaving you bleary eyed in the morning.

In the end we had to part,
But I will never forget you.
You will live forever
In my heart.
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To Miss C

You came into my life
One autumn day
You turned it upside down
Releasing a torrent
Of emotions.
Now it is over
But I am grateful
For what we had.
I will never forget you
I miss you so much.
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Dying ...

Reach out if you can.
Find the path at your feet.
Never, never, never,
accept defeat.

Someone will save you,
though no one has yet.
You’ll find a way,
of that you can bet.

Roll those dice,
again and again.
Try not to notice,
all of the pain.

Better to die trying,
than trying to die.
But you may wonder,
what the hell why.

No one said life was easy,
that’s true.
But when it ...
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Spin ...

Everything is relative.
Absolutes are hard to find.
And our lives are just,
a state of mind.

You’d think it would be easy,
to spin things as we’d desire.
Make our world so beautiful.
Set our hearts on fire.

But something hold us back.
Something we just don’t understand.
And it simply won’t let go,
no matter how desperately we demand.

The spin we ought to have,
somehow escapes us every time.
And this is ...
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