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The Storm

A poem I wrote a few months ago...

Mother I am broken you see,
I can't handle much more.
I look around at my life,
in shambles on the floor.
I see the dark clouds outside,
are the rain drops tears for me?
My tears flow from my eyes,
making it harder to see.
Blinding me time and time again,
the lightning flashes before my eyes.
Every time it happens,
A part of me dies. ...
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Amateur hour...

Crown and Coke
Jack and Smoke

I love them both
Don't tell me nope

Amber liquid seeps through my brain
faster than a ######6 train

Talking $#%^ all the time
When I'm drunk #######4 starts to rhyme

People hate me
That's okay.
It's all about me,
That's what they say.

Too much drama, too much chaos
Pot and kettle,
Trauma Trauma

Delusional outcast
Must be fake
No personality
That's what they say.

But there is ...
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Artificial Walls

Here's a poem I wrote about the psyche ward many years ago.

Artificial Walls

There's a man who plays the violin within the artificial walls
She dances to his melody within the artificial walls
Some say her life is empty
But she says her life is full
Of dreams
and full of fantasy
Within the artificial walls

It was a nurse who said to my mother on one of my stays in the hospital, "This ...
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Lavishly Loved

unpartitioned spaces of my mind the delivery unkind
holding polling you The factory matts I might as well hack
Severely needed in your semen, fickle love to shove . the blinded ears of his are near
I think tis the season of healing this ducks of sea of love . another blinded dove ..
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I Love You

I love you until the sky cracks open and the stars burst into the night

I love you like the calmest of waters run deep and the roughest of oceans kiss the shores with gentle white horses on clear moonlit nights.

I love you like the night time air touches my skin and clothes me with its fresh darkness

I love you as the moon guides me when I lose my way home

I love ...
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Beyond the Self

The self is suspicious
Of alien intention
It learned that conspicuous
Attracts all attention
Hiding what is malicious
Will lead to invention
Of alternate versions
The self procreation
Which breeds variations
Of one's true identity
Unmasked by a context
Of undefined density
A puppet of sorts
Of alien intention
Repeating a song
For far to much long
Without a vacation
The self will absorb
The sun as an orb
The sea as a rod
Of ...
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The curse

At the center of all matter
Lies the illusion of space
Words are so dense they flatter
A compliment to the race
Of people who dance no matter
Whatever conditions they face
The joy they experience after
The heart becomes void of hate
The reasons we turn into darkness
Are intrinsically bound to the fate
Of one who sees no laughter
In the eyes of a friendly shape
Alone can not with others
Allow himself ...
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The silent voice

There once was a boy
That did not talk
He was shy but not coy
Through the streets he walked
His mind would flood with thoughts
Monologue of perpetual circular motion
He didn't had the notion
He was trapped inside the inner circle of consciousness

He heard others express opinions
But remained silent with his mind empty
Has others talked
Eventually he would drift away
And created an elaborate opinion if his own
Sometimes for ...
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The blob

Burrowed deep
In the Dark Forest
Bellow a sinuous creek
The roots of an ancient oak are stirred
As a blob awakens
From its winter slumber
At first it shakens
Then burps a thunder
Time has turned it
Into dense viscosity
It feeds on illusion
From ego construction
It chokes on the spirit
Of freedom of Nature
What craves the most
Is knowledge abolishment
And to erase the deep connection
Between all which is alive ...
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This Is Her Gift

She loves him
He's got her core
She doesn't know if he understands what that means

She loves him
That's the girl inside
Not the soldier who guards the bolted door

She loves him
She woke up when he came
And she fought the ones who have kept her safe

She loves him
She can give him the rose
That has grown in the warmth of his sun

This is her gift
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