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The Queen's Gambit (Netflix)

I just finished watching it last night and it had a deep impact on me. The author is a very talented writer who wrote the color of money (made into a movie) and so was its sequel.
I have tried writing but I have zero talent in all aspects of life.
I am a reprint publisher but when I try to publish my own work, it is always a flop. I also played chess but ...
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A song I made many years ago

A square and a rectangle went to see
Triangle who was living in the deep blue sea
Square said to rectangle "look at me"
"I'm sitting on top of triangle"
Tra la la la la la triangle
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Perfect (House For Dolls)

Sitting in the perfect house
Perfect picture
Pretty ######6 perfect dolls
Perfect daughter, perfect son
Perfect mother, perfect life
Sitting in a perfect row
Matching dresses
Plaited hair, made you look good, pretend to care
A photograph upon the wall
What the ###$, it's perfect!
So what, then is all this ######6 fuss about?

There is a darkness that's growing like a blackout blind, it's blocking out the light.
There's a dog leash hanging up ...
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I hate you Alice

Because you will always be better than me
In every way
I could never compare
I will never be thin enough
You will always haunt me
And I hate you
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And The Raven Cries

She's a girl, not grown but clad in armour. She carries her sword and her shield and she shivers in the shadow of what she has become.

She can make no sense of what she can see as she sits in the darkness forever.

Just shapes in the blackness moving from side to side.

She can hear his voice but knows not what he says.

And in the darkness he has grown all twisted and ...
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In His Shoes

She thought he was dead.
She saw the mound of soil that covered his body.
She saw the headstone with his name and date of death
Then she heard him speak
She looked in the mirror and saw his face
She smelt him in the air
She felt his skin in her hand
She felt his heart beat fast in her chest
She spoke the words he would use in anger and in pain
She ...
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Age of Deceit

Today in America truth is treason in the Age of Deceit
And there’s no blindness like self conceit

Today in America forgotten are the lessons and wisdom of old
And the love of so many has grown dark and cold

Today in America the cross of the church is covered in stains of rust
And the Sunday services only pander to their own lust

Today in America the schools teach our youth division and fear ...
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A Shadow For Shelter

Her life is a dusty road,
It's wide and well lit.
A full spectrum of colour
Yet the movie's in just black and white.

A million featureless faces, the people who she once met.
Just scattered and separate,
Strangers at best.

They don't know her name.
She's a girl they'll forget but a girl who could listen,
Dry eyed as they share dirty secrets.

No sun,
It's not cold and it's dry but for pools ...
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Fear creeps in

Extinguishing light with his thick, dark cloak and drapes himself across the tables and chairs

He walks his fingers up her spine. Making her shiver, the hairs on her neck stand on end.

He fills the room with a frosty chill

And she's frozen
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Locked Up

Two black eyes and a broken nose

She's got blood on her clothes

Bare feet, a dirty face and a smile from ear to ear. 

She doesn't care what you say, she'll just laugh in your face as you take her prints and lock her away. 
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