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Uh weird question... stress induced barfing?

So, does anxiety and stress cause stomach problems, specifically vomiting? Whenever I'm super stressed I feel nauseous, my stomach feels rotten and I might vomit eventually. Once that happens the symptoms are gone. No flu symptoms or food poisoning afterwards. I've been to a ton of doctors, even a gastroenterologist and they just have no idea what it is. They all give up and say it's stress.
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A few months ago, I started to get swollen lips, for no apparent reason. I would wake up in the morning, and one of my lips would have swollen overnight. By the following day, it would have gone down again.

Because of the random nature of these events, I have only ever been able to see my GP with it once, as it only ever lasts 24 hours, and then it subsides. She did prescribe ...
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Does Anyone know if Buproprion HCL 75 mg tablet cause gain?

I am taking a Buproprion HCL tablet 75 mg. On the tablet it says GG 929, purple pill from the makers of Sandoz pharmaceuticals. My question is does this particular pill cause weight gain? I have taken a lot of pills for the past nine months and have gained 50 lbs. Please help.
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Bulged Veins

Is it normal to have very visible veins? The veins on the back of my hands are always visible, and can be seen at anytime. When I contract my biceps, I have veins going up and down the back of my arms (The side with my elbow.) These veins are green, while the veins in my legs are blue and purple. I also have very visible veins on my right side of my chest, you ...
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anxiety and celiac

Alright, I'm gonna try not to make this too long.. I'm 17 and I've had anxiety pretty much for as long as I can remember. Though pretty much just social anxiety. It doesn't affect my life much except that I don't have too many friends (really.. i have like one friend and she lives in a different country. though she's kind of the best and has helped me through SO much), but it's cool with ...
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Strategies for Maximum Adrenal Function

Seeing as I am mentally ill, it has occurred with me on several occasions that adrenal health is of the utmost importance.

Do you have any strategies when dealing with your adrenal health?

I find milk thistle is of possible benefit, however, this winter I am truly interested in focusing on adrenal health.

Do you think that psuedo ephedrine in small doses is of benefit or perhaps it worsens adrenal health? I mean short bursts ...
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Letting go of my fears/worries makes me extremely bloated?!

Hi all,

I am new to this forum. I am writing with what I consider to be a strange issue! I don't know why my body responds this way and I am quite annoyed by it. I will try to explain the best I can and hope somebody has experienced something similar or can guide me to possible remedies:

So I have suffered with general anxiety disorder for some years now. You can say that ...
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Body hurts after singing

Hey everybody, I've been singing classically for about a year now and while I feel like I'm making progress it's still not easy to keep up with it. I sometimes get physically worn out after singing- as in, I don't feel like I have the energy to keep going and my body feels weak. I know my technique can be bad, but I've finally reached a stage where I realize what it is I'm exactly ...
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Chronic Pain and Depression cycle

I broke my neck many years ago in a car accident. I use medical marijuana for pain management and SOMA only for acute pain episodes. I am sick of feeling like I am a bad person, lazy, drug addict, depressed. I realized recently I am not a horrible person. I am in cycle of chronic debilitating pain that is progressively getting worse. This pain causes depression and suicidal thoughts. Years of judgement and self hatred. ...
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For once in my life, i am not being paranoid.

I thought some freckles on my arm looked a little off, and it was worrying me, and i reverted to the ABCDE's of melanoma and the Ugly Duckling sign to see if it was anything to be worried about.

I go see my doc next wednesday, but needless to say i have 4/5 of the ABCDE's, lacking diameter, but not for long as mine are ...
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