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Hello everyone. I'm a 16 year old girl and I need advice about pain. Recently I've been in a lot of pain.
1. My neck, back it hurts a lot. I mean it is endurable but it's a pain. Lol. Anyway it hurts.
2. My knees hurt a lot too. Especially when I go down the stairs or do squats.
3. These days I am very sluggish and have no energy at all. It's hard. ...
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Anyone ever heard of PNES?

A few months ago I began experiencing what I thought was sleep tremors, where my body would jerk like someone had put an electric current to my spinal cord. I noticed when I was stressed it got worse. Then it started happening during the day. I wouldn't lose consciousness but I pretty much was immobilized with these seizure-like events...my whole body would jerk and spasm for several minutes. I went to the ER and it ...
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Chronic back pain + I swear I became shorter

I see this forum hardly gets any traffic, but I'll post anyway.

For one, I've been experiencing some serious back pain on a daily basis for awhile now. I don't know for sure how long it's been, but I believe I've endured roughly 4 months of it. It's become gradually worse. I know this is a very common problem, but it's one thing to have chronic back pain in your 50's, but at my age ...
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anyone with memory issues

i have really bad memory issues and constantly forget what im doing and whats going on it drives me crazy and makes things really hard and complicated sometimes people come up to me and i don't know who they are although they clearly know me well or i forget where i am and it scares me does anyone else have this issue how do you cope with it
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Heart problems? Or just overstressed?


I'm a 20 year old male and have (P)OCD. I have had A LOT of stress lately because of the ocd, personal problems, school, anxiety, ..

Right now my heart is acting weird , it feels like it could stop. Is this because of the stress? Am I maybe having a sort of anxiety/panic attack?
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Short-Term Memory Exercise

You know that you should exercise to keep your body fit, but did you know that you should also do some exercises for your brain to keep your brain fit? Your brain is like a muscle and it must be worked out every so often so that you can stay as sharp as possible. One of the ways you can work your brain is to do some exercises for short term memory. Short-term memory is ...
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im the only one in the world. maybe.

I'm 19 years old, and ive known about my conditions for all my life.
I was born with two rare neurological conditions. Moebius syndrome, and schizencephaly.
when I was born (1997) only 7 people in the UK had been born with schizencephaly and 5 of those people were dead.
from my understanding there are about 200 people with Moebius syndrome in the UK. They are rare in their own right, but to the best of ...
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Swollen lymph nodes

so today I woke up and it hurt to swallow on my left side of my neck. I was feeling around and noticed a couple swollen lymph nodes. Due to me having anxiety and hypocondria I am thinking the worst. Anyone have any remedies or anything that may help? I haven't been sick so that wouldn't be the cause.
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Breast Cancer or Puberty

First I will like to say sorry if I put this in the wrong place. But ive been getting a little freaked out about this. Quick question. Can I, a teenaged male have breast cancer ? Or is it puberty. When I squeeze either nipple, clear liquid comes out of the nipple. My right breast hurts temporarily at some points. If its sore or something. And both nipples feel kind of itchy, or uncomfortable sometimes. ...
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Worrying too much, overthinking,.. --> physical problems?


I was wondering if worrying too much, overthinking and OCD can cause severe headaches/short memory loss which mostly feel almost constant? I read about possible brain tumours if u have many headaches and short memory loss. I also have short memory loss for quite a time now.
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