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What to do when my friend faints?

I have a friend who faints.

She says before she faints, she temporarily goes blind, and deaf, and then faints.

She says she thinks it has something to do with the heat.

Idk, if this makes a difference, maybe the fainting she experiences was caused by bumping her head when she was 3.

She also had to get fungus cut out of her stomach she says, Idk if that has anything to do with the ...
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Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps to regulate the level of calcium and phosphorous in the body. It helps to build strong bones and strong teeth. It also prevents Osteoporosis, a disease that makes your bone very prone to fracture.

When the level of calcium in the blood reduces, the body moves calcium from the bones to the blood. This results in loss bone mass. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium from the food. Without the consumption ...
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Weight Loss Benefits of Eating Vegetables

Vegetables are low in fat and calories, a good source of dietary fiber and provide us with extra energy. All these features help control weight effectively. Being low in calories enables us to eat lots of vegetables without consuming excess energy, the high fiber content also helps fill the stomach faster limiting the total amount of food consumed. The presence of many vitamins and other chemicals in vegetables supply the body with nutrients necessary to ...
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Important information about swine flu

Swine flu is the common name given to a new strain of influenza (flu). It is called swine flu because it is thought to have originated in pigs, but this is not certain.

People with swine flu typically have a fever or high temperature (over 38°C) and may also have aching muscles, sore throat and/or a dry cough (see Symptoms). In other words, the symptoms are very similar to seasonal (regular) flu. Most people recover ...
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There is going to be some big news about HIV/AIDS.
I think this is going to happen in the next few months.

It will be on the news, I'm bringing the message.
I've been chosen to bring a message.

I can't say too much yet, because I have people trying to kill me and I need to talk to someone, but soon everyone will know.

It's all true.
It's all going to happen soon.
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I just got my first cavity. They are drilling it in 6 hours, hence, I cannot sleep. I am extremely upset that my perfect smile will be ruined. I won best smile back in high school. It's terrible.
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I underwent a massive hemorrhoidectomy about 6 weeks ago (removed over 10 blood clots, including internal ones that required stitches).

I know this isn't the BEST place to ask for physical advice, but was wondering if anyone on these forums has had a similar issue (anal fissures/tears/roids/etc) and could share their recovery experience? I am still unable to use a toilet - use my bathtub to make bowel movements. My doctor prescribed miralax 2-4x ...
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Blood pressure monitor

My husband suffers from high blood pressure, but refuses to see a doctor. I've purchased a home blood pressure monitor
that tracks results for up to three weeks. While I think the home monitor is a great guide, I'm not sure I trust its accuracy. Does anyone know if home blook pressure monitoring kits are considered accurate, and are there any operation tips you can suggest to improve accuracy? Thanks!
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Relief for Migraine pain

Topamax is for the prevention of migranes. It will not treat the pain of an existing migrane.

The best migrane way to get relief from migrane pain is with something in the tryptan family, such as Imitrex. There are quite a few others as well. You can get some relief from the nausea with phenergan. It does an amazing job with nausea. Be careful, it will probably make you sleepy.

The best over the counter ...
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