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Husband used to be physical abusive - need advise

Hi everyone I’m brand new to the forum. I decided that I need to find a place to talk to others that know how I feel, because lately I feel so alone like nobody understands me. Here is some background on my story:

My husband and I got married very young I was 18 he was 19. He has been the only guy I have ever been with. He started physically abusing me shortly after ...
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Dealing with the Aftermath of an Abusive Relationship

All these years I thought escaping my abuser was going to be the hardest thing I had to do, and although it was extremely difficult... I underestimated the pain that would continue to build up inside of me while dealing with the aftermath of the abuse. It's been 7 months since I left, and successfully gone without contact, but as time goes on I feel as though I am getting weaker. I never really expressed ...
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constitute an abusive wife?

I have a question about a really old story...A husband and wife in the 5th of their 10 year marriage, were standing in the kitchen having what was becoming an old argument. It was nothing extraordinary, just a dispute about the how long the sprinklers should run. The wife was concerned because three months prior, the husband had scheduled the sprinklers to run for one hour, in each zone of their 2 acre property. While ...
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Husband bit wrist [previous post: husband fractured my spine

I’m my previous post, my husband fractured my spine, the abuse occurred two years ago. This March, 2018, he bit my wrist twice, breaking through the skin injuring the muscle and leaving large bruises and blood. We had an argument. I reached for the car keys to leave so as to escape the toxic climate and protect myself before physical abuse could start. As I grabbed the keys, he linged forward and grabbed at them. ...
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Am I responsible here, or is he abusive?

My boyfriend of two years asked me to go to with him to get some food. I agreed, and put my shoes on, but told him I only want to go to a drive through because I'm not feeling well and on my period. When I was standing in the garage waiting while he lint rolled his shirt, two neighborhood kids came up. As we are about to leave, my boyfriend asked them if they ...
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My grandma attacked me today again


So today (5/18/2018) my grandma was supposed to take me to an interview for a position at the local animal shelter for a technology job interview. When my grandma arrived to take me, she arrived at the time that I was supposed to be at my interview. She gave me a bad attitude when she walked in, threw my iPhone case and left. It felt like she had touched (hit) me, so I called ...
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Husband fractured my spine

I grabbed my husband’s phone and threw it. I was on my knees on the bed. He ran over and hit me in the back in the exact same manner as the gorilla hit Tarzan in the movie. It was the most pain I’d ever experienced in my life, other than childbirth. I couldn’t move. I yelled out, quiet as a whisper because of the pain, that I felt the bone break and I couldn’t ...
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*TW* how i feel (maybe will upset some people)

I guess I need to warn people of triggers - I talk a lot about substance abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, self abuse, etc. I might have used foul language. I don't want anyone to be upset - so consider yourselves warned and please do not read if you feel delicate.

All of this is as it happened as best as i remember (mostly, but not entirely, chronologically)

I went through a long ...
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I'm an identified patient (story)

so at the age of 12 or 13 I was involuntarily committed to a psych hospital for something that my grandma did. My grandma has some serious, chronic mental illness that my parents are just now addressing for a possible intervention (I'm age 21 now), (an update on my also abusive grandma).
I even had the evidence to prove it when i was involuntarily committed and officially made the identified patient, but I was in ...
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Convalescent psychogenic.

Undo these chains my friend..
the smallest part, a single spark:
can lay this world to dalliance.
Oh and the jigsaw starts to build:
beaten into submission;
only a machine remains: slave.

Undo these chains my friend..
and pick me up;
bleeding me too long:
the weak one's are there to justify the strong.
Beaten into submission;
only a machine remains: slave.

Undo these chains my friend..
my mind is laughing at me:
what is ...
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