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How to curb the smart phone epidemic..?

As posted in another thread of mine, I have been considering adoption or even a foster home setup. My biggest concern with raising kids would be that they'd fall into the smart phone zombie mentality. I want interesting kids that I can interact with, not kids that stumble around the house all day staring at a tiny screen in their hands.. But with the smart phone thing being such an epidemic, were I to disallow ...
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Autistic child has pathological liar for mother

I have taken in my granddaughter and her autistic 5 year old. She obviously was in way over her head, unable to cope or deal with her child. Long story short, I have discovered that she is a pathological liar. She is a binge eater, lies about her jobs and relationships with others, which change often, lies about her health, etc. That is troubling enough, but she doesn't seem capable of taking proper care of ...
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Going Crazy with Permissive Parent Friend

Hello, I have a problem with a friend who I believe is creating the perfect defiant child. I adore this friend and try to advise her, but she always says the "yeah but," and goes on doing what she is doing that is not working.

She has a son who she claims has ADD. Her brother, who majored in Sociology and I do not feel this child meets the basics of ADD, but we both ...
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16 Going on 6?

Hi, my name is Chris, I am new to the forum.

My simple question is about a stuffed animal my daughter is attached to. Should my wife and I take it? We are concerned that her 'relationship' with this inanimate object is a problem. When we look it up on the web, it seems normal enough but the animal is like 3 feet long and BIG. She sleeps with it every night for years but ...
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6 Year Old Spitting Saliva

Good evening. First post.

We are having an issue with our 6 year old. I attempted to search for a related post, however using the keywords "spit" and "swallow" don't lead to decent results. I will start with this forum and see if the topic has a better home.

Our daughter has been having an issue with holding her spit in her mouth. She won't swallow her saliva and needs to spit frequently. Needless to ...
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Signs of Perfectionism

My 6 1/2 year old son is showing signs of agressive perfectionism. I dont want him to be be burdened with this feeling his entire life and want to find the best way to try to avoid progression this behavior. This can keep him from trying new things, from enjoying learning, etc.. He is curently very hard on himself when we does not like his art or when he does not do something perfectly, ie ...
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Night terrors and social interaction

My son suffers from night terrors. He also struggles to separate fiction from reality and often becomes very anxious. He is struggling to interact with children at school and is being bullied. About four years ago we took him to a child psychiatrist who gave his condition a name. They also wanted to inform his school. We were in such a panic that he was about to be labeled, we left without absorbing the details ...
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Child Punishment / Sibling vs. Sibling

My wife feels that it's a good idea when she is not receiving the feedback, actions or compliance (to a level that deserves a punishment) from one child that it is a good idea to have the child's sibling dole our the punishment for the other. A clear threat by the mother is made by first warning if compliance isn't achieved, that the other sibling will be left in charge of the consequence. These are ...
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Is 9 too young to observe childbirth?

I have a son who is 9.5 who has been looking forward to having a brother for 9 years (according to him). :) I will be giving birth in about 4 weeks and I asked him months ago if he wanted to attend the birth. After asking a few thoughtful questions ("will there be a lot of screaming?") he said he would think more about it before ...
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