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Need help

I fell in love with a beautiful man from afar. We met on the internet and I loved that we got to know each other this way- having a chance to show what I believed were our true selves. We corresponded for six months before meeting, and then he took the plunge and moved across the country to be with me as I struggled through a divorce with my five children.
Shortly after the move, ...
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In search of help and answers

Hello everyone.

I'm a 26 year old male from Portugal. I have joined this forum because I suspect I may suffer from Paranoid Personality Disorder Forum, and I don't know what to do about it, or how to tackle it.

Let me tell you a bit about myself: when I was 17, I had a girlfriend with who I broke up. I was a silly kid, making my way into weed, and like most teenagers, ...
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Is this PPD or something else?

Background: My older brother has been diagnosed with PPD. He is on medication. (anti psychotic and anti anxiety)
He can't work and is receiving disability government income, which is not very much. We (2 sisters and mom) also give him $300 cash every month to supplement. We try to keep it under the table for his sake, although we know that he is allowed to receive up to $500 a month without it affecting his ...
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Self treatment against paranoia with cameras

I don't think I have PPD, but I'm eating Haldol against paranoia, I think it is a part of my schizo-affective syndrome. I have always, fore example, taped for my webcams, but that is pretty normal, I saw that Mark Zuckerberg also do it.

But now I'm trying to accustom me for cameras. For example I put up surveillance cameras in my apartment. Maybe so I can see my cats... I can access it from ...
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Advice wanted: fiance with PPD

Thank you in advance for reading this. It will be a long post.

I have been with my fiance for over 3 years. Recently, I asked him to move out and obviously the engagement is off. The problem is that I love him very much but have a strong suspicion he has PPD.

I can't say the signs weren't there from the very beginning, but I was unfamiliar with this disorder so was not able ...
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Help From Rock Bottom

How do I get help? I think I am avoidant, possibly with ppd misdiagnosed as borderline. Of course group therapy (DBT) ended up making me worse and compounding my issues. I dropped out, and still use some of the skills I've learned to help cope with the hallucinations, extreme paranoia and all else but the experience of opening myself up to these people and having it go wrong has been horribly crushing. I can't be ...
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Travel to Japan for treatment

We live in Canada and i dont think my brother is gonna get any better here. He has Paranoid Personality 17 years soon to be 18.
and im afraid the court force us to take him to Mental hospital as soon as he turns 18.

I took him to Dubai on a 4 weeks vacation he seem to be calmer here and does enjoy a few activity. I do give him Risperidone 3mg at nights ...
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Is it just me taking it too seriously due to my paranoia?


I am writing because something weird happened today that won’t get out of my mind. I visited a bookstore to download and print a couple of documents and told the workers I had to send the documents to them via Dropbox to their email account. However, it took them about 25 minutes to mange and download them. Long story short.. there was a tech guy and a lady assisting me however at some point ...
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daughter with paranoid personality disorder & bipolar

Hello I have a daughter with both paranoid personality disorder & bipolar. She denies there is anything wrong with her & thinks its everyone else. She maybe admitted to a Mental Hospital for awhile through the courts. What I am looking for is someone who is now on a medication and is living a normal life. I want to know how you dealt with it. If you went to a hospital did it help. What ...
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I want to cry, but I have no tears left.

I want to laugh, but I can't find anything funny.

I want to punch someone, but it will get me into trouble.

I want to eat, but I have no appetite.

I want to talk to my therapist, but I don't see her till Friday.

I want to talk to someone, but I have no one to talk to.

I want to sleep, but I ...
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