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doctors never listened

Hi, I'm new to this subbie. Here's my physical history.

They always told me I was too young to experience the problems I had. Lol. Okay.i went for a few years with my pains and problems only to lose all hope. So I stopped trying. Years later I still have the same issues and they keep popping up.

I probably have some type of hypermobility, my joints pop and twist often. Just from walking around. ...
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I have trigeminal neuralgia

Not sure if this is the right forum but anyway.

I was diagnosed and I'm only in my 20's. Even though I know It's treatable to some extent, I'm terrified to have this for the rest of my life. Attacks are terrible and medication only helps for a short period of time. How do people manage?
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how to deal with pain

so I don't actually have a diagnosis for these problems. for weeks now ive been having nearly constant pain in my head and neck. my GP says its psychosomatic. he's giving me pain medication. im going to try different medication in a few days.

but my question is how do you deal with constant pain? because eit certainly isn't making my life any easier. and its not helping my mental health problems: diagnosis ptsd, borderline ...
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Very curious as to why I always hurt, even though I'm young?

I remember ever since I was smaller I would always complain about pain. Even now, my back and shoulders are killing me and my wrists and hands hurt. I often complain about migraines and headaches every day. My parents are always kind of annoyed of my complaints, but I truly am in pain. I don't want to come to any wrong conclusions, but could I possibly have something that makes me feel like this all ...
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I get pain in my balls randomly. Sometimes AFTER masturbation.. which rules out blue balls!
Am I insane?
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Pain from past trauma?


I was diagnosed with Endometriosis 4 years ago and had 4 operations as a result. However, despite the bits of growths being removed, and being put on the IUD coil, I still suffer with daily pain in my pelvis and lower back.

I suffered SA from the ages of 8-10 and then 13-16 and my doctor's are thinking the pain could be a result of the past trauma? Has anyone experienced this?
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Has anyone else been diagnosed with endometriosis out there?

I was diagnosed 2 years ago, I am at stage 4. I have my 4th surgery next month. It drains me. I am ALWAYS in pain, always feeling weak, tired. My life has changed so much in the last two years. I used to be a runner, I worked 60 hours a week and went to school full time, I HAD A LIFE!I couldn't imagine being ...
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My cousin research about hip replacement systems and it was

It was a bit strange about some medical problems that I can’t purely understand until my cousin talks about their extra-ordinary homework about hip joints and some cases and problems dealing with this sort of topic. Mina was a st year college student which she focus on medical education, she research about hip replacement system that and was later on the their some hip replacement devices that has failed like depuy, stryker hip replacement systems ...
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pain and depression a bad combination

I've been so depressed andy pain is at about a level of 8. My shoulder and right arm hurt so bad I cant sleep. I'm real tired of this
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5 years of chronic pain has lead me to a life of depression

I have had 5 years of chronic pain most of it is only shoulders arm neck and backi work l day and Iam gettingto the point that its hard for me to function my pain makes me evenmore depressed asdayil chores are gettingharder on me. I cleaned the house yesterday and now im strugglingto get threw my work day as all painisgme a migraineyex I have been to doctors they want to run more test. ...
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