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distant girlfriend

hi everyone first post, basically i have been with a girl for around 6 months now i know its only short but we connect really well and usually have had the best time together, well until one month ago we had our first argument it wasnt over anything major and during the argument i went to walk out and she said if you leave dont speak to me again, anyway we sorted the argument and ...
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Co morbid Scizotype disorder?

Hi everyone!

I've been wondering if any of you have DID with Schizotypal and if it's common to have both diagnoses since they both are dissociative disorders?
I figure that schizotype could possibly make someone more likely to develop DID if childhood trauma occurs, would this assumption be correct?

There is some info out there about the difference between DID and schizophrenia but schizotypal is not really the same. Schizotypal people can doubt their delusions ...
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Psychotic although I’m on 3 antipsychotics

I had written a lot and the forum ate my post :| . Anyways, to summarize, a few months ago I had a psychotic and severe depressive episode, I went to an intensive outpatient program and I had intensive therapy and visits to a psychiatrist, had a med adjustment and I felt really good. For about a month and a half. Bad things are happening around me ...
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I'm new to this forum, and have been agoraphobic for about 4-5 years now. I've tried all therapies with exposure therapy being the only one that's worked to some extent but some big set backs and panic attacks have made it increasingly difficult recently to a point where I haven't really left the house for around 2 years now.

I'm quite anti medication because of the side effects, its a shame because if there ...
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Hello, I'm new. I have a disturbing thought :(

Hello, I'm new here. I'm terrified that in the past I may have read erotic fiction that may have been illegal. I remember reading fiction stories about legal normal things but my mind said what if I read bad stuff and then liked it and even touched myself to it? I would despise anything like that now but I think what if I thought differently in the past? It worries me when I am turned ...

Psych drugs for depression have no long term benefits

There are zero scientific studies showing any psych drug used for depression has any long term benefit. Zero. These drugs are claimed to “work” by cherry picking published short term corporate studies. These studies operate by putting the placebo group in withdrawal, unblinking the drug group, cherry picking and using statistical techniques. Even then the most pro-drug biased studies find that in the short term 1 in 7 people taking them will receive a 2 ...
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Head/Face Beatings for Stupid Actions

Self-harm was never a big issue for me until my late 20s and early 30s.

Now, going on 33, I find myself beating the $#%^ out of myself almost daily. It's easy to reflect on myself and why it happens: stupid actions and failure triggers it every time.

Being confronted with my own stupidity again and again fills me with the desire to literally beat it out of myself. I have a long history of ...
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HOCD or not? Help

I am 17, girl, never been In a relationship, always have had crushes on guys, never ever felt or had any attraction toward a girl.

I have been dealing with HOCD(at least I hope it is) for some months now. I’m not really sure when it started, but I think I have and idea. I was watching some video in TikTok and the video said: “if you want if you’re gay here is how” and ...
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Bing eating severity

I’ve read through the symptoms of bing eating I’ve never been diagnosed as It’s probably not predominant issue but I feel like it fits at what point does it cross boundaries and becomes a disorder? Like for instance anorexia and Bulimia the symptoms seem to be very severe and obvious to anyone who sees the behavior as a disorder, is bing eating the same way or is it more of a hidden disorder that is ...
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My OCD story with unwanted arousal

I remember watching porn, I watched the same porn videos for two or three days so I didn't wanted to finnish to same videos again so I was looking for other with a acctress that I watched in these videos before while being aroused. But I stambled across a video with her that triggered my Hocd, I felt groinal response and I started to check if I'm not aroused, because I mistook groinal response for ...
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