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I've hit rock bottom. I acknowledge it is my fault. I took pictures of women in bikinis on the beach and my wife found them on my computer. She also found porn. She says I'm a sexual predator (I don't believe I meet the definition, but she believes it and that is what matters). On Wednesday she kicked me out. I am at a hotel until Monday, but then I will be out of money ...
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Collouege running away from anger instead of facing it

I apologize in advance if this is wrong forum to post it.

I have a question about interesting behavior, certain things at work make me angry or unsatisfied and recently i started expressing it with one of colleagues because we started getting closer but noticed as soon as I would start get angry or start talk about certain things that need improvement she would turn off and get angry because i am angry and not ...
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The "reliable Sauce" Thread

Do you have a reliable sauce and if so then what is it?

I'm quite reliant on tomato ketchup. Its been a reliable sauce for many many years.
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I'm going to politely ask you all to stop with the politics

I already made a thread about it, and it's stickied right at the top of this forum. I understand a major election just happened in the United States, but please, stop talking about it. People come to this site as a safe space, to get away from things in their lives. I may be in my twenties, but the most recent election was the most polarizing of my life. It was so polarizing that my ...
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C-PTSD misdiagnosed as BPD? Trigger warning. (Trauma.)

(Sorry that this is long.) About 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with BPD right after some serious trauma where I thought I was going to be killed by my ex and there was rape and what was almost kidnapping/holding me hostage. I had to go along with whatever he wanted because I was scared.

When I was diagnosed, I didn't understand yet I had been through trauma, but I was later diagnosed with PTSD ...

New Generalized Alter Type: A Diplomat ?

I am curious if this is unique...

I have a diplomat alter, an apparently normal part. They make peace with people on the outside, and perhaps they or something like them help keep peace on the inside.

In a way, it's like fronting with an inner-self-helper, but with little knowledge of the system.

Does anyone's system have a part that is mostly for external diplomacy?

[My Diplomat is much older than my ISH. As an ...
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COVID-19: Binge Eating

Ever since the lockdowns happened, we only have so much to do, and most of us had the tendency to turn to binge eating which made us gain weight.

How do you control binge eating? Or do you guys lean more toward eating healthy? Do you do some exercises?
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This is eating me up

I feel like I am the worst person to exist and that I should just ######6 end everything and die. When I was 20 years old (about 2 years ago) I was in a relationship with a 17 year old. Where I live the legal age of Consent is 16 but I just feel like what I did was morally wrong. I have seen a lot of people on social media getting cancelled and being ...
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Feels like falling

It feels like I'm falling and I don't know who I am and on my way down I'm grabbing on to things that feels familiar to me. Things like food, television programmes, bits of music etc. Even those things don't feel right but they're helping me to land safely.

In a day or maybe sooner I'll be fine. I'll have forgot about all this and I'll be on my way to it all happening again. ...
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I make movies..

I can sit and watch them back as if I'm watching someone else who is not me.

I know it's me really but I feel absolutely no relation to her. I laugh at her because I think she's absolutely hilarious.

It's like the most weirdest thing.

I'm a bit ###$ up today because I'm dissociating and it's making me feel high or something that's not quite real.

Does anyone else get this?
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